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: i was thinking
: nunyabizz January 17, 2009, 08:55:45 PM
a new old thought.
since black matter is debated as to being real, and not really understood. Why not look in the most unlikely place.
since space is now know not as a void but as something unknown, why not look a little closer?
we can see adams, we can see neutrons, but we can't see what holds them together, this i purpose is the same as black matter just in a smaller package. understand the one and find the other. I'm no big brain in some lab, can't spell 1/2 the words they use. Just thinking in print.
This would be explanation  for why magnetic fields staying where they are and how Mc2 works within the law.
maybe some of you vary vary smart young people could tell me if my thinking is a good idea or i'm just nuts.
remember when replying i'm not a person who understands big long words or out some brainy book. Tell me in a way that i understand. i also understand that 2+2=4 and A+B=C.
I'll put my idea in words that i understand maybe you can corect my math here.
(A is push such as a shuttle going into space +B is the drag on the shuttle in motion with = C witch is orbit.)= another A
A orbiting shuttle +B drag of orbit on shuttle = C resistance
A earth pulling on shuttle + space pulling on shuttle = C resistance
A shuttle going into space and + B making orbit not flying forever in a line = resistance
now for the rule a object in motion stays in motion until there is resistance
the action here is anybody thats in space the equal and apposite reaction black matter.
just as birds can fly in air planets suns and other bodies can fly in space.
and as birds can fly only in the air that can hold them the same is with bodies in space.
: Re: i was thinking
: prophesies January 20, 2009, 08:33:15 AM
Very interesting Nun.  I say that your not nuts, for it is when we truly dig outside the boundaries that we beginto think outside the box.  We were never ment to think only within the parameters already presented to us, so i say goodonya.  Space is the very place where they will discover about Black matter(Anti-matter). 
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: nunyabizz January 20, 2009, 12:25:41 PM
well just drop in to see if i got an answer thank u prophesies.
I know I'm not learn id like most, in my simple way i try to express my thinking.
i think about a lot of things not just prophesy's i get very few reading or incites most of the time i can't do anything about them. This time i hope( its just a hope ) that i mite help change the possible out come.  I will never know if my readings are the push that stopped the out come i saw or not, its not important to me The out come is.
Tomorrow Jan. 20th i go to the doctors and have to hear the latest reason I'll not see my next birthday. You would think after 54 years they would stop giving me check out limits. HEHE  polio didn't get me, spinal-mephnin-ejist ( plz sound it out spell check went crazy)didn't get me, rabies didn't get me, ti-foied, and canser didn't ether. Each year its something new I'll not go until I'm ready not before. Sometimes i pray for death but when push comes to shove my experiment is not over and I'm just to plane  bullheaded to give up.
I've been stabbed, beat, given bad meds., sold and thrown away.  When i do finally give up this body i never want it said i didn't fight my way thru this life.   when they plant me I'll go in my box holding a book in one hand and now that i found the net a key board in the other.
After that I'll return to my true god self, when i talk to Christ and my father I'll be proud to say I've lived my life learning as much as i could thought as much as i could.
The only way others will know I've moved on is i'll stop posting in a timely manner.
Ill be to busy learning what the new rules are and how to bend them. learning why the rules in the first place and arguing why have rules that limit. man I'm feeling my mortality today.
: Re: i was thinking
: nunyabizz January 22, 2009, 12:11:55 PM
ok home and will not be going into where they are trying to say the censer is now (hehre) just know that they want to play in my sh * t.  I thought if you touched that stuff with your hand you got e-co-lie. i do how ever think its so funny because its the only place they haven't tried before. i also chuckle over the thought of wasting time looking thew my ex-gre-ment just to tell me i'm going to die. geee give it up already i know i'm dying.
Anyway i'm home again tired for the trip but happy to be away from them. They are almost as bad as preachers.
Now back to black matter.
You know the stuff between Adams what is it called?