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These are the only Quatrains playing out "NOW" that I know of....We are just days away!

4-64 Donald Trump
The defaulter,in a Bourgeois habit 
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois   Maybe Osage? “People of the Middle Waters” Middle East? Or Navy?
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

8-20 Kamala Harris
The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one

You should take note of the fake terror plot against the Governor of Michigan.....That whole scenario sounds like Trump's last two lines!

"The empire contracted to another one"..You can debate translation issues with Nostradamus,but i tried to tell people...When you suspect who the person by the DATE? It really becomes clear!

I'm not really that sure about Lyndon Johnson's Quatrain,but I suspect he is 6-8 for August 1908 birth...But the second line is right there with Kamala's last line..

Those that were esteem for their learning
Upon THE CHANGE OF THE KING will become poor
Some banished,without help,having no gold
Learned and learning shall not be much valued

Don't you understand? if i went back in time,and pegged this as a possible Lyndon Johnson?..I would have had a heads up about what's about to happen,but with Kamala it is fuggen easy..Everybody knows Biden has one foot in the grave!

Just one note on reverse day/Year President Quatrains vs an Open dated Quatrains.....Open dated Presidents (Like Obama) never lose,you can die in office(Like JFK),or decide not to run again like Lyndon Johnson,but you never lose,So if Kamala runs again in 2024? she will most likely win,and the election mess could very well take place in 2024.because that's when the electoral college shake up is suppose to hit the fan,and that's why i thought Warren was more likely for 2020,and Harris was a shoe in for 2024...I don't know where Warren fits in now (if at all),I think we will find out soon enough!
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Kamala's Vice President is another guess,but there seems to be two possible,and if they are listed?...They will also become President at some point,and Maybe their Quatrains say how!

4-49 June 1949 Birth
Before The people blood shall be spilt
Who shall not come far from high heaven
But a long time will not be heard
The spirit of one will come to testify

I still think she'll be Vice President,and be re-elected in 2024,and maybe the guy below will be her VP?

9-92 (Reverse Day) November 29th birth
The King shall desire to enter the NEW CITY
With foes they shall come to overcome it
The Prisoner being forced,shall speak and act falsely
The King being gotten out,shall keep far from his enemies

Don't expect the riots to end because Kamala Is President,and in fact? They will just get worse as the Democrats see them a means to power..This Quatrain reads like todays headlines,an out of control riot started by a future event...Maybe that event is the reason this guy becomes President? Because Kamala and this guy are peas in a pod? He would be high on her list!
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Let's put a Conspiracy theory to bed...

Bin Laden was in fact killed in a Seal raid...the only question is how many Seals dies as per witnesses .

Century 3-11 May 2011

Armies shall fight in the air a great while
The Bird shall fall in the middle of a city  (Helicopter)
Vermin,scabs,sword,firebrand in the face (He was shot in the face)
When the Monarch of d'adrie dies  (d'adrie is an anagram for Riyadh)

Bin Laden was a proud SAUDI,and my gut tells me one of his sons will end up King in the future (There is another Quatrain that hints another WORSE Bin Laden is coming)..The Quatrain is correct in every way(AND DATED),and this is one time that TRUMP should not be listening to Alex Jones...The only conspiracy is how many Seals died in the Helicopter crash..

When you know the date? These Quatrains are really detailed...This is not a joke!

The Other Bin Laden??

Century 2-30   (Note the April date here)    2-62...2-46...2-64  (2-64 is an attack on the USA and 2-46 might be part 1)
One that shall cause the infernal gods of d'Annibal   (d'Annibal is an anagram for Bin Laden)
To live again,the terror of mankind
There never was more horror,not to say ill days
Did happen,or shall to the Romans by Babel

There will be another...The guy had like 50 children!

One other thing..Bin Laden is said to have died May 1,2011,and the April 30 date could very well be a retaliation close to the anniverasy of Bin Ladens death...Line one hints retaliation!

Let me take a wild guess...I'm probably wrong,but close!...Let's say there is a coup(2-62) April 26,2046 where the Bin Laden Child takes power,and(2-30) April 30, 2046 he flattens the USA with Nukes/Chemicals the Saudis will probably have by then,and 2-46/2-64 is in fact a double mirror for April 2046,and lets not forget 10-89 tells us 2046 is a bad year...

The dating says a COMET will appear,and there's not one listed for 2046,but there will be one in 2026...Could it be that early?
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Today is Kama's birthday Century 8 (October) 20 (20th) 1964    All the other President except for Teddy R and George W

8-20 Kamala Harris
The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one

She's an open date which could mean?..She will never lose!,and like Teddy Roosevelt in 1900? The winner William McKinley does not seem to be in the Quatrains,but the exact date of his fate was listed with Roosevelt....You can look at Kamala's Quatrain in a couple of ways..The Quatrains seem to be split into two parts,so the first part happens after election,and the second part anytime after election or swearing in,but this whole Quatrain seems to run together as one moment in time,and it might seem like a coincidence she was born on the 20th,and this is 2020,but Nostradamus could have listed her as a year 64,so take note of the fact he listed her on 20..You get a double meaning,her birthday,and the year she moves to the top.

Notice he says "city",or in my translation "town"...Could this mean the election comes down to one city again? Like Broward Fla in 2000?..Trump could very well look like a winner with mail in ballots still being counted days later,and then having the carpet pulled out from under him...I got my eye on Arizona,.because the democrat is up big in the Senate race,and it was really close last time,so the best Trump can get there is a really close win,and that's if people vote a split ticket...You also gotta look at where the unrest in Wisconsin and Michigan...Something tilts the race to the Democrats,and no court is going to be able to help Trump..

in a 4-4 tie on the Supreme court?(A tie upholds the lower court ruling) They will allow PA pollsters to count votes until 5pm on Friday...Trump will not win PA when the dust settles...too much room to cheat there!
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Century 1-10 is March-December in the original order of the months!

On watch
Kamala Harris     8-20   October 20,1964

I am either RIGHT on most of these,or WRONG on all of them...Just don't take my word for it....Look for yourself! 72 Quatrains ,and there's less than a 1000 in the book,and If you add in the French Kings,and some other stuff?...I have probably found 10% of the book!

Waco/Oklahoma City       2-91 & 2-92        April 19,1993/94  (Reverse Day for both)
War of 1812                   4-12 & 4-13        June 1812-1815
George Patton                9-85 & 9-86        November 11,1885
Harry Truman                 3-84                  May 8,1884
Andrew Jackson             1-76                  March 15,1767 (Reverse Year)
Thomas Jefferson            2-13          April 13.1743
Franklin Roosivelt           2-12          April 12,1945 (Death of)
Abraham Lincoln          2-15          April 15,1865 (Death of)
Ulysses S. Grant         2-27          April 27,1822
John F Kennedy           3-29          May 29,1917
Robert Kennedy           4-6           June 6,1968 (Death of)
George H. Bush           4-21          June 12,1924 (Reverse Day)
Donald Trump             4-64          June 14,1946 (Reverse Year)
Princess Diana           5-1           July 1,1961
Lyndon Johnson           6-8           August 27,1908
Bill Clinton             6-19          August 19,1946
Barak Obama              6-61          August 4,1961
Dwight D. Eisenhower     8-14          October 14,1890
Mahatma Gandhi           8-69          October 2,1869
John F Kennedy           9-24          November 24,1963 (Body moved to the capital)
John F Kennedy           9-36          November 22,1963 (Death of) (Reverse Year)
Winston Churchill        9-47          November 30.1874 (Reverse Year)
Nostradamus             10-41          December 14,1502(Reverse Day) Clearly the birth of a child in Provence
George Marshall         10-80          December 31,1880
Andrew Johnson          10-92          December 29,1808 (Reverse Day)

Americans Enter WWI      2-6          April 6,1917
Dolittle Raid            2-18         April 18,1942
American Revolution      2-19         April 19,1775
London fire/Notre Dame   2-51         September 2,1666 & April 15,2019 (Split)
Death of Bin Laden       3-11         May 1,2011
Invasion of Sicily       5-43         July 9,1943

Waterloo             4-51             June 18,1815(Reverse Year)
Napoleon Bonaparte   6-69             August 15,1769
Napoleon Bonaparte   8-1              October 1,1814 The Congress of Vienna
Louis Philippe I     8-73             October 6,1773  (Most French Kings are in the book)
Armoire de fer       9-20             November 20,1792
Louis XVI of France   6-23        August 23,1754

Adolph Hitler        2-20            April 20,1889
Reinhard Heydrich    1-7             March 7,1904
World War II         2-24            April 1942 (Reverse Year)(Final Solution Maybe)
Adolf Hitler         3-35            May 21,1935 (Adolf Hitler – speech at the Reichstag )
Germany Surenders    3-54            May 7,1945 (Reverse Year)
Invasion of Russia   4-22            June 22,1941
Benito Mussolini     5-29            July 29,1883
Benito Mussolini     2-45            April 28,1945 (Death of)
Joseph Goebbels      8-79            October 29,1897 (Reverse Year)
Heinrich Himmler     8-100           October 7,1900
Erwin Rommel         9-51            November 15,1891(Reverse Day)
Charles I of England 9-49            November 19,1600-January 30,1649  (Birth month & Death year)
Franz Ferdinand      10-63           December 18,1863
Joseph Stalin        10-87           December 18,1878 (Reverse Year)
Vladimir Lenin   2-70             April 22,1870   subject : Execution of the Romanov family
Hideki Tojo       10-30             December 30,1884

Hidden Method (I'm Not listing)
Isoroku Yamamoto                    April 4,1884
Death of Napoleon Bonaparte         May 5,1821
Napoleon Bonaparte                  June 20 1812 "Let their Destinies be Fulfilled"
Adolf Hitler                        June 30,1934 "Night of the Long Knives"
The Albany Congress                 June 19,1754
George W Bush                       June 6,1946
Battle of Gettysburg                July 3,1863
Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr.          August 21,1983 (Death of)
Berlin Olympics                     August 1,1936
Theodore Roosevelt                  October 27,1858
Death of Charles de Gaulle          November 9,1970
Pope Francis                        December 17,1936
Emmanuel Macron                     December 21,1977

Special multi dated Quatrains
Moon Landing                              9-65                July 1969 & November 1969
Henry II of France                        1-35                March 31,1519

Berlin wall comes down.or?               10-89               This is either Dissolution of the Soviet Union,or the Berlin Wall...It makes more sense that Russians(It's more about them) will spearhead WWIII (The good guys) in 2046 rather than the German's....This is why experts should be looking at these Quatrains,and not me!

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