Author Topic: An example of what I call "Double Mirror"  (Read 155 times)

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An example of what I call "Double Mirror"
« on: December 10, 2020, 02:41:56 AM »
I have to thank Hogue,because he pretty much listed most of the Napoleon Quatrains..And that's fantastic for guessing,but they are all dated..What sticks out to me in Century 1 was the obvious Double Mirror,and it tells the story from start to finish after Napoleon's returned from Elba in MARCH 1815

Napoleon seized power again on March 20th 1855,but on March 23 he sent for his possessions on ELBA including his horse...Nostradamus tells the full story of what happens after that day in two parts.

Century 1-23  March 23,1815 Part 1

In the third month at the rising of the sun
The Wild Boar and Leopard in the fields  of war
The Leopard weary,lifts his eyes to the Heavens
And seeth the Eagle playing around the sun

This was Waterloo June 15,1855...April,May,June it was almost exactly 3 months to the day,here he left his wounded horse behind,and it was saved and sent to England outliving Napoleon by a few years.

Century 1-32 March 23,1855 Part 2

The great Empire shall soon be translated
Which shall grow soon into an inferior place of small account
In the middle of which he shall come
To lay down his scepter

Napoleon arrived in St Helena on 15th October 1815,and he died 6 year later in 1821...Both of these Quatrains go together.

At this point of searching? Napoleon was Nostradamus biggest subject,and pretty much Hitler and the Nazis(Together) were his second biggest subject,and it's not that hard to find the third antichrist..He'll be the one who is not the other two!

What is confusing about the future is there is only one more antichrist,but there is two major figures,one from Asia,and one from the Middle East,so like WWII and the Axis Powers? there will be 1 dominant leader,and the war will last 27 years which means the first generation will all be gone by the time their kids win the war.

Donald Trump had the greatest military restraint in my lifetime,and if you listen to the morons who are about to seize power? They are talking about bombing people already..You put a non-entity freak like Harris as President?,and pretty much she will do everything they tell her, when Trump told them all to stand down a bunch of times,read the second part of Trump's Qautrain 4-46..They wanna get Trump into an engagement in the middle east before he leaves office(If he leaves office walking),so they can blame him...Anything that happens before Jan 20th with war will be a staged event.