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I really made it hard when it was so easy...Here's the future..

Century 8-20    Kamala Harris Born October 20,1964     If you haven't read my dated quatrains thread? Century 8 is October,October was the original 8th month...he listed her on her day of birth!...I cannot find Biden,he is either one that has to happen first,or he will not be president...H Bush ,Clinton,W Bush,Obama,and Trump are all dated in the Quatrains....Some Presidents like Reagan and Nixon would have been in the missing volumes 11-12...Century 9-24 is the aftermath of  JFK Sunday November 24,1963,but it can also be a "reverse year" for Biden for November 1942 birth,and Biden would be found on a reverse number since he was VP......9-24 never made sense because the JFK assassination was 9-36(reverse year),but it may make sense now!..I don't think he has to swear in for that kinda treatment..I'm just saying!...As far as i know? the path those kinda Presidents take to the Capital dome is always the same,only the horses are different!
You might ask why Kamala is not on a reverse date? It may mean she wins in 2024(Open dated Presidents seem to never lose,while "reverse date" Presidents seem to only be elected once"Trump" and "Biden" maybe)..Of course? Kamala could swear in as President January 2021,and that mystery would be solved!....P.S. Open dated Presidents can die in office 3-29 JFK May 29th birth

The false message,by fraudulent election
Shall be stopped from going about town
Voices shall be bought,and a chapel tinted with blood
By another,who contest the rule

Kamala Harris,but Warren is not out of it yet...She could still be the Harris VP by the end of the year!  Biden and Harris both born on the 20th...20-20!

I thought Kamala was in line for 2024,but it's clear now that we are looking at a very nasty contested election with the Democrats winning...I'm still up in the air on who swears in!

2020 will be a fuggen year everybody who survives will remember!

I should note.....She is not a reverse date which you normally see with a VP moving into the Presidency,so it's not that far fetched that she will be the President elect before swearing in January 2021!!

Make no mistake about him listing her as "20" it's her birthday and the year 2020 (i should have thought of that)...THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

I'm not ready dump Warren just read Kamala's (Probable) Quatrain,but? Since Nostradamus is making it easier this go around than I thought?(I'm the one who went off the rails on Warren with very little to go on)...Look to Chicago where Kamala is from?..I got a Possible Rahm Emanuel on a reverse date,and the aftermath of some kinda uprising,and just look at Chicago!

So? I would guess Rahm Emanuel will be her VP when she moves to the top,but keep an eye on Warren....There's something about Warren!  There's also 2024,but I believe she would have to be VP!


Another wild fact about this is George Floyd caused it,he was almost threatened to pick a woman of color..COVID altered the election,and so did Floyd...I'm gonna say the hand of fate isn't done yet!
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I think the future is pretty clear..

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois (warlike/terrorist) or (Hostages)
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate (His political class?)

Century 9-24    Nov 24,1963 (Or possible Biden for November(reverse 24) 1942,and maybe both end the same way...This is how Nostradamus rolls)
I have found at least one other double event Quatrain.  First two lines for JFK,and last two lines for Biden i Suspect,but it's a jumble,or even some other kinda dating.

Upon the palace at the rock of the windows,.....(This is the Capital Dome 100%)
Shall be carried the two little royal ones,    (This is John & Caroline)
To pass Aurele,Lutece,Denis cloisters,    (Can't make anything out of this except Lee Harvey was Killed this day too..Aurele?...Could there be another assassins name??
Nonnain,Mollods to swallow green kernels of fruit

Century 8-20    Kamala Harris Born October 20,1964   

The false message,by fraudulent election (I had Kamala winning screwed up Electoral College 2024 (unless that's this year),but I think the "20" is another double date(Birthday & 2020)
Shall be stopped from going about town
Voices shall be bought,and a chapel tinted with blood
By another,who contest the rule

If you guys can't see what's about to go down?.....You are fuggen blind!...Nostradamus is real,I don't know how he did it,but he did it!

Trump will clearly lose a contested race,but?...Both him and Biden may be gone by the end of the year!
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This is not a joke...Nostradamus list the US Presidents on their birthday's....There is also a hidden method i have not shared with a few more Presidents! Kamala Harris will most likely be a President! I knew she was possible 3 1/2 years ago! Lot's of President born Jan-Feb would have been in the missing volumes 11-12!

Century 2-13  Apr 13, 1743 Thomas Jefferson

The body without soul shall be no more admitted in sacrifice:
The day of death placed on the birthday:...............................................July 4TH!
The divine spirit shall make the soul happy,
By seeing the word in its eternity

Century 6-61   Aug 04, 1961 Barak Obama

The great carpet folded shall not show,................................................................................This is the Muslim Prayer rug,even Nostradamus say's he's a Muslim!
But by HALF the greatest part of the history........................................White and Black
The EXILES of the kingdom shall appear sharp afar off.........................Snowden and Assange
In warlike matters everyone shall believe.......................................................................................Benghazi,Arab Spring,Syria,Bin Laden's death...Choose wisely!

Century 3-84   Harry Truman May 8,1884

The Great city shall be made very desolate..................................Hiroshima
Not one of the inhabitants shall be left in it
Wall,sex,church and virgin ravished
By sword,fire,plague,cannon people shall die

Century 4-21 (Reverse day) George H. Bush   Jun 12, 1924

The Change shall be very hard,
The city and country shall gain by the change,
A high prudent heart shall be put in,the unworthy expelled..............................He knew he was in here!..He was kicked out of Office!
Sea, land,people,it's state shall change

Century 6-19  Bill Clinton Aug 19, 1946

The true flame shall SWALLOW up the lady...........................................Monica!
That went about to burn the guiltless,
Before the assault the army shall be encouraged,
When in Seville,a monster like an ox shall be seen

Century 10-92 (Reverse day) Andrew Johnson  Dec 29, 1808

The Child shall be killed before the fathers eyes  (All three of his sons died tragic deaths)
The father shall enter into ropes and rushes...................................................................................................A Theater
The People of Geneva shall notably stir themselves................................................................................Geneva is an anagram for Virginia Home of George Washington (Washington DC)
The chief lying in the middle like a LOG................................................................................................Lincoln and Johnson born in log cabins

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit....................................................................Bourgeois: Middle class property owner,not the 60's hippies version.
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense.....................................................And those idiots did try him...two more lines to go for him!
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois (warlike/terrorist) or (Hostages)
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate (His political class?)

Century 2-27  Ulysses S. Grant  Apr 27, 1822

The divine voice shall be struck by heaven,
So that he cannot proceed any further,
The secret of the closed-mouthed one shall be closed,
That people shall tread upon and before it.................................................................Grants Tomb

Century 8-14  Dwight D. Eisenhower  Oct 14, 1890

The great credit,of gold,of silver,great abundance
Shall blind honor by lust.......................................................................................His affair with Kay Summersby...She also wrote a book!
The Offense of the adulterer shall be known
Which shall come to his great dishonor

Century 3-29 JFK  May 29, 1917

The two nouveau's brought up in diverse places:...................................................What a great way to describe the Kennedy's  "nouveau"
Naval battle, land, fathers fallen:
They will come highly educated and expert in arms
To avenge the injury, their enemies shall fall down under them

Century 1-76 (Reverse year) Andrew Jackson  Mar 15, 1767

By wild name one shall be called ..........................................................................................(Old Hickory)
So that three sister shall the have the name fate,
Afterward a great people by tongue and deeds shall say,
He shall have fame and renown more than any other...............................................................20 dollar bill!


Go find a top 10 Nostradamus prediction anywhere,any book,and come back and tell me there's a better list....I have 30+ more world leaders,more presidents,and military leaders..Some even more fantastic than these...all anchored by the months!

I have shared and deleted Teddy Roosevelt Quatrain (His uses the hidden dating method),but his Quatrain list 4(including himself) Presidents just by simple logic!,so at least half of the presidents born March-December are mentioned if not a full blown personal Quatrain!

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Century 8-20    Kamala Harris Born October 20,1964     "Century 8 is October" for those that don't know? The original order of the months was March (1) through December (10) the Winter months jan-feb were added later at the end,and the modern day calendar has them as the first 2 months....Nostradamus quatrains  use the old calendar...THEY ARE ALL DATED!

The false message,by fraudulent election
Shall be stopped from going about town
Voices shall be bought,and a chapel tinted with blood
By another,who contest the rule

I believe Kamala will become President,but i really don't think she will be re-elected,because her probable VP's are Warren or Emanuel,so this quatrain 8-20 is for this election in 2020...what does it mean?

Either there is fraud,and people are stopped from saying it's fraud,or there's no fraud and people are stopped from saying it is(Alex Jones may be the person they stop)...I can see the first two lines going either way,but the last two lines are interesting.....That may happen after Kamala is sworn in as president,it seems to be somebody who is against her,and this goes back to the first two lines..Some nut believes the country has been hijacked for whatever reason,and this kinda reminds me of the description of "Oswald" in 9-36 (Reverse year) November 1963 Line one> "A great King taken in the hands of a young one"

You have to read Nostradamus verbatim (Give or take a bad translation)..This Quatrain is quite clear to me...The first two lines play out after the election,and the last two line play out after KAMALA is sworn in as President...The Quatrain is about KAMALA HARRIS!

The real Mystery is will BIDEN ever swear in as President?.....I personally believe KAMALA will swear in January 2021 as the President!....BUCKLE UP!
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Because Century 8-20 is probably the big Quatrain of the year 2020,we have to see what else the translator may have missed,i don't speak french,so my translation is raw...

La fauxmessage par election feinte
Courit par urban rompue pache arreste
Voix aceptees,de sang chapelle tainte
Et a un autre l'empire contrainete

The false message by feigned (Fictitious) election
Runs through urban broke pache(feisty person) arrests    (The word arrest does appear in line two) (and there is one person screaming fraud already..Alex Jones)
Accepted voices, holy chapel blood
And in one another the constrained empire

Another translation i found online..

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one

If the last two lines from this translation are right?...These lines seems to imply change of power,and that can only be Kamala Harris stepping in,so this will happen anytime after the election,or into Biden term as President...there is no time table here,but that it will simply happen..I contend this is Kamala's Quatrain,so it makes sense!

You can also conclude (with Trump's Quatrain 4-64) That Trump will not be re-elected if Kamala is going to move up into the Presidency,You can fool yourself if you want,and hope this is 2024,but it sure looks like this will be 2020!
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Lets look at Trump...4-64 he is a reverse Year,and every reverse day/year president seems to go though the VP,or be elected only once,but I only have H Bush 4-21 as a modern day President to go on,so how he list them may very well be random,but Teddy Roosevelt and GWBush listed on the hidden method for 1901 and 2001 it seems to be a pattern for centennial Presidents,and both Teddy and George had big issues in September 01..Assassination and 911..Here's a raw Trump.

La defaillant en habit de bougeois
Viendra le Roy tempter de son offense
Quinze soldats la plus part ostagois
Vie derniere & chef de sa chevance

The failing(Failure) in bourgeois dress
Roy will come and take his offense
Fifteen mostly ostagese soldiers
Last life & chief of his chevance

First thing that sticks out is "Bourgeois" In France that is a middle class Property owner,the second line is easy..He got Impeached!,so the first two lines are done..The third line is kind of a mystery as to the word ostagese,if it is in fact Hostages? then the only question is Trump in office,or out of office,so because it looks like Kamala is listed in the Quatrains?...Will it happen this year,or when he's out of office.

The dark forces who hit Jimmy Carter 40 years ago with Swine Flu,the energy crises,and a Iranian Hostage crises? seem to have doubled down on Trump,so a Hostage Crises right before the election could very well be the last straw for voters,but if ostagese is in fact Terrorist? the last two lines take on a whole new meaning,and kind of implies Trump is somehow in the middle of that.

Simply by using the word Failure in the opening line is a hint he wont be re-elected,and by listing Kamala on an open date "20" (Never lose presidents) I am 99% sure Trump will not be re-elected,but? he can be re-elected and Warren/Harris just go to the front of the line for 2024,but then you realize how Kamala was chosen after Floyd, and that fate is at work here..

A translation from online.. 4-64

The transgressor in bourgeois garb,
He will come to try the King with his offense:
Fifteen soldiers for the most part bandits,
Last of life and chief of his fortune.
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Here is most of the World WAR II Quatrains..All are dated...There is World War III stuff in here,but the USA is pretty much sidelined from the start....Century's are March-December 1-10..It's either a year/day or reverse year/day,but I'm not going to post the hidden dated method,because with MACRON comes mass death worse than 911...I have to figure out how to warn people,but people see Nostradamus as a novelty,so some will never listen..maybe some will...Here's dated figure it out!

Century 9-85  George Patton born Nov 11, 1885
They shall pass over Gascony,Languedoc,and the Rhone
From Agen keeping Marmande,and the Reale,
To open the wall by faith Phocan shall keep the throne
A Battle shall be by St. Paul of Manseole

Century 9-86
From Bourge,La Reyne they shall come straight to Chartres
And shall make a stand near Anthony's Bridge  (Bridge is probably Bulge...he either put bridge to hide this,or this is miss translated)
Seven for peace as crafty as Martres
They shall enter Paris besieged with an army  (Yes, he did back the liberation of Paris,and that's not widely known,because they allowed the French to take lead)

Double quatrains are fully dated (Macron is a double) Century 9=November,85= 1885,and 85+86 =11 (Day when it's over 10,but under 10 you carry the first number making a year)  November 11,1885...How do we know it's him? he went though all the places listed,and he throws a rare name in these Anthony! know the general who said "NUTS" Battle of the Bulge..General Anthony McAuliffe.

Century 2-18     Doolittle Raid Apr 18,1942

A new rain,sudden, impetuous    (Go watch the movietone news reel on youtube,and you will understand this)
Shall suddenly hinder two armies
Stone,heaven fire,shall make the sea strong
The death of SEVEN shall be sudden upon land and sea

3 died in crashed,3 were exicuted and 1 died of miss treament = 7

Real NAZI's

Century 1-7 Reinhard Heydrich    Mar 7,1904
One arriving too late,the execution will take place
The wind being contrary,and letters intercepted on the way
The Conspirators fourteen of a separate body
By th Red One,the enterprise shall be undertaken

Century 2-20 Aldof Hitler  Apr 20, 1889
Brothers and sisters shall be slaves in various places
And shall pass before the Monarch
Who shall look upon them with attentive eyes
They shall go in heaviness,witness their chin,forehead and nose

Century 8-79 (Reverse year) Joseph Goebbels  Oct 29, 1897
He who by iron shall destroy his father,born in Nonnaire (anagram for Neronian.. debauchery and barbarous cruelty)
Shall in the end carry the blood of the gorgon( Greek myths, blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison)
Shall in a strange country make all so silent
That he shall burn him self,and his double talk........CLEARLY THIS IS GOEBBELS!....You don't need a date,but you got one anyway!

Century 8-100 Heinrich Himmler  Oct 07, 1900
Through the abundance of the army scattered
High will be low,low will be high      (He tried to make his escape as a low ranking soldier,he killed himself with cyanide in US custody)
Too great a faith,a life lost in jesting
To die by thirst,through abundance of want

Century 10-87 (Reverse Year) Joseph Stalin  Dec 18, 1878

The great king shall land near Nice
The great empire of death shall interpose with it
In the ANTIPODES,he shall put his HORSE (See Below)
By sea all the pillage shall vanish

The Antipodes are Austrailia here is the horse...

Century 9-47 (Reverse year) Winston Churchill  Nov 30, 1874

The undersigned to worthless deliverance
Shall have from the multitude of contrary advice
Changing their Monarch and put him in peril
They shall see themselves shut up in a cage

Easy...they tortured NAZI's in the IRON CAGE!

Century 10-80  George C. Marshall  Dec 31, 1880

In the great reign,of the great reign reigning
By force of arms the great brass gates
He shall cause to be open,the King being joined with the Duke
Port demolished,ships sank on a fair day

The guy who should have got all the blame for Pearl Harbor!

Century 5-29  Benito Mussolini  Jul 29, 1883

Liberty shall not be recovered
It shall be occupied by a black fierce and wicked villain
When the work of the Danube bridge shall be ended,
The Italian commonwealth shall be angry

Century 2-45 Death of Benito Mussolini  Apr 28, 1945

Heaven bemoaneth too much the L'Androgin born (His fathers name was Alessandro)
Near heaven,human blood shall be spent
By death too late a great people shall be diverted
Late and soon cometh the help expected

Century 3-54 (Reverse year) Germany Surrenders May 7,1945

One of the Greatest shall run away into Spain,
That shall cause a wound to bleed long,
Leading armies over high mountains,
Destroying all,and afterwards shall reign

Hitler left the bunker and went to Spain!

There's a few more...These are dated,this is not a novelty,they are not even riddles anymore when they are dated!...Nostradamus is for real!...
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Deaths or Presidents,and one Senator appear in the Quatrains,but one can only wonder when the next death Quatrain shows up..
Lots of mentions of death like Jefferson 2-13 (second Line) Teddy Roosevelt (The exact month and year for McKinley)...Trump,Harris and maybe Warren are still in flux.

Other world leaders have death Quatrain,these are US Presidents/Politicians, you will notice the last three major deaths of a sitting US politician are listed.I don't think those kinda deaths are over,and I also don't think Nostradamus will stop listing them....

Century 2-15   Death of Lincoln April 15,1865

A Little before the monarch is killed
Castor,Pollux,and a Comet in the sky appears
The public Brass,by land and sea shall be emptied
Pisa,Asti,Ferra,Turin shall be forbidden countries

Shot on the 14th,died on the 15th,but the clue hear is "The Great Southern Comet Of 1865"

Century 2-12 Death of FDR Apr 12, 1945

Eyes shut,shall be opened by an antique fancy
The Clothes of the solitary shall be brought to nothing
The great monarch shall punish their frenzy
For having ravished the treasure of the temple before

FDR was a major collector,a collector of Stamps and a few other things,and the last line is a direct reference to places in Japan called "National Treasures",so I'm gonna assume the last line is translated wrong.."Before having ravished the treasure of their Temples"

Century 9-36  JFK (He simply reversed the year) Nov 22,1963

A great king taken in the hands of a young one   (Lone gunman "Oswald")
Not far from the passing way,confusion,of a knife  (He's describing the Zapruder film here)
Shall commit,pitiful time,the fire at the top of the mast
Three brothers then shall wound one another,and murder done  (Ted Kennedy was wounded in a plane crash 1964)

Miss translated everywhere because of the word "Pasques" meaning "Passover" or in old Latin "Passing Way"...All the translations change the word to "Easter" completely missing everything in the Quatrain,but only by knowing the date of the Quatrain can it be fixed...This is the Kennedy assassination Quatrain clearly!

Century 4-6 RFK  June 6,1968

After the new clothes shall be found out
There shall be malice,plotting,and machination
He shall die the first,that shall make a trial of it
Under cover of Venice,shall be a conspiracy

RFK has no birth,but I believe he was mentioned in JFK's birth Quatrain 3-29,had he been listed on a birth? he would not have died,and became a President...

This is a time to be looking for the next one....2020 is only going to get worse,people are being put on tilt for various reasons!

Quatrains are dated by the months of the old Calendar March-December 1-10,but the Winter months January & February (I assume) would be the missing volumes 11-12,and Nostradamus will also give you a Day or Year,but in a few rare Quatrains like Patton,Macron,Waco/Oklahoma City,and maybe the War Of 1812?...Full Dates,and there are a few hidden methods you will stumble onto as you get into the book...It's very simple stuff,he want's you to figure it out!

Currently have my eye on 10-71,because I just realized the first line could Just mean ISiS,and the second line says Thursday,and December 17,2020 falls on the last week of Hanukkah,but this is like a needle in a haystack,because the chances of me pinpointing one before it happens is very low,and the truth is...That could have already happened,but it also hints at Israel,and nothing to do with the USA...I'm just throwing it out there as an example of what to look for... Quite simple here...You are looking for December year 17,71,or December 17th,and the body of the Quatrain tells you Thursday during worship so?.......Thursday December 17,2020 during Hanukkah

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If you read the dated Quatrains i have listed? It really looks like Kamala Harris will swear in as President sometime after the election...That means TRUMP will not win for whatever reason even though Nostradamus has given us a few hints....

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So far? Nostradamus list World leaders,Popes,and Military as main birth Quatrains,so you won't find Ginsburg in the Quatrains,but the stuff we (maybe) see in Trump,Harris,Warren and Pelosi's Quatrains? Is total chaos before Trump leaves office(There's only 4 months left)..When they replace Ginsburg?,and they should!..It's gonna set off the Soros funded freaks...They are already threatening to do stuff...Harris and the Democrats winning will not stop the violence...It will cause them to double down as they feel like they have caused Trump to lose.

Trump will make some silly tweet,and the media will scream insensitive,but this is the kinda thing that can tilt the election as the democrats play victim...I already told you Trump was gonna lose over a year ago...It's all a real guess on what will seal Trumps fate,but i have Trump better than 50/50 he leaves office before the Democrat swears in also..

This years been like Domino's falling..Impeachment(Dec),Covid,Floyd,Ginsburg...Next shoe to Drop?

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My theory is Nostradamus describes what we see as best as he can,and I've also wondered does he give us information that we would never be able to prove?..I say yes,the JFK and RFK assassination,and the fact that Hitler did leave the bunker and make it to Spain,and then there's this one...This is one of my favorite dated Quatrains...The translation i was using felt right,but only when i saw another translation of the first line?...Then i knew for sure he is describing what we see and hear!

Century 3-37  May 6,1937

The speech delivered before the attack,
Milan taken by the Eagle through deceptive ambushes:  (Milan is a bird or kite) (The Eagle means the USA)....It was on purpose,that we'll never know for sure!
Ancient wall driven in by cannons,  (Is he describing how it was done?)
Through fire and blood few given quarter. (And some people did live)

The first line is describing this...
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I knew the word "FAILURE" had to do with his finances,and i knew if he was hiding his tax returns that they must be a mess...The living Quatrains like Trump and Harris have been bold headlines on DRUDGE all week...The coming contested election where Harris swears in as President when the dust settles,and then there's Trump's last two lines...There's only 4 months left (or less) of his Presidency...I've tried to get peoples attention,and if you cannot see these Quatrains are dated?..You're just blind!

Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946

The defaulter,in a Bourgeois habit  (The word here is "défaillant" it means "defaulter") It's 100% right out of todays headlines,his brand is built on a house of cards..Like most of the rest!
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois (warlike/terrorist) or (Hostages)
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate (His political class?)

I put the word "failure" in the opening line,because defaulter made no sense...Well it does now!...You cannot change the words of Nostradamus,because you will miss the intent!..My bad!

Let me explain how it works....The book starts with Century 1 all "MARCH",and ends with Century 10 all "DECEMBER",Century 11-12 would be January and February,but are largely missing..The index dating can be a DAY or a YEAR or a reverse DAY or YEAR....It can be a person like Barak Obama 6-61  August 1961 birth,or it can be an event 2-18 The Doolittle Raid April 18,1942,and there is three other ways he does dating (ALL ARE EASY)...All you have to remember is the MONTH is the anchor...I thought originally Trump  was 4-14,but after he chose Pence(Read it) I realized he was probably 4-64,and after Mueller? i was sure of it....I thought Elizabeth Warren was 4-49,and she's not out of it!..I had (because of age) Warren going before Harris...Warren can be the Harris VP,or win in 2024..The only draw back to Warren is I have Rahm Emanuel becoming a VP ,and he really fits better with Harris (Chicago pals)...I have the pieces to the puzzle,and I can see what's about to happen...It's just a matter of order!

Emanuel Macron is a fully dated person and event(Like Patton 9/85-86),it's 100% him!...he will be re-elected next summer!...go bet on it!...The reason i know he will be re-elected is the event takes place a few years after the next election..I have posted it,and deleted it here before,and even though i cannot ,and should not post that one?...If I am still around? I'm gonna be screaming my ass off before that event...France does not know,and would probably ignore anyway even if they knew the danger they were in...It's gonna be bad!
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Although Nostradamus seems to indicate Trump will leave office before his term is up?..There is no indication it will be Corona Virus..Still waiting for line 3 anyhow.

Since I know Trump was doing high doses of Vitamin D,and this came on very fast?...They have to rule out that he may have been hit by something else,or you're gonna have conspiracy theory's up the ass...Seems to me that if you wanna remove a president? you can hype a novel Corona virus,and then hit the president with something similar,call it covid,then hitch up the riderless horse while the public mourns,and not questioning was it something else.....It's very important that if he dies of (so-called) covid?...You get a second,third and fourth opinion!

There is a Quatrain i am watching that is a possible Nancy Pelosi (i find it far fetched) 1-26....A person dies in the first line,and a person dies in the third line...Nancy is third in line to the Presidency,so?....I am really reaching with 1-26,but i have to keep my eye on it....1-26 is also in play with Biden/Harris...The first person is a man,but the second persons gender is not mentioned!
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Sometimes you can overlook a President because the subject matter is about somebody else...

Century 5-72 Calvin Coolidge July 4,1872

For the pleasure of a voluptuous edict,
Will mix the poison in the home:
Venus will be going so righteous,
That will obfuscate the loyal Son

Line two can be one of two people President Warren Harding who is suspected of being poisoned(Making Coolidge President) or Calvin Coolidge Jr who died of blood poisoning July 7, 1924 during his Presidency,Coolidge only had one living son who died in 2000 John Calvin Coolidge.

The more history you know the better you will understand this,there could be more here that i don't realize.

Why would this matter 100 years later? There does not seem to be a Joe Biden in the book,and there also does not seem to be a Warren Harding,but the VP's Coolidge and Harris seem to be in the book.
I really favored Warren because of this 100 year stuff,but we now know this Presidency is all about Kamala Harris,and nobody else!...You are voting for Harris for President not Biden
Biden may be the first President elect to not swear in,or he can last a few years like Harding,but he is just a hiccup in future history....Kamala's Quatrain 8-20 seems to hint she moves into the Presidency during the contested part of the 2020 election,so it's all about how long it will be contested...

All the polls that are coming out are reflecting the fact that the mail in ballots will overwhelm the system in Kamala's favor,and I do not support Kamala Harris (or Biden) in any way,but even i know that's what will turn the election...TRUMP has no chance,and in fact? the main talking point will be "We beat the Russians this time"..That kinda comedy writes itself!

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What happens if a nominee dies shortly before or after the election? It’s complicated.

Although this post is about Trump winning,and then passing away?..It's more likely it's the other way around!