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The Three Anti-christ
« on: November 19, 2020, 01:47:42 AM »
Just a reminder..Century 1 starts in March and Century 10 is December....There is little to no January or February which would be Century 11-12

Napoleon Bonaparte born August 15,1769 (Has multiple Quatrains about him)

Update his birth is list on 6-67/68 for day,and 6-69 for year of birth...All Anti-Christ are fully dated for birth

Century 6-69

What a great pity will it be before long
Those that did give,shall be constrained to receive
Naked,famished with cold,to mutiny
To go over mountains making great disorders

Adolf Hitler April 20,1889 (Has multiple Quatrains about him)

Update he is list on 2-20 for day of birth,and 2-89 or 2-98 for year of birth

Century 2-20

Brothers and sisters shall be slaves in various places
And shall pass before the Monarch
Who shall look upon them with attentive eyes
They shall go in heaviness,witness their chin,forehead and nose

The third? (Also has multiple Quatrain's,I have him showing up as early as the late 20's,but clearly we know him by the 40's)

Century 10-72

In the year 1999 and seven months   (21 years old)
From the skies will come a very frightening King
To raise again the great Genghis Khan
Before and after war shall reign at will

Century 7 (September) has only 49 Quatrains because my book says the other half were duplicates,(I have never seen the full Century 7)...I suspect this Quatrain was a duplicate from Century 7,and i wonder was it listed as 7-99 or did Nostradamus list this guy on his "DAY" of birth?..Century 2-51 would also be one of those duplicates maybe as 7-66,because it really is two different events years apart.

Century 10-72 is two events years apart..A birth of a child,and the beginning of the end.....I don't think it's Dec 2072..I really believe it's either (Reversed) Dec 2027 or Dec 27th any year after we know who he is...

The wild part is that 10-72 might not be the third...It could be this guy,looks like a double to me...

Century 8-76 (This could be somebody else,and not related to 8-77)

More Shambles than a King of the Normans
Born in obscure place,by force shall rule the empire
Of loose morals,without faith,without law,the ground shall bleed
His time is drawing so near that I sigh

Century 8-77
By Anti-christ,three shall be brought to nothing
His war will last 27 years
The Heretics dead,prisoners exiled,exiled
Blood,human body,water made red,earth shrank.

If this were a double(I'm not sure) the date are October 13,1967 or October 13,1976,that would clearly be a birth...
If it is just 8-77? could be a person born October 1977,or it could be an event in 2077,but don't let the 77 fool you...There is another dating method that could make it sooner!

These two Quatrains can also the 10-72 guy (Using hidden method),and become some sort of event..I searched the day in Question,and there is some very weird stuff happening that day.

The White Horse and Horseman
The first horse, a white one, seems bent on conquest (Revelation 6:2). Its rider wears a crown and holds a bow. Some people have attributed the rider of this horse as the person of Jesus, as later in Revelation 19 Jesus rides a white horse.

However, others have said this is the antichrist. The antichrist does try to mimic works the Messiah can do such as miracles (2 Thessalonians 2:9), and he seems bent on conquering the world. This article aligns with the latter view.

The bow he carries can represent violence. After three and a half years of peace (Daniel 9:27), he will wage war upon the saints.

The Fiery Red Horse and Horseman
The next horse, a fiery red one, takes peace from the Earth (Revelation 6:4). He carries a large sword and blatantly represents war and violence. This makes sense to follow after the conquest-driven horse and rider. Conquest often leads to war.

The antichrist will seek to wage physical war as well as spiritual war. Take, for instance, the abomination of desolation he will place in the temple, after the three and a half years of peace (Daniel 9:27). He will take the lives of many in a physical and spiritual sense.

Although many wars have ravaged the Earth’s history, none will quite wreak as much destruction as those that occur in the End Times.

The Pale Horse and Horseman
Naturally, when food supplies dwindle and wars break out, death follows. The pale horse has the power of famine, plague, and to kill by sword and by the wild beasts (Revelation 6:8).

Sickness and famine often break out as a result of warfare, and this horse stands as no exception.

The Black Horse and Horseman
This rider carries a pair of scales in his hand and seems to refer to a famine that will wipe out wheat and barley supplies, and spare oil and wine reserves (Revelation 6:5-6).

Some scholars attribute this famine to the wars that occurred before it. Throughout history, those who tend to farm and contribute to food supplies yield such duties to fight in wars. Because of this, the food supplies suffer, and entire civilizations collapse.

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