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Author Topic: Three possible presidents  (Read 515 times)
Global Doom
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« on: February 28, 2018, 07:41:02 PM »

most of the presidents have there own quatrain..I KNEW TRUMP WOULD WIN!

R EMANUEL will step in for warren,or harris..He will be VP then president
Kamila Harris..only because she's younger.,i'll say after warren,but she could win in 2020 too

2/3 of those above im SURE of  WILL BE PRESIDENT..if r emauel becomes president?  gonna be mass uprising,i can only guess what causes it..

TRUMP will not run in 2020,but if he does? he will win based on his quatrain,I'll also say if he does run in 2020?..he will change VP
to either scott brown or rick perry,so?.....either pence, perry or brown WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT BEFORE WARREN.

also..princess dianas quatrian is only 3/4 list prince charles death,and how...i'm gonna say it will be before 2022 any september between now and 2021
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