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Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

Nostradamus told us he would lose by reversing the year of birth,he only won last time because he had no other person in the book running against him!..All reverse dated Presidents lost an election! Andrew Jackson Mar 67 (1-76) lost his first election,and even won the popular vote,George H Bush June 12th (4-21) won 1988,but lost 1992.

Century 8-20 Kamala Harris Century 8 (October) 20th birth

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one

We saw this Quatrain play out last night like we were living in the twilight zone,but the important thing to remember is we just elected KAMALA HARRIS not Biden!..Yes,Trump can still win PA and get a tie,but this Quatrain says he wont!...It's about time i took this seriously!   PA was the biggest spread for Democrats in early voting than any other state...Those are the votes that are out!

What happened? The early voters mostly Democrats voted for Biden when he was up 50 points in the polls,and the late voters voted Trump because of his rallys,and because they realized Biden was an extra in the Walking Dead....Had this been a normal day of voting race? Trump would have won easy...COVID and the Democrats realizing their advantage caught Trump sleeping!

Elizabeth Warren 4-49 or Rahm Emanuel 9-92 will be Kamala's VP...I'm already on the next page! Nostradamus dated everything!..It's not a joke!

Before they counted mail in ballot in ballots in PA? Democrat totals 65%(if they all voted Dem) 1,657,484, Republican and Independent 35% 892,491 (If all voted Rep,but not likely) ...That is a spread of 764,993 for the Democrats...The 700,000 lead for Trump is gone when they count all the votes!

EDIT..Trump cannot even tie now because Biden won a district in Nebraska...PA does not matter as long as Arizona holds too!   290-248 or 270-268 Biden!

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I voted for TRUMP,but read century 8-20...No matter what happens from this day forward..The Democrats are going to win this race,and Kamala Harris will 1000%%%%%%% fall into the Presidency "ANY TIME NOW"...The Quatrain seems to indicate very soon,and Biden is not in the Quatrains(That tells us something)...I'm the one who feels stupid because Kamla's Quatrain was always better than Warren's...That is my mistake...Not Nostradamus!

The Macon "SLAUGHTER" countdown starts next Summer when Macon is re-elected...I cannot get people to even look at the dated Quatrains,even people who believe think this is just a novelty...I can save people with Macrons Quatrain...It is multi dated,and does everything except spell out his name...I don't even want to post about it,i just wish i did not know!

Trumps Presidency ends in under 2 months.....When will TRUMP'S last two lines happen?

Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

These last two line are the only reason i considered that Trump may win again,and that Kamala may get bumped to 2024...I know better now!..Those last two lines seem like it will be part of his Presidency....Anybody's guess is as good as mine,but i cannot see how a military/police event would have anything to do with TRUMP when he's out of office!

Joe Biden born Nov 20th and Kamala Harris born Oct 20th....20-20 ....Que the twilight zone music! DO DO,DO DO....
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I'm gonna sound the alarm..The Quatrains are dated,and Joe Biden is not in the book!...If i go back to 1900? William McKinley was also not in the book,but? his fate as President was listed with the VP Teddy Roosevelt...With Kamala's Quatrain 8-20?..YOU DON'T GET ANY INDICATION HE WILL EVER BE PRESIDENT!...We know KAMALA will be a President,because she is in the book!  JFK and LBJ are both in the book probably because they both won an election,so go back and read 8-20 really carefully...Whatever happens in the final two lines eliminates BIDEN from the Presidency leaving KAMALA as the last person standing....What will happen? Start with the easy stuff...the guy is KAPUT!..Trump might go full scorched earth and arrest his ass,that wont do TRUMP any good,but it will make him feel better!....On the flip side? the last two lines may be about TRUMP,still?  What the heck will happen to BIDEN???

I don't think BIDEN will swear in,only because of the lack of clear info in century 8-20! That is a pretty ominous last two lines..Isn't Biden the second Catholic President elect-ed?

What i am saying is BIDEN would probably be in the book if he swore in,we don't know what Kamla's last two lines are,it could be her!...Neither one of these two will be running in 2024 if Kamala chooses Warren or Emanuel as VP...We are gonna have a few backwards boot trots before 2024, which will be another year to remember!

Open date vs reverse date Presidents?..We now know reverse date Presidents are winners and losers (Trump),so look at Kamala 8-20..She's open date,so she should never lose,and I would bet she will have trouble getting re-elected in 2024 after what just happened,but who knows?...LETS MUSE!

Whenever Kamala moves into the Presidency?...and she 1000% will become President
1.Kamala could run again in 2024 and win,and she will win if she's in the race
2.Kamala could decide not to run in 2024,or like JFK? be removed

I just keep wondering why no Biden, or no hint of Biden!,and with a few hints from Nostradamus of other people? I think it will be #2 above,and that means Kamala will swear in January as an open date President!,because if Biden swore in? he would be listed,and she would be a reverse date unless she won again in 2024...There's a reason Biden is not in the book!

One thing about Biden is would he be an open date,or reverse date...He has lost a nomination a few times..I say probably reverse,and 9-24 really sticks out because it's Kennedy's funeral,and Nostradamus may have seen a way to mix two events,because?...They will be the same!...If this is the case? Biden will swear in!,and Kamala is looking good for a 2024 win!..Oh yeah? Biden being on a reverse date means he will not run,or win again...Just like Trump!

UPDATE..Kennedy was the only Roman Catholic president,and Biden is also a Catholic,and 9-24  is a mystery of why it's in the book.....2-51 was a double event, two fires years apart,and both dated,and the battle Gettysburg is kind of two different events,but same...I have not posted that one,but you would understand if you saw it!

This whole thread has been trying to put pieces of a puzzle together,some of the crap i wrote is laugh out loud now,but when it comes to this election and Warren or Harris being involved? I was right,but in reality? thats all i ever knew!....All the other crap was trying to figure out how things would happen.,the picture of the election 2020 is still fuzzy...I've proven I'm not a good guesser!

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Notice the major news organization are NOT carrying the TRUMP speech....Go read 8-20...Anything about rigging is being banned on facebook and Twitter,and they are not even showing the President live.....How come the counting came to a complete stop everywhere> NC,GA,MI,WIS,PA,AR,NV???....Trump will lose,but this a clear soft coup..Instead of blowing his head off like JFK they just pulled him from power....You would think he was just assassinated the way the media is acting!

Edit...they stopped counting because they are still voting....Trump will loose PA by 400k it wont even be close,GA is about to flip and the senate seat is under 50% so it will be a run off,both the senate seat and the President will lose NC when they count the last 7%.......My advice to Trump? start the transition,and get the hell out of that evil place!...Nostradamus says WASHINGTON DC will red-line within the next 26 years..Everybody will die,but Nostradamus says you will be warned before it happens...Century 9-44 and century 2-64..GENEVA is Washington DC!...BUT I'M JUST A NOVELTY MAN!...PAY NO ATTENTION TO ME!

They are not going to let Trump swear in again no matter what happens ,so if he did flip AR and win PA? He'll probably be gone before the electors meet in December,the deep state wants to start the wars up again,take out Syria,and poke Iran and Russia with a little stick..We'll be bombing somebody the month Biden swears in...they are already drooling at the Pentagon!

I suspected 4 years ago a reverse dated President was one term,and i wasn't really sure until now,and i had two lady's Warren and Harris in line to become President,and i completely ignored the obvious Quatrain 8-20 for Warrens sketchy 4-49,Nostradamus made it really easy,and I was thinking it was gonna be hard.

The 2024 election cycle is gonna be just as crazy....

Summer time 2024 Al-Qaeda makes a major comeback with Probably chemical weapons killing thousands,and this is not one of my guesses..Any reasonable person would conclude the same thing ,and be really alarmed,but i cannot get anybody's attention...nobody cares!,Nostradamus is a complete novelty to the people who even write books about him for a living..Well i don't care either,so I'll give you one warning and never mention it again.....AMERICANS SHOULD NEVER GO TO FRANCE AFTER MACRON WINS RE-ELECTION SUMMER 2021,AND THAT GOES 10X FOR THE OLYMPICS IN PARIS SUMMER 2024,And the people who scheduled the Olympics in Paris 2024 not thinking about how un-secure that country is?...YOU'RE ASS-HOLES!

How's that shit for a NOVELTY?

Possible VP's for Kamala,but only if they become a President too,and that's highly likely with the subject matter..

Century 4-49  Elizabeth Warren Born June 1949

Before the people blood will be shed,
Only from the high heavens will it come far:
But for a long time of one nothing will be heard,
The spirit of a lone one will come to bear witness against it.

The last two lines scare me,because that sounds like a person saying what will happen,and nobody listens to him!

Century 9-92  Rahm Emanuel November 29th birth (Reverse)

The King will want to enter the new city,
Through its enemies they will come to subdue it:
Captive free falsely to speak and act,
King to be outside, he will keep far from the enemy.

My first thought is an event like George Floyd triggers a riot,and the President thinks he can calm everybody down....Flash mobs have no logic,just like a white BLM supporter joins a protest in solidarity,but then gets a brick in their face because they are white...You might wanna stay home Mr. President!
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Pay no attention to this NOVELTY called Nostradamus..The Presidents in the Quatrains are just a mirage,so please don't go look for yourself,because you'll think they really are in the book!
Don't believe your eyes...Just move along!

03 Thomas Jefferson         02-13          April 13.1743
07 Andrew Jackson           01-76          March 15,1767 (Reverse Year)
16 Abraham Lincoln          02-15          April 15,1865 (Death of)
16 Abraham Lincoln........................Gettysburg
17 Andrew Johnson          10-92          December 29,1808 (Reverse Day) (Also Lincoln Death)
18 Ulysses S. Grant          02-27          April 27,1822
26 Theodore Roosevelt.....................Special Centennial 1900   President 20,21 & 25 are indirectly mentioned here (Just figure out how they are all connected,and you'll find it)
28 Woodrow Wilson         10-56          December 28,1856    (Suspected) Wilson caught the Spanish Flu While in Paris,the first two lines are about a sick leader.
30 Calvin Coolidge           05-72          July 4,1872   (Suspected)
32 Franklin Roosevelt       02-12          April 12,1945 (Death of)
33 Harry Truman             03-84          May 8,1884
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 08-14          October 14,1890
35 John F Kennedy          03-29          May 29,1917
35 John F Kennedy          09-24          November 24,1963 (Funeral)  (Could be 46 Biden also Nov 20,1942 Reverse)
35 John F Kennedy          09-36          November 22,1963 (Death of) (Reverse Year)
36 Lyndon Johnson          06-8           August 27,1908  (Suspected)  There is also another suspected for him...Believe he is in the book!
37 Born outside the book January
38 Never Elected
39 Mystery?
40 Born outside the book February
41 George H. Bush          04-21          June 12,1924 (Reverse Day)
42 Bill Clinton                 06-19          August 19,1946
43 George W Bush..........................Special Centennial 2000  About 911,and who benefited the most.
44 Barak Obama             06-61          August 4,1961
45 Donald Trump            04-64          June 14,1946 (Reverse Year)
46 or 47 Kamala Harris    08-20          0ctober 20,1964

Living People in the book as of now,and Quatrain finished or not finished
Bill Clinton            06-19   Not Finished,maybe another scandal with this guy coming
George W Bush                   Finished 911
Barak Obama             06-61   Finished
Donald Trump            04-64   Not Finished,could be violently removed from office
Kamala Harris           08-20   Not Finished,but could be any day now
Pope Francis                    Not Finished
Emmanuel Macron                 Not Finished,re-elected 2021 and we are at the point of no return

Theory only...Kamala Harris 8-20 open date (Not reversed) will never lose an election,but vice President does not count,so either Kamala will swear in Jan 2021 as the 2020 winner,or she will win the 2024 (2028 would be a stretch for Biden) Presidential election no matter who she runs against!

Ask yourself this? Do you think Kamala can win as the top of the ticket?.....I would bet right now based on this theory that she will swear in Jan 2021 as the President of the USA,and that she will not run in 2024 for whatever reason!....Trumps Quatrain for the next two months is not too friendly either...Warm up the Riderless Horses just like the imagery in 9-24!

However,if Biden truly is the unlucky President in 9-24 then he will swear in unless he will get that same riderless horses treatment no matter if he ever swears in...Just knowing the Republicans can lose to Kamala Harris in 2024 even before 2020 is decided is sickening....Can Trump pull an Andrew Jackson and win in 2024?...Not against Harris or Warren(Both never lose open dates),but he can beat Rahm Emanuel!

Here's the rule (Just a theory so far)  All open date Presidents will win at least once,but never lose,and all reverse date Presidents can win (Like Trump,AJackson,HBush),or move up through the VP like AJohnson,but they will lose at least once(Biden Qualifies he lost a Nomination like AJohnson,Biden already lost and won)....So Kamala will win the election ""if"" the nominee in 2024 no matter what!....Think of all the money i can save the Republicans in 2024!,and if the Republicans ran some kinda anti trump Gumball chewer?..I might vote for Kamala!..Kidding,Probably wont vote!

Kamala Harris is the first VP (Unless a Pence Quatrain hits) in 40 years to be in a Quatrains George H Bush in 1980,and I'm flat out saying she will be a President!....Look at the list! Only Presidents are listed!...It's no secret that VP's move up every 20 years,as Presidents die..1840,1860,1880,1900,1920,1940(Truman 45),1960,1980(Non death HBush 88)....You may say it missed 2000,but Reagan died in the first term of WBush 2000.....There's some kinda ritualistic Twilight Zone stuff going on here man!

I don't watch network news anymore,but i listen to a lot of radio..Going radio silence till this crap is over..The left are monkey pumping because of 2000 and 2016,but i got some advice for all Republicans....Register as a Democrat if you want your vote counted,because most R's in Pa.Mi,Wis,Ga ended up in the dumpster!....The Senate fight in GA next month is also a big skip for me..That's gonna be nasty too!

Kamala Harris trivia..She was Born the same day Herbert Hoover died...This is the kinda weird stuff you see only with US Presidents...They are chosen before they are born!

Edit... I realize why there's no Gerald Ford,and that's because there has to be a Jimmy Carter,and the only one that is suspect is an open date 10-24 for October 1924 birthday,and that would really screw up my theory...

First line in 10-24
"The Lieutenant shall at the entrance of the door"

Jimmy Carter was a Lieutenant in the Navy,but there's nothing to go on after...I would be looking for Shah of Iran type stuff,because that was his entire Presidency...There is another suspect for him in the hidden method...I just can't call it!..Maybe a scholar of Jimmy Carter would spot something,as you can tell?...I am not!
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The three possible Quatrain playing out right now..  Quatrain are dated March-December for Century (Jan-Feb are missing),and index dating is day or year,or reverse day or year...I use Henry C. Roberts translations,and i only got his book 30+ years ago because it had the original text ,I find Roberts more realiable,but just don't take any of his numbers at face value,he thinks your suppose to add 250 years to them(he's wrong)..First printing was 1948,but if you really want to see the Quatrains the way i see them?...Get his book!

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

All about the last two lines here,because he will not have a second term..It's kinda sad that the Deep State,Media and Democrats are all working together to bump TRUMP out of office,and if the last two lines are to be taken seriously? They have a back up plan if TRUMP starts to win!..Electoral College meets December 14,different rules for before and after if somebody dies.
Edit...I cannot rule out the last two lines could happen if he wins the 2024 election,or while he is out of office..Joseph Stalin's Century 10-87 horse head in Australia was placed there years after his death.

Century 8-20 Kamala Harris Century 8 (October) 20th birth

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one

I want to point out..Nostradamus does not list Vice Presidents..ONLY PRESIDENTS!,she's the person who benefits from the election chaos,and she's probably the person who will swear in January 20th,so December 14th is an important date for her,and even better for her if the electors meet and then something happens....I suspect the person in line three is TRUMP or BIDEN!

Century 9-24  November 24th,1963   Maybe a hybrid Biden for November 20,1942 Birth
Upon the palace at the rock of windows
Shall be carried the two little royal ones
To Pass Aurele Luthece,Denis Cloisters
Nonnoin,Mallods to swallow green kernals of fruit

Sunday November 24th was the day Kennedy's body was transported to the (Rock of the windows) Capital Building to lay in state...I cannot find BIDEN in the Quatrains...I suspect this is a split Quatrain (I found a couple of these)..As you can tell? the last two lines are gibberish,or it's some sort of puzzle...Could even be he decided not to list those two lines before publication (Like a white out)..He did the same thing in the last line of Lincolns death Century 2-15...November 24,1963 was also the day Oswald was shot and killed..One of the most wild days in the history of the USA.

There is no indication what so ever BIDEN will ever be President except that HARRIS will be President,so by logic he may swear in,but it is pretty damn ominous for TRUMP and BIDEN between now and January 20th....All the Quatrains are dated mostly to people,or big events,and some time the events are the person like pearl Harbor in George Marshalls Quatrain Century 10-80....Please go look for yourself...You do not need me to tell you anything!

What I'm saying is the election chaos is about HARRIS being the last one standing,or the last one being able to stand!

Update...There is a strong Quatrain for Biden,the last place i look for Presidents is the hidden method since i only found two there,but now i really feel that's where Carter is,and watching this guy lie his ass off during his run?...The Quatrain is starting to take form....I can't call it,but i kinda know why..The "Armoire de fer" was 9-20,9-42 is not in our time,and 9-24 is JFK,so he improvised...Everytime i think there's a pattern i'm proven wrong...I'm not sharing the hidden method,but maybe i will one day.....I will say though that the Quatrain is not helpful if it is him!
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How about another President? James Monroe  Apr 28, 1758 - Jul 04, 1831

Century 2-28
The last but one,of the surname of a prophet  (Easy, this is James)
Shall take Diane for his day of rest  (Read Below)
He shall wonder far by reason of raving head
Delivering a great people from impositions  (Thomas Paine & Adrienne de La Fayette see below)

In Roman mythology, Diane (lt. "heavenly" or "divine") was the goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing, Monday is derived from Old English and means “Moon’s day”  July 4,1831 was in fact a MONDAY.....This was not as easy as Jefferson's,but Henry C. Roberts in his translations seemed to think that "Diane" meant Monday,but he didn't say why.. I guess people about 100 years ago were more knowledgeable about Greek mythology,but I have to thank Wikipedia...Now is the time to tackle these Quatrains....They are all dated,and some are multi dated!

Minister to France James Monroe

The earliest preserved portrait of James Monroe as Minister Plenipotentiary to France in 1794
After arriving in France, Monroe addressed the National Convention, receiving a standing ovation for his speech celebrating republicanism. He experienced several early diplomatic successes, including the protection of U.S. trade from French attacks. He also used his influence to win the release of Thomas Paine and Adrienne de La Fayette, the wife of the Marquis de Lafayette,who were rounded up in the Reign of Terror.

Paine was arrested in France on December 28, 1793. Joel Barlow was unsuccessful in securing Paine's release by circulating a petition among American residents in Paris.[73] Sixteen American citizens were allowed to plead for Paine's release to the Convention, yet President Marc-Guillaume Alexis Vadier of the Committee of General Security refused to acknowledge Paine's American citizenship, stating he was an Englishman and a citizen of a country at war with France.[74]

Paine himself protested and claimed that he was a citizen of the U.S., which was an ally of Revolutionary France, rather than of Great Britain, which was by that time at war with France. However, Gouverneur Morris, the American minister to France, did not press his claim, and Paine later wrote that Morris had connived at his imprisonment. Paine narrowly escaped execution. A chalk mark was supposed to be left by the gaoler on the door of a cell to denote that the prisoner inside was due to be removed for execution. In Paine's case, the mark had accidentally been made on the inside of his door rather than the outside; this was due to the fact that the door of Paine's cell had been left open whilst the gaoler was making his rounds that day, since Paine had been receiving official visitors. But for this quirk of fate, Paine would have been executed the following morning. He kept his head and survived the few vital days needed to be spared by the fall of Robespierre on 9 Thermidor (July 27, 1794).[75]

Paine was released in November 1794 largely because of the work of the new American Minister to France, James Monroe,[76] who successfully argued the case for Paine's American citizenship.[77] In July 1795, he was re-admitted into the Convention, as were other surviving Girondins. Paine was one of only three députés to oppose the adoption of the new 1795 constitution because it eliminated universal suffrage, which had been proclaimed by the Montagnard Constitution of 1793.

Kamala Harris is going to be a President...If have any understanding of what i have been posting?....You know she will be President!
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Kamala Harris Born October 20th a deeper look

Century 8-20 a raw translation
The false message by feigned election
Running through urban broken pache arrests,
Voices completed, of holy chapel blood,
And another the empire constrains.

1. Not real; pretended: a feigned modesty.
2. Made-up; fictitious.

a Passionate, feisty person

compel or force (someone) toward a particular course of action.



*holy chapel
Catholic Church

The next thing to happen is the arrest,and we are already hearing the "Stop The Steal" movement has been threatened with arrest in states like Michigan,but what is funny about those threats is rioters get to riot and destroy,and peaceful movements are taken seriously..When we see the arrest? line 2 will be completed.

My opinion only..This Quatrain is a moment in time from November 3 to January 20,because line 2 seems to bleed into line 3? this does not look like the average 2 part Quatrain like TRUMP 4-64.

Kamala Harris is fated to be President,and anything that gets in the way of that will be steamrolled by fate!

Maybe how it should read?

The false message by rigged election
Running through the fractured city, passionate arrest
Voices stopped, a holy chapel of blood,
And the empire is constrained to another
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I think a lot of you have a Problem with my dating because of the Calendar..It's quite simple..The old Roman Calendar was only MARCH-DECEMBER
Jan and Feb were the winter months,and even when they were added they were added at the end...furthermore..September,October,November & December are numbers  7,8,9,10...The modern day Calendar is not in the right order,and hasn't been even since Nostradamus...Try to find anybody in the Quatrains using the modern day Calendar,and you get SQUAT,but when you use the Old Roman Calendar?..You just shake the book and they fall out!

You find..
Hitler in April 2-20
Napoleon  in August 6-69
Trump in June 4-64
Harris in October  8-20

Everything i posted is in the correct month using the Old Roman Calendar...YOU WONT FIND ANYTHING WITH THE MODERN DAY CALENDAR!

Even the Presidents were sworn in early March up until FDR,because Spring was considered the real start of the New Year,but if you want proof that's how Nostradamus did it?..Look no further than the letter to his son(you should read)...

A Letter of Dedication to,Ceasar Nostradamus.....The letter is signed..From Salon,this 1st of March 1555...That is the first Quatrain in the book Century 1 Quatrain 1

I'm not kidding!...LOOK FOR YOURSELF!...All the Quatrain are dated! to mostly PEOPLE

I do not blame any skeptics though,because Nostradamus says when people will figure it out..

Century 3-94

For five hundred years no account shall be made
Of him who was an ornament of his time
Then of a sudden he shall give so great a light
That for that age he shall make them to be most contented.

I don't know if there's more to this that i have not found,but it's clear hardly anybody is going to believe anything i post in this forum until about 2049 or later,but i did come up with my theory on how he did this in April of 1994 after Oklahoma city Century 2-91/02 (Reverse day),but nothing came of it until 2016.

I suspect a key to the dating he used will be found,and there is a few possible dates in 3-94,but 2049 is the closest to the 500 years from 1555.
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