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Author Topic: Just want to let everybody know..  (Read 400 times)
Global Doom
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« on: February 28, 2018, 05:31:20 PM »

Everything is dated,i'm not really sure if i want to say much (ive told A few people)...the book is a monthly almanac...MOSTLY OF PEOPLE! it's missing two months..
Trump(most if not all presidents not born in the missing months are there) is in there,so is the next president in 2020 Elizabeth Warren..Trumps quatrain is very clear,as with's the reason i should
not say much here,but i promise,and so did Nostradamus in one of his quatrains...WE WILL ALL KNOW WHAT I KNOW SOON!

10-72 is the future..NOT 911...I CAN PROVE IT'S THE FUTURE!
911 (TO MY KNOWLEDGE SO FAR) was only mentioned in GW bushes quatrain
He uses an anagram for Washington dc..I stumbled onto it in Andrew Johnsons quatrain,so if i live long enough?..wash dc wont be there in the future!..10-72 is not the worst quatrain!
the count down to 10-72 starts in 10-89..i know what 10-89 is ,so i know when the countdown started,and it  did start already!!

One thing to help everybody now...each century is a different month,each quatrain is either a PERSON or EVENT!

the best translations,and let me be clear...translations are the key to understanding...henry c roberts has the best an example..the kennedy assassination is miss translated even in henry's book,but because i
knew the date? i knew what part was wrong..

get henry c roberts translations..i have a 30 year old book of his,its the only way you can follow along with me..the online stuff sucks!

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