Author Topic: Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris will be a future President who will be first?  (Read 60643 times)

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Theory only

Century 9-24   Joe Biden November 20,1942 (Reverse Year) Birth

Upon the palace at the rock of windows
Shall be carried the two little royal ones
To Pass Aurele Luthece,Denis Cloisters
Nonnoin,Mallods to swallow green kernals of fruit

Guessing....John/Caroline November 24,1963 and Joe/Carter 202*..Just a reflection of the same thing,a Body or Bodies being moved to the Capitol Rotunda,and I say Carter 1924 because he's a reflection of Joe 1942...It's really not that far fetched..I'm keying on the word "TWO",and the translation for the word little is "petits",and could be translated as Petty instead....I don't think it's John/Caroline unless you use "Little",but if you use the word Petty? I would bet Joe/Carter...I've always kinda believed this is Joe,even when he was vice President i thought the two kids were Obama's kids..Could it still be?

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Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946   

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit  (Bourgeois is a middle class property owner)
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois  (Iranians?)  War-Like terrorrist
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

The Quatrains are seriously more fantastic than i thought..George Washington who would be in Century 12 has no birth Quatrain,but his death Quatrain is 10-99,and I found John Adams last night,and it blew me away..I think Trump has two Quatrains that would fully date him 4-64/4-14,because he's going to win again,but i can't be sure until after this Trial,Kamala Harris is 8-20,and the subject seemed to be January 6th..What does that mean?..This Trial is about the 6th,so i expect something this week..January and February are dark months Century 11-12,so no idea what's coming.

Both of Trump's probable Quatrains 4-14 and 4-64 are Palindrome's...Nostradamus had other options here,so was this on purpose?

I have found 18/46 Presidents not counting Harris or Biden who are in book,there is one Quatrain that list 4 Presidents by logic,but i only counted the one who it was about,so? 21-46..I have 4/5 of the founding Fathers,but i have a clue about Madison so maybe 22/46..Three Presidents Washington,Lincoln and F Roosevelt were born in Jan-Feb,but all three are found on their death date,only Lincoln was dated to birth in a special Quatrain..Unless you paid attention really closely,and took notes?..there is at least 3 Presidents you will never find unless i tell you!

Oh yeah,Not so sure about Biden yet,but I am sure about would be 24/47....Would Trump be #48 if he followed Harris? projecting> 25/48

George Washington...I don't remember posting this,but i 100% confirm this is George Washington!

Century 10-99 The death of George Washington February 22, 1732 - (December 14, 1799)

At last the wolf,the lion,ox and ass
The Timid Deer shall lie down with the Mastiffs
The manna shall no more fall to them
There shall be no more watching and keeping of Mastiffs

How much do you know about George Washington,did you know he raised tame Deer? did you know he bred dogs including Mastiffs?..Not only is it George Washington,it cannot be anybody else!

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Time to do a re-set here..What will happen with the next Presidency?

1.I know Harris is about to be President..Any day now!
2.Trump may be a two part fully dated double,and if that's the case he will win in 2024,but not complete his term.
3.If Trump does not run? I expect Harris to beat anybody she runs against..Only Trump can beat her,because it says he will win!
4.Who will Harris tap as VP? I still got Warren or Emanuel as my favorites,but this gives me another problem..
5.If one of Both of Warren or Emanuel are in the book? Now you have to consider if Harris will even be around in 2024

My theory has all Presidents listed on Open dates never losing like Harris 8-20,Trump won on a reverse 4-64 date in 2016 because he did not run against anybody in the book,he just lost 2020 because Biden (I have two suspects) and Harris 8-20 are both in the book..That's why i said he would lose!...Now i got to put up or shut up,if Trump is 4-14 "Open date" next time?,and it says he will win..How does he run against Harris 8-20 (Open Date) in 2024?..It's more likely he will run against Emanuel (Reverse)...I think there's some weird fate stuff brewing even before the great summer of 2024!

Remember i told you guys that fate has a way of flipping on a dime just like George Floyd did for Kamala Harris?..I knew it would be Warren or Harris,but i did not know how,but the funny thing is?Without George Floyd? It would have been Klobuchar..The odds are very good Harris will run un-opposed in 2024,and win easy,but I would tell her..Don't temp fate!
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