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Century 3-77
« on: April 18, 2020, 08:44:24 PM »
This is another Quatrain with an actual date that seems to go overlooked..

Century 3-77

The third climate comprehended under Aries (war)
In the year 2025 the 27th of October
The King(ruler) of Persia shall be taken by those of Egypt
Battle,death,loss a great shame to the Christians

I still cannot make heads of tails of this quatrain..In 10-72 the date was birthday,and the index dating was the day of the event(not the year) which i figure is 2046(from other quatrains),but in this Quatrain i don't know which date is the birthday...I hate guessing,but i cannot find a ruler for the date i get out of 3-77,so I think in 2025 somebody will be born,and that this event will take place on 3-77 a few years after 2046,and as with Hitler? the 10-72 guy will have a few henchmen to carry out the mass death,and the 2025 guy will be one of them..he tells us this guy is from Egypt,and I'm quite sure the 10-72 guy is a Saudi,and that fits with the whole middle east being radicalized by 2046 with Saudi Arabia as major SUPER POWER.

I cannot see Egypt taking out either the ruler of Turkey or Iran anytime soon ,but we will know for sure in about 5 1/2 years.... This quatrain date could even be the birthday of the Persian King,but they would have to be really young to fit my time table 2025- after 2046,that kinda makes more sense as i read it,but don't throw this quatrain out if you see nothing happen in 2025.....This is a double dated quatrain!

If 2025 the 27th of October is a hard dated event? one should expect the leaders of Iran or Turkey to change over the next 5 years,and a person stepping in fitting the 3-77 date i have in mind..The leader of Iran is Ali Khamenei and Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan they don't fit the date given....There would have to be a change of leadership,but one big problem is why would the operation be launched from Egypt?..Nostradamus talks about the Conflagration of nations,and that looks like it's on schedule for the mid 2040' should also read 3-78 because they are the same subject,and double quatrains give you the full  month-day-year,and it is completely different than 2025 the 27th of October...Like I said..10-72 is double dated also,but the date given is the birth of a psycho...this date could be something else,but we will only know in October 2025 unless the 3-77 date i have in mind nails somebody by then..

The third climate?   Spring,Summer....FALL! Sure does fit the date given....Along with this years election and the crazy stuff that will take place?...I have 2024 being a deadly year,and maybe the use of chemical weapons SUMMER TIME on a major city...WAR is always the answer to the stuff like that!....If you think Corona virus lock-down is bad...wait till 2024!
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