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Author Topic: Presidential Coincidence  (Read 68 times)
Global Doom
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« on: October 09, 2018, 02:19:34 PM »

We have all seen Presidents born and die on big days like Trump born on flag day,Coolege born on July 4th,3 presidents died on July 4th..It's the hundred year Presidency's(Like Lincoln & Kennedy) that interest me now..
As you know? I know how the Quatrains are dated,and i will soon tell everybody..Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris will be future Presidents,so lets take a look at 1920 & 2020..

President Elected 1920 "WARREN" Harding a senator from OHIO
Vice President Calvin Coolidge (Who took over after WARREN'S death) a Governor of "MASSACHUSETTS"

I think it will be in 2020 Elizabeth WARREN (SENATOR MASSACHUSETTS) and Kamala Harris will probably be VP,but I wouldn't be shocked if she chose a GOVERNOR for VP from a slightly RED state in the mid east.
Let's not forget WARREN is also sitting in JFK's old Senate seat,and also John Quincy Adams...The other Senate seat in Mass has no Presidents,with at least one loser John Kerry.

I don't want to scare anybody,but Nostradamus seems to indicate the same thing from 1920 with a 1960 scenario will play out...The wild thing is? I SHOULD NOT EVEN POST THIS,but Nostradamus dated it ALL MAN!..There's some WILD stuff coming...what am i suppose to do? not tell anybody?

One last thing..TRUMP will not be running in 2020,but if he did run? he will win!! ....Nostradamus has a pattern for US presidents,so there is two scenarios that can happen..
1.TRUMP runs(WINS) and WARREN OR HARRIS do not run at all PERIOD!
2.WARREN OR HARRIS run and TRUMP does not run PERIOD!

I'm betting one or both of those chicks run...SO #2 IS GONNA HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT!...I kinda know what will happen,but I'm not saying!

I have emailed Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai running against Warren for senate as I type,i told his people that she will win re-election,and that he can save his money and take a shot in the special election to fill her seat
when she wins the Presidency...He has an advantage if he listens,but it really is hard to take 500+ year old Prophets seriously i guess?

Just to add..The elites have a source of Prophecy that may or may not be the same as my source....Just watch the NEWS cycle!

Those sad sacks that lined up outside TRUMP TOWER looking for work before TRUMP even won the nomination? THEY MOSTLY ALL HATED TRUMP...They ALL knew he would win!     She hasn't even won her senate election yet...SHE KNOWS!    She knows she's not running against TRUMP for Nomination,she wont win in 2020 but?...SHE KNOWS TOO!, she knows she has a shot at the title when TRUMP leaves! She's born outside the book,she's in a missing volume if at all.....I can't see a republican winning in 20,24 or 28 anyway...This ding-bat clearly got the green light from the people who really run things...

If you believe in conspiracy's? you would think the elites sent out a memo saying "get ready"...You should see Hilary Clinton(WHO WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT) and Jeb Bush start barking soon too...KEEP YER EYE ON THE NEWS MAN!
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