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Quatrains / Re: The Presidents of the USA
« Last post by Global Doom on June 13, 2021, 02:55:22 PM »
I didn't look at the 2020 election logically, I liked Warren because "i thought" she had a better chance,but Kamala's quatrain was way better,and clearer than let's talk real odds for 2024 based on Nostradamus...

Kamala Harris is an open date 8-20,and i am assuming that's a never lose placement,and her Chicago buddy Rahm Emanuel  9-92 will most likely be her VP,and he too will also become president...There's really no room for Trump 4-64 (maybe 4-14) unless all that happens before 2024,and in that case Trump would run against Rahm Emanuel in 2024...That's a lot of carnage for the next three years,but? there is that event in 2024 that could knock out a bunch of world leaders,but that may be a little too much imagination..So the odds are Harris & Emanuel will hook up,and Trump will never be President again.

George Floyd made Kamala Harris vice President,and she will soon be President,so maybe I'm trying this too early...Can a minor event (Floyd was pure hype) not noted by Nostradamus push the 2024 election either way? Trump looks like an impossible winner in 2024,because it's what has to happen before 2024 that only Nostradamus can tell us,and he does tell us if we read between the lines.,.

What i know for sure...
Kamala Harris will be a US President
(If)Trump is 4-14? He will 100% win in 2024

If both of those are true? Then we know something bad is going to rock the US Presidency in the next three years!
Quatrains / Re: The Presidents of the USA
« Last post by Global Doom on June 12, 2021, 08:41:58 PM »
Donald J Trump? Will he be elected again?....The best clue i have is that his Quatrain "IS NOT FINISHED"!

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946   

(End of First term) The failure,in a Bourgeois habit  (Bourgeois is a middle class property owner)   Failure as in lost the Presidency
(End of First term) They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense     This is the impeachment for January 6th
(Second term) 1. Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois  (Iranians?)  War-Like terrorrist
(Second term) 2. Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

Century 4-14 (Maybe) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

(Second term) 3. The Sudden death of a Chief man  (This is a world leader)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last line for Trump above
(VP) 1. Shall cause a change,and put another in the reign soon
(VP) 2. Late come to so high a degree in a low age  (Very young VP)   Brian Fitzpatrick? will be 50 in 2024
(VP) 2. So that by land and sea he must be feared  (And we go to War)  This seems to say "HE",but ive found that sometimes the translator will assume he,but what do i know?

These two together would make him fully dated Jun 14, 1946... The next 3 lines (Read in order) tell you everything you need to know about the second term...I hedge my bets on this being true because of Kamala Harris,and how she's placed...She has to become President before the next election,because she will 100% be a US President like it not! Trump's fate still is in the last two lines of 4-64..Whenever i ask myself why Nostradamus would do something like post date(An event) after he's out of office,or anything that doesn't fit? Almost always there's more to it than i first noticed....Notice he reversed his birth year in part one 46 to 64,and that mostly says he will lose at some point,but also he made it a palindrome 464,and also notice the possible second part is a natural palindrome 414.

It all comes down to Harris,if she is not President by November 2024? then she will just run and win,but all bets are off if she becomes President before November 2024,because that means her destiny of becoming President will be fulfilled....One other thing? Only Trump can beat her! No Trump in 2024 means she wins!

I have other important stuff about the summer of 2024,and the impact it that can cause on the Presidential Election (911 like event,but worse)..This is one event that i know will happen..I am not guessing..Trump is a kind of a guess (For second term),Kamala is a lock....The 2024 event has a countdown that started in 2017....It is already happening!

I don't like posting the fates of people..Prince Charles will die of a heart attack while riding a horse...That is a fact!..I just hope he's a 110,then i won't feel so bad..Trump should know better,they (The Man) didn't want him in 2016,and they sure don't want him back in 2024!
Quatrains / Re: The Presidents of the USA
« Last post by Global Doom on June 06, 2021, 01:29:19 AM »
Something with the Presidents is going on,and it defies coincidence...

Lincoln and Kennedy were a refection in almost every way except for the same named VP Johnson who both died 10 years after the assassinations 1875,1973..You can look up all the (what i call reflections),but the one that sticks out for me is the Gettysburg Address & The Kennedy Assassination November 1863/1963..

It's the Teddy Roosevelt & Donald Trump that I saw happening a few years ago,and i didn't realize just how weird it was...Trump ran on the Reform ticket 2000,and would have been nominated.but dropped out, ran on the Republican ticket 2016 won,and lost 2020,but Teddy was the complete opposite,ran as a Republican 1900 became president through assassination 1901,won 1904 , did not run 1908,and lost on the Bull Moose ticket 1912...He died in 1919,and i was looking at the year 2019 as being a change for Trump,but it was the day Teddy died January 6th that i completely do do do do

The question i have is?...Is Trump's run over? Did it come to complete stop on January 6th,2021? (Those freaks impeached him for that shit),or will he come back and win 2024 and have an abbreviated first term like Teddy's first?...Let's ask Nostradamus...If Century 4-14 is Trump? He will be elected again,and not complete his term..The Quatrain is clear!

Anything other than Trump in 2024 will be 100% Kamila Harris winning the Presidency,and if Trump does win 2024? That means Harris will be President in the next three years,probably sooner than later...Kamala Harris will be a US President no matter makes it happen!..She's in the book Century 8-20,the first two lines of her Quatrain are the events of January 6th!,and she was also born the same day Hubert Humphrey died..Another tell,just like Trump being born on Flag Day...

I just typed this shit because it's kinda weird,but it keeps happening with US Presidents,sometimes you can't see the reflections,sometimes it's in our face!

If Kamala does not become President before the 2024 election? She will 100% be elected in 2024!
Quatrains / Re: The Presidents of the USA
« Last post by Global Doom on June 03, 2021, 04:07:16 AM »
Let's do some guessing about FUTURE Presidents...

Century 9-92 (Reverse Day) Rahm Emanuel  Born: Nov 29, 1959 (age 61) · Chicago, IL
He is my #1 favorite to become Kamala's VP after she moves to the Presidency,and that can happen before the end of this year!    I'm looking at August 2021...Hope I'm wrong!

The King shall desire to enter into the New City
With foes they shall come to overcome
The Prisoner being freed,shall speak and act falsely
The King being gotten out,shall keep far from his enemies

If you look at the riots from last summer?..You know this is possible that NYC can be completely shut down by rioting sparked by (Maybe Kamala's death?)
some kinda race incident...
Century 3-47 (Reverse Year)  Marjorie Taylor Greene Born: May 27, 1974 (age 47) · Milledgeville, GA

The old monarch being expelled out of reign,
Shall go into the East to get assistance .
For fear of crosses he shall fold up his colours
He shall go into Mitilens by sea and land 

In the Bible it is spelled Mitylene   "Mi-Tyl-ene"   Marjorie Taylor Greene,this is a puzzle,but the only way to solve it is to know the date,and the person,or else you're sniffing glue!
Like Rahm? she is (If it's her) a reverse which may mean VP first,but not always, Trump was an exception.

Century 10-71  & 72 (Reverse Day) Brian Fitzpatrick Born: Dec 17, 1973 (age 47) · Levittown, PA

Century 10-71

The earth shall freeze with so much water   (Isis?) (Nuclear Winter?)
When they shall come to worship Thursday
That which shall be, never was so fair
From the four parts,they shall come to honor HIM

Century 10-72

In the year 1999 in September (This is a birthday of a person)
From the skies will come an alarmingly powerful king d'effrayeur
To rise again the great king of d'Angolmois (Mongolians Genghis Khan)
Before and after War shall reign at will

First part is about him,and the second part is something that happens while he is President...I have another person i can confirm is right just like this one,and it is set up the exact same way...I find it likely they run together because of all the attention on 10-72....I'm the only person in the world who could have solved this before it happens if I am right!

I cannot share with you what tipped me to these two,and if i did?...You would clearly understand...Since the bottom is a year? 1+2 and if it's under 10? you carry the first number 7 making it 73..(All double Quatrain work the same exact way,there is ALWAYS  a down number on the add),so the top must be a reverse day 17...December 17,1973,and even if ONLY part one was him? it still can be December 17,and 10-71 is a slam dunk USA PERSON (Likely President) Quatrain.

I did like Warren at 4-49,and she too is not far fetched,but she is very old...She is my second choice behind Rahm to be Kamala's VP.

Along with Kamala (Who will be President very soon)..These are my top three "MAYBE" future Presidents.

Think about this...The 1999 guy is only 22 years old,and the USA has not had a 1970's born President yet..2024 is Trump or Harris period,and 2028 seems a bit too soon,but 2032 & 2036 seem about right.

2024 Trump or Harris
2032  Fitzpatrick 58yo  1999 guy 33yo
2036  Fitzpatrick 62yo  1999 guy 37yo
2040  Fitzpatrick 66yo  1999 guy 41yo
2044  Fitzpatrick 70yo  1999 guy 45yo   2046 is when peace is shattered to bits,and thats not a guess...that's a fact!

I'm not kidding when i say 10-72 is probably part 2 of a Presidential Quatrain...That's the way Nostradamus rolls!

Just an update...The book is more dated than even i thought a year ago..People see Nostradamus as a novelty,but the problem i have is he say's 500 years people will figure it out,and that's not until May 2049 at the earliest and 2055 at the latest,and that means no matter what i post? it will not get any traction as far as this forum...I have a few rare Quatrains where i'm the first person to understand them since Nostradamus wrote them down..Some i teased and deleted.

In case i never share what i know? Remember March-December 1-10 are the only months you need to look at,and whenever you run into a Quatrain where the placement is Questionable,or a line may not add up?...keep digging,it doesn't mean you're's may mean there is more to the numbers....He will always help you with a part two 6-68 of Napoleons triple birth Quatrain he put the anagram d'albe which is clearly for Elba,and i ask the question why would he do that?,because i had already figured out that was Napoleon part 2,and now i know...He wanted me to look at something else,and like i said?...It's more fantastically dated than anybody ever dreamed,and if you did some show/special on Nostradamus?..These three quatrains would be the highlight!

It's a shame Nostradamus creamed by the critics to the point of a novelty of a bunch Gibberish,and i ask the question? Does Thomas Jefferson's Quatrain 2-13 April 13th birth sound like Gibberish?..Is that not crystal clear?....I can now (almost) prove that it is in fact Thomas Jefferson,and i say almost because there are people who simply will never believe in prophecy,Even some authors who will only believe their shit over anybody else's stuff,and i guess i'm the same,but my stuff is kinda overwhelming..I see my stuff as a do you see what i see? and not as an I'm right and forget everybody else!..In fact i did a search for Napoleon Quatrains and ended up on some Authors site where he had 6-7 suspected Napoleons,and i ran into some fantastic stuff i would have never found.

I have March dates I'm watching..Beware of the Ides of March!

March 18
March 22 or 2022
March 26 even though i believe this is a person,and not an event in March,but you never know...I have three living suspects for this one
Century 9-24 Zachary Taylor  November 24, 1784

Upon the palace at the rock of windows
Shall be carried the two little royal ones
To Pass Aurele Luthece,Denis Cloisters     >Pass Abraham Lincoln,DC,National Mall....Was Lincoln the a Congressman there like this says he was?
Nonnoin,Mallods to swallow green kernels of fruit

This one was Easy!....Read the last line,but it could very well be a split for November 24,1963 also,in fact? i suspect it is....Even better Nonnoin Mallods> Initials "National Mall"
It's what i suspected  Aurele Luthece>"Abraham Lincoln" (Lincoln Memorial)   Denis Cloisters>"DC"... As i suspected it was the path of Kennedy's body on November 24,1963 with John and Caroline,but the last line had no meaning until i read how Taylor died...It is a split Quatrain with Taylor getting the last line..This is only the third split Quatrain i have confirmed..I have another one with two Presidents....The reason i think it's split is Lincoln was alive when Taylor died..I cannot confirm anywhere he was at his funeral (He was a Congressman at the time),only that he gave eulogy for him in Illinois two weeks later....It would really be cool if Lincoln was there!

I hope the three people reading this understand Nostradamus is REAL!...I have really great stuff that i have not shown yet..EVEN BETTER THAN THIS!!!!

Is July 4th cursed? Three President's died on that day...(All three have Quatrains) Washington's only surrender was July 4,1754 to the French,and Zachary Taylor fruits himself to death on July 4th at the Washington Monument.


An 1850 print depicting the death of Zachary Taylor
On July 4, 1850, Taylor reportedly consumed copious amounts of raw fruit and iced milk while attending holiday celebrations during a fund-raising event at the Washington Monument, which was then under construction.[100] Over the course of several days, he became severely ill with an unknown digestive ailment. His doctor "diagnosed the illness as cholera morbus, a flexible mid-nineteenth-century term for intestinal ailments as diverse as diarrhea and dysentery but not related to Asiatic cholera", the latter being a widespread epidemic at the time of Taylor's death.[101] The identity and source of Taylor's illness are the subject of historical speculation (see below), although it is known that several of his cabinet members had come down with a similar illness.[102]

Fever ensued and Taylor's chance of recovery was small. On July 8, Taylor remarked to a medical attendant:

I should not be surprised if this were to terminate in my death. I did not expect to encounter what has beset me since my elevation to the Presidency. God knows I have endeavored to fulfill what I conceived to be an honest duty. But I have been mistaken. My motives have been misconstrued, and my feelings most grossly outraged.[103]

Despite treatment, Taylor died at 10:35 p.m. on July 9, 1850. He was 65 years old.[104] After his death, Vice President Fillmore assumed the presidency and completed Taylor's term, which ended on March 4, 1853. Soon after taking office, Fillmore signed into law the Compromise of 1850, which settled many of the issues faced by the Taylor administration.[105]

Taylor was interred in the Public Vault of the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., from July 13, 1850, to October 25, 1850 (which was built in 1835 to hold remains of notables until either the grave site could be prepared or transportation arranged to another city). His body was transported to the Taylor family plot where his parents were buried on the old Taylor homestead plantation known as "Springfield" in Louisville, Kentucky.[
Quatrains / The Presidents of the USA
« Last post by Global Doom on February 11, 2021, 11:39:30 PM »
ALL THESE QUATRAINS ARE DATED> March thru December Century 1-10...The index date is either a Year-Day,or Reverse Year-Day...These are Birth dates or Death dates unless it's and event.

01. Century 5-4 George Washington Surrender July 4,1754   

The great mastiff being driven from the city/fort
Shall be angry at the strange alliance  (The native Indians and French)
After he shall have hunted the deer in the fields
The wolf and the bear shall defy one another 

01. Century 10-99 The "death" of George Washington December 14, 1799

At last the wolf,the lion,ox and ass
The Timid Deer shall lie down with the Mastiffs
The manna shall no more fall to them
There shall be no more watching and keeping of Mastiffs (He was a dog breeder,and Mastiffs was one of them)
02. John Adams is a Nostradamus super special..Not Posting yet

03. Century 2-13 Thomas Jefferson Birth Apr 13, 1743

The body without soul shall be no more admitted in sacrifice:
The day of death placed on the birthday (July 4th)
The divine spirit shall make the soul happy,
By seeing the word in its eternity
04. James Madison is so fantastic...I'll keep this one to myself for now!...All five founding father Presidents are in the book!
05. James Monroe was posted,but I cannot give the true meaning of it yet,so not posting as of now..100% it was him!
07. Century 1-76 (Reverse Year) Andrew Jackson March 15, 1767

By wild name one shall be called (Old Hickory)
So that three sister shall the have the name fate,
Afterward a great people by tongue and deeds shall say,
He shall have fame and renown more than any other
35. John Kennedy's trip to Arlington November 24, 1963 (First two lines  JFK,they share the third line,and the last line is Zachary's casket trip!)
46. Joe Biden November 20,1942 (Reverse year) seems like he will soon take the same trip past old Abe!
12. Century 9-24 Zachary Taylor  November 24, 1784         

Upon the palace at the rock of windows  (This is a funeral,and the JFK funeral was November 24th,this may be two events of the same thing!)
Shall be carried the two little royal ones (John and Caroline....JFK's body passed the Lincoln Memorial on it's wat to Arlington....Zachary passed the real Lincoln on his travels if I'm right)
To Pass Aurele Luthece,Denis Cloisters    (This initial code says To Pass "Abraham Lincoln,DC,National Mall"...Lincoln was a congressman at the time,but i can't find out if he was there.
Nonnoin,Mallods to swallow green kernels of fruit  (Cause of death)
14. Century 9-23 Franklin Pierce November 23, 1804  Pretty sure this describes the death of his son Benjamin “Bennie” Pierce right before Inauguration.
Lincon is also in Andrew Johnson's below,and he also has a Nostradamus super special

16. Century 2-15 The "death" of Lincoln April 15,1865

A Little before the monarch is killed
Castor,Pollux,and a Comet in the sky appears  (Great Southern Comet 1865)
The public Brass,by land and sea shall be emptied
Pisa,Asti,Ferra,Turin shall be forbidden countries   PAFT>President Assassinated Fords Theater
17. Century 10-92 (Reverse day) Andrew Johnson  Dec 29, 1808

The Child shall be killed before the fathers eyes  (All three of his sons died tragic deaths)
The father shall enter into ropes and rushes
The People of Geneva shall notably stir themselves  (Geneva = Virginia ,parts of Virginia & Maryland made Washington DC)
The chief lying in the middle like a LOG (Both Lincoln and Johnson were born in Log Cabins)
18. Century 2-27 Ulysses Grant April 27,1822

The divine voice shall be struck by heaven,
So that he cannot proceed any further,
The secret of the closed-mouthed one shall be closed,
That people shall tread upon and before it,  (Grant's Tomb)
25. William McKinley has a line in Teddy Rooselvelt's Quatrain
26. Teddy Rooselvelt Is too good to post here
28. Century 10-56 Woodrow Wilson December 28,1556

Royal Prelate bowing hinself too much
A great flood of blood shall come out of his mouth (Caught Spanish flu in Paris,almost died)
The English reign by reign restored
A great while dead,alive in Tunis like a log    (Tunis may mean Tomb... Washington National Cathedral)
32. Century 2-12 The "death" of Franklin Roosevelt April 12,1945

Eyes shut,shall be opened by antigue fancy
Th clothes of the solitary shall be brought to nothing
The great monarch shall punish their frenzy
For having ravished the treasure of the temple before
33. Century 3-84   Harry Truman May 8,1884

The Great city shall be made very desolate (The man who dropped the bomb)
Not one of the inhabitants shall be left in it
Wall,sex,church and virgin ravished
By sword,fire,plague,cannon people shall die
34. Century 8-14  Dwight D. Eisenhower  Oct 14, 1890

The great credit,of gold,of silver,great abundance
Shall blind honor by lust (Affair with Kay Summersby during the war)
The Offense of the adulterer shall be known
Which shall come to his great dishonor
35. Century 3-29 John Kennedy May 29,1917

The two nouveau's brought up in diverse places:  (This is both JFK & RFK)
Naval battle, land, fathers fallen to earth:   (Teddy(a father) was the one wounded in a plane crash 1964)
They will come highly educated and expert in arms
To avenge the injury, their enemies shall fall down under them

35. Century 9-36 (Reverse Year) The "assassination"  John Kennedy Nov 22,1963

A great king taken in the hands of a young one   (Lone gunman "Oswald")
Not far from the passing way,confusion,of a knife  ("pasques" in old Latin is "passing way" Not Easter!)
Shall commit,pitiful time,the fire at the top of the mast
Three brothers then shall wound one another,and murder done  (Ted Kennedy was wounded in a plane crash 1964)
36. Lyndon Johnson  I wasn't really sure about his until i saw where he was placed...So Obvious!
41. Century 4-21 (Reverse day) George H. Bush   Jun 12, 1924

The Change shall be very hard,
The city and country shall gain by the change, (It's because he started a war every week!)
A high prudent heart shall be put in,the unworthy expelled
Sea, land,people,it's state shall change
42. Century 6-19  Bill Clinton Aug 19, 1946

The true flame shall SWALLOW up the lady
That went about to burn the guiltless,
Before the assault the army shall be encouraged,
When in Seville,a monster like an ox shall be seen (Pretty sure this is Jimmy Savile,and this connection has not happened yet!)
43. George W. Bush I can't post this...It's all 911
44. Century 6-61 Barak Obama  Aug 04, 1961

The great carpet folded shall not show,
But by HALF the greatest part of the history
The EXILES of the kingdom shall appear sharp afar off (Snowden/Assange)
In warlike matters everyone shall believe
Trump may have two Quatrains,Nobody alive has ever seen a President lose,and come back to win,Nixon was the last President to lose as VP 1960,and come back to win 1968...If he does have two? it would kinda make sense!

45. Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946   

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit  (Bourgeois is a middle class property owner)
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois  (Iranians?)  War-Like terrorrist
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate
46. Joe Biden November 20,1942....Possible Joe is part of Century 9-24,as he will soon take the same trip that they did!
47. Century 8-20 Kamala Harris October 20,1964

The false message by rigged election
Running through the fractured city, passionate arrest
Voices stopped, a holy chapel of blood,
And the empire is constrained to another

President born in Century 11-12 January & February largely missing
01. February 22, 1732 George Washington  (Listed For death)
13. January 7, 1800 Millard Fillmore
16. February 12,1809 Abraham Lincoln  (Listed For death)
25. January 29, 1843 William McKinley  (Listed For death)
32. January 30, 1882 Franklin D. Roosevelt  (Listed For death)
37  January 9, 1913 Richard Nixon
40. February 6,1911 Ronald Reagan

4-64 line 2
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense

This line will play out starting tomorrow..Nostradamus is saying it's a moment in time that you don't want to miss!

I can sit here and guess about weird things that might happen,that would be silly,but he maybe told us to keep an eye on Biden in the last line of Kamala's Quatrain!
Time to do a re-set here..What will happen with the next Presidency?

1.I know Harris is about to be President..Any day now!
2.Trump may be a two part fully dated double,and if that's the case he will win in 2024,but not complete his term.
3.If Trump does not run? I expect Harris to beat anybody she runs against..Only Trump can beat her,because it says he will win!
4.Who will Harris tap as VP? I still got Warren or Emanuel as my favorites,but this gives me another problem..
5.If one of Both of Warren or Emanuel are in the book? Now you have to consider if Harris will even be around in 2024

My theory has all Presidents listed on Open dates never losing like Harris 8-20,Trump won on a reverse 4-64 date in 2016 because he did not run against anybody in the book,he just lost 2020 because Biden (I have two suspects) and Harris 8-20 are both in the book..That's why i said he would lose!...Now i got to put up or shut up,if Trump is 4-14 "Open date" next time?,and it says he will win..How does he run against Harris 8-20 (Open Date) in 2024?..It's more likely he will run against Emanuel (Reverse)...I think there's some weird fate stuff brewing even before the great summer of 2024!

Remember i told you guys that fate has a way of flipping on a dime just like George Floyd did for Kamala Harris?..I knew it would be Warren or Harris,but i did not know how,but the funny thing is?Without George Floyd? It would have been Klobuchar..The odds are very good Harris will run un-opposed in 2024,and win easy,but I would tell her..Don't temp fate!

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946   

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit  (Bourgeois is a middle class property owner)
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois  (Iranians?)  War-Like terrorrist
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

The Quatrains are seriously more fantastic than i thought..George Washington who would be in Century 12 has no birth Quatrain,but his death Quatrain is 10-99,and I found John Adams last night,and it blew me away..I think Trump has two Quatrains that would fully date him 4-64/4-14,because he's going to win again,but i can't be sure until after this Trial,Kamala Harris is 8-20,and the subject seemed to be January 6th..What does that mean?..This Trial is about the 6th,so i expect something this week..January and February are dark months Century 11-12,so no idea what's coming.

Both of Trump's probable Quatrains 4-14 and 4-64 are Palindrome's...Nostradamus had other options here,so was this on purpose?

I have found 18/46 Presidents not counting Harris or Biden who are in book,there is one Quatrain that list 4 Presidents by logic,but i only counted the one who it was about,so? 21-46..I have 4/5 of the founding Fathers,but i have a clue about Madison so maybe 22/46..Three Presidents Washington,Lincoln and F Roosevelt were born in Jan-Feb,but all three are found on their death date,only Lincoln was dated to birth in a special Quatrain..Unless you paid attention really closely,and took notes?..there is at least 3 Presidents you will never find unless i tell you!

Oh yeah,Not so sure about Biden yet,but I am sure about would be 24/47....Would Trump be #48 if he followed Harris? projecting> 25/48

George Washington...I don't remember posting this,but i 100% confirm this is George Washington!

Century 10-99 The death of George Washington February 22, 1732 - (December 14, 1799)

At last the wolf,the lion,ox and ass
The Timid Deer shall lie down with the Mastiffs
The manna shall no more fall to them
There shall be no more watching and keeping of Mastiffs

How much do you know about George Washington,did you know he raised tame Deer? did you know he bred dogs including Mastiffs?..Not only is it George Washington,it cannot be anybody else!

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