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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #60 on: November 07, 2019, 12:26:42 PM »

Plate 44 - Lost Book of Nostradamus

I don't know if you know this but scholars who take the Lost Book seriously
tend to think it should be read or interpreted the same way the Jewish people write.
That is - we tend to read from left to right while they read from right to left and furthermore
the image(s) on the right tends to represent an event in the past which will be connecting with the image(s)
on the left - i e a future event.  Please note BOTH could be a future event to Nostradamus but for us it could be
from the past to the future.  I agree with them ... for the most part.  Now look at Plate 44.

Three Ladies.  The one on the extreme right has a halo.  Mother Mary?  She is looking down and gives
the impression She is about to pick Jesus up.  She is connected to Jesus in a historical sense.

Second Lady -  She has both hands in a praying position looking down and perhaps to the viewer.  Our Lady of Fatima?
Mother Mary?

Third Lady - She is standing to the left of the middle Lady.  Both hands in a praying formation and She
does seem that She is about to touch the One in the middle.  The Lady clothed with the Sun about to connect
with the events of Fatima?  The new event about to connect to a past one?

Btw ... you do notice all three Ladies have something on or above their heads.  In the first instance it is a halo.
The next two have a crown.  Secondly, you do notice the first is dressed in black projecting She will be burying
Her Son ... in the future.

Plate 82.  Lost Book of Nostradamus.

Three Ladies, all pregnant and let's assume they are the same three Ladies above.  No crowns or halo.
The first, pregnant, and looking directly to the Lady in the middle.  The second, pregnant, and looking directly
to the third.  The third, pregnant, and not only looking at the Lady in the middle but is actually touching or
connecting with Her.  Mother Mary, on the right side, pregnant, looking toward the events She will be bring about
at Fatima?  Our Lady of Fatima, pregnant, looking towards the future event when She will be the Lady clothed with 
the Sun?  The Lady clothed with the Sun, pregnant, connecting with the events of Fatima in the past? And?  Why is She
pregnant?  Well, a New Age will be dawning, will it not and how will it come about?  I think it fits ... you?

Btw ... why no crowns this time?  Well, She was and is the handmaiden of the Lord, is She not?   
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
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And speaking of the Handmaiden of the Lord and the culmination of it all, look at Plate 74, Lost Book of Nostradamus.
If the three seated Ladies in the chair and bed are the same as the previous two pics you will see the following.
There is Mother Mary on the right side of the picture.  Next, in the middle is, Our Lady of Fatima, and to her right
the Lady clothed with the Sun looking back towards Mother Mary who is looking forward.  Not towards to any Lady but - forward.
The future?  What will mankind do with this?  Last, but not least, take a gander at the fourth lady in this picture.
The one who seems like a servant.

This lady is tending to the original figure - Mother Mary and what is she doing?  Well, she is either showing homage
to Mother Mary by washing Her feet and/or ... ?  Tending to a wound?  Notice you will see one foot plainly, but the other
is not there.  Remember the tradition of the Lady clothed with the Sun?  The Lady will wound Satan in the back of his head
with Her heel and She, Herself, will suffer a wound doing so    I think it fits rather perfectly with my theory.

One more thing.  If I am correct and the event does happen, it would be right and just for the Pope, in honor of Mother
Mary, to allow women to become Priests and I'll tell you something else.  They'll probably do a Hell of a lot better job than the
fat a$$ wonders they have now.  Just my opinion. 

P.S. Padre, if I am proved right would you kindly consider giving Nostradamus an open apology for even thinking he was to
any degree, Satanic.  It would be greatly appreciated.   
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #62 on: November 10, 2019, 01:40:59 PM »
1.  The Three Ladies in order beginning with, Mother Mary.

2. The prediction of the events of Fatima followed by a connection with the Third Secret of Fatima
and the warning thereof.  After, I should say, the event with the Lady clothed with the Sun took place.
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #63 on: November 11, 2019, 09:06:14 AM »
And, speaking of Mother Mary ....

Lead in - A long time ago when I was a Philosophy student I wrote an essay on, Jacques Maritain, and the only
thing I remember was the opening lines in his essay or book.  To paraphrase -  There is nothing eternal about mankind.
Sooner or later we will have our end of days.  We can't last forever.    Please keep this in mind before I analyse the next picture
from, The Lost Book of Nostradamus.

First of all, let's take a look on the right side of the pic which as stated should be connected to a future event on the other side.
Well, there's a lady who has a halo so it doesn't take that much to assume She could be, Mother Mary.  Or Mother Mary
as the Lady clothed with the Sun?  Notice anything about the halo?  Isn't it like the half moon symbol for Fatima, the Arabic moon goddess who, by the way, had a strong connection with the Garden of Eden, esp the Tree of Life.  Notice anything else?  This symbol
is on its side like the one which appeared in the mountain pic which I associated with the Third Secret of Fatima.  There it was tilted
to look like horns on the skull while this one becomes a halo.  So the connections with Mother Mary, the Lady clothed with the Sun
and the events of Fatima in 1917 is definitely there.  Now, let's look at the figure in the middle.

Here you will see - as it appears many times in the Lost Book - an image of the Pope.  You will note he is touching the Lady
with the halo, so we can surmise it will be something positive.  That's it.  Now, let's look at what appears on the left side
which will be a projected event from the initial image on the extreme right.

Well, there is a dragon but not as large as one would suspect.  There is a lady there as well and if you look at the vestment
she is wearing, you will see an image of Mother Mary on the front - in some versions of the book - or a faint image of Jesus.
Conclusion?  Mankind at our end of days heeded the warning and we stayed on the right side of God.  It should be remembered,
if the Lady of the Sun event did happen then the only other Heavenly event to come would be the Second Coming.  There could be
nothing else.  Jesus did return and mankind was predominantly good.  Satan had a downfall and mankind kept him down.
Hence the small dragon.  Uh huh.  Look at the pic again esp at the face of the lady in question.  See it?   

It'S A DUAL IMAGE.   On the one hand you will see a normal looking face and, if you look at it again
it could be a - and it rhymes with witch - a with a forked tongue.  So, who is she?  Look at the cup.
There's only one lady - - in the Bible with such a description and that's the Harlot of Babylon
in the Book of Revelation who drinks from the cup of abomination and she's about to pass it to the Pope.
Meaning?  Well, if she comes about, that means all the negative things in Revelation will come about as well
and that dragon - Satan - will rise to heights unimaginable.  Dominating everything including the Church.
Nostradamus is showing us there will be only two possibilities for our end of days.  Mankind will be predominantly
on the right side of God and we kept that dragon small or we won't - when the Second Coming occurs.

Makes sense?
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #64 on: November 13, 2019, 04:50:47 PM »
C 5 Q 32

When all is good well abundant
In Sun and Moon your ruin approaches
It will come from the sky as you rift through your exhausted fortune
In the same state as the seventh rock.

If you've been reading this post you will note I already analyzed the above verse and the
the conclusion I came up with was that the above event from the sky will happen in Canada,
more specifically, in the province of Quebec  and even more specifically, Quebec City.
You will also note that I stated there were ties with Lyons in France and Quebec City in Canada.
Both were a New City,  The former has a tagline - city of walls, Quebec City was a walled city.
The first located art 45 degrees latitude, the latter at 46 degrees which when combined would equal to
45 degrees like the New City quatrain.  Lyons has a definite connection with Mother Mary and ... Well, you know.
i've already been through this.  Anything else?  Yes.

I've stated that the two first explorers to try colonize Canada for France  failed and in the explorers
(noblemen)  ten dollar names was the word - Rock.  De la Roche in one, and, de la Roque, in the other.   
I also extended the guess that one may have been the seventh child born in their family or one, may have been
the seventh person to have their royal title.  Btw ... the symbol of a flower usually represents the female, does it not?

Take a gander at Plate 49 in the Lost Book of Nostradamus and the right side usually represents a past event
which will connect with a future event on the other side of the page.

The flower pointing to, Lyons, on one side? The second flower pointing to, Quebec City, on the other?
Geographically correct?  One, pointing, east, the other, west?  Both on the same plane, if you will? 
Like their latitudes?  Both connecting with the other?  Both countries historically connected? Same image?   
The female?  Seven rocks?  What do you think?
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #65 on: November 14, 2019, 04:47:56 PM »
And, speaking of Ladies and the dawning of a New Age ...

Plate 67

Okay, so now that we know that the pics in the Lost Book esp, those with a, Cosmic Wheel, near the top,
had nothing to do with the Mayan Calendar, let's look if my own interpretations could hold water.
Excuse the pun.

The above picture depicts the changing of Ages.  Aires to Pisces to Aquarius.
Aries, depicted by War - hence the person with the bow and arrow - Fire and the Ram.
Pisces, by Monotheism, Spirituality and the Fish - hence the classic depiction of two fishes in the pic.
Anything else?

Well, if you look in the middle, you will see a king, hence the crown, who has a book in his hand and to the left there is
a distinct picture of a tree.  Also, this king has long and I do mean - long, I mean, extremely long hair.  So, who is this man?
Well, granted it is vague but it could be Jesus and the hair symbolizes the years that have gone past and if we're talking about
the length of an Age, that would be around two thousand years.  Did I say He has extremely long hair?  So, let's look at this.

A tree?  Like the, Tree of Life or Knowledge in the Garden of Eden?  The beginning?  Is it possible the next Age, Aquarius, 
will begin with an event from the Bible?  An event like, let's say, the Lady clothed with the Sun?  Possible?  Well, given the
tradition of the Lady clothed with the Sun is derived from a passage from, Genesis, and one in, Revelation, then the next step
must be a New beginning for mankind to correspond with the, New Age, which is coming.  That makes sense to me.

Oops ... I almost forgot.  Notice the ribbon of things to come, if you will, does touch the Book in question.
Just under the pic of the tree.  Possibly, the Tree of Life or Knowledge.  Correct?  Also, there is the following.
Granted there are no women in the above pic but just the possibility the Tree refers to Eden then a woman is
inherently there given the story.  Let's go on.   

Plate 71

This won't take very long at all.  There's the Cosmic Wheel again.  The guy with the book in hand
is probably Nostradamus.  So what's left but the bottom images and guess what's there but three Ladies.
The Mother Mary series correct?  Yeah, anyway you look at it it does point to Mother Mary.
First possibility.  That's Eve projecting, Mother Mary on the other side of the pic and the woman looking towards
Her is Our Lady of Fatima.  Or?  The same three who appeared in the previous renderings.  Ending again with
the Lady clothed with the Sun. 

Plate 72

Well, let's start at the top this time.  See the Cosmic Wheel and how it has no spokes at all this time?
The gap when one Age will become the other?  In this case, Pisces, becoming, Aquarius.
Go down.  If that is Nostradamus this time what is he doing but showing a book to the viewer and ...
doesn't it look like there's nothing written there?  Maybe mankind will have to write in our own future?
Which way will you go mankind?  Remember the dual image a while back and how our end will be?
Now, look at the bottom.  Two Ladies, side by side looking forward.  Our Lady of Fatima and the Lady clothed with the Sun?
Satan will have a downfall?  Defeated but not destroyed?  So, what pray tell, is the two Ladies looking at?
A stag, of all things.  Well, according to Christians symbolism in the Middle Ages, Stags were known to represent   
spirituality, purity, solitude and their main enemies were Satan and the Serpent.  Rather appropriate, is it not?
Let's move on.

Plate 66

If there's one pic from the Lost Book which would support me to no end, it is the above but, there's a problem.
Let's go back.  The very first time I ever heard about the book in question was in 2007 when I saw the doc
on the History Channel and Yes - as stated - a lot of the experts were trying to line up the pictures to align with
the Mayan Calendar fiasco.  From then on in I kept researching the pics and found that many supported my own conjectures.
Now, let's look at the above.

Well, there's the Cosmic Wheel and if you look at it, there are now spokes in the Wheel when the previous pic
showed no spokes at all.  The Age of Aquarius had come.  You will also note there are only seven spokes when the others
showed, eight and it is now colored white when the rest showed it in a black or brown manner.  There is also the Sun in large
form and beneath the Sun there is a lion of some sorts.  Please note the symbol of the Lion in the Christian tradition could be
evil or good.  Saint Peter described Satan as a roaring lion and there is also, in a good sense, the lion of Judea.
So which is it?  I don't know but one thing I do know - according to the pic - is that both God and Satan has been revealed
to mankind  It's all in the light now.  God exists, Jesus is His Son and Satan exists.  So which way is that Lion going to go?
Your choice mankind.  Btw ... I don't know if you know this but the Jews have a tradition that the Messiah will not come
unless the world is predominantly good or evil.  Makes sense to me.

Oh, yeah, why am I so upset with the pic provided?  Well, when I researched this, way back when, on the right side
there was a faint image of a Lady wearing a crown who was as tall, if not taller, than the Sun.  In fact, the rays of the Sun
were going through Her and,now ... I can't find that pic.   It's there somewhere in computer land and I'll find it.  Hopefully.

Btw again ... you do see that star at the far left of the picture do you not?  That usually represents the Messiah
according to the Jews.   Just thought I'd mention it.  Lady clothed with the Sun, a New Age and in the future,
the Messiah will come?
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #66 on: November 18, 2019, 04:08:09 PM »
Keeping with the Cosmic Wheel ...

Well, here's another one which won't take very long.  There's the crab or lobster which could represent the Constellation, Cancer
and I do agree with what was stated in the 2007 documentary on the Lost Book of Nostradamus the next image on the bottom
does seem to be referring to the, Milky Way, which ... got me thinking.  What could that do with the changing of Ages?  So I punched
in Milky Way with Mother Mary and was asked if I meant Milky Way and Isis?  Okay.  Well, I guess Isis in Egyptian mythology
formulated the Constellation, Virgo, and she had her own encounter with a monster, Typhon.  While it was chasing her, she kept
dropping grains of corn or (most likely) wheat which became the Milky Way.  Her way of hiding from the monster.  Anyway,
you do see the ribbon connected with that Cosmic Wheel, the moon with a lady's face in the shape of a V perhaps suggesting
Virgo and/or, the Virgin Mother? Is N telling us a Lady will cause the change of Ages?  A Lady who will have an encounter with a monster, Satan?  Also, do you see the Fatima imagery, as well?  Three of them within the giant, V. 

Btw ... if there's one color strongly associated with, Mother Mary, it is, blue.  Notice the color of the ribbon beneath
the Cosmic Wheel?  Also this is the one and only time when that color of the ribbon appears in that manner for the
Wheel in the Sky keeps on turning.  Sorry, I couldn't resist, given my journey.  Yeah, I know.  Next.   

Plate 68

First of all, this pic seems to be following a different path than the right side shows a past event which connects to a
future event on the left side of the page.  In fact, the events in two different sections seem to be happening around the
same time of each other.  Lat's look at the bottom events.  Here you will see a scorpion about to battle a ram or lamb.
Beneath it is a yellow or golden block.  Nothing more than a block of yellow or gold.  Ever see a block like that before?
Well, weren't the two Astrological signs Aries and Pisces on the other pic on or above a block.  Could it mean Satan and God
were about to have a showdown, of some sort, and the result will be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius - a Golden Age -
which is exactly what Astrologers believe.  How long it lasts will be depend on mankind.  Now let's look at the second set
of images.

First of all, there is a sword being held in someone's right hand pointing to the Cosmic Wheel.  There will be a change of Ages?
It will come with a degree of violence?  Hence the, sword.  Now, look at what's next to that image.  Here you see what
appears to be the Tree of Life (again) and either a club is on top of it or, it is an uprooted tree.  Well, if the, Tree of Life, 
is smashed in a/o death is there, then somehow, someway, there will be deaths with a new beginning.  Correct? 
Uprooted lives?  Well, if you're interested, go back a few pages and see if I didn't state exactly that.  This New Age
will come with blood.  Both the innocents and the wicked.

If I had to do it again re the Seven Cosmic Wheels pics, I would have placed the above earlier on ... so, since I can't change
it now, I'll move on.   Well, there's four distinct signs of the Zodiac.  Virgo, the lady.  Libra, the Scales.  Taurus, the Bull. 
Sagittarius, The Archer.  And?  Well, I know Virgo and Libra are strongly associated with each other and how it fits my
theory perfectly.  You know.  After the event of The Lady clothed with the Sun there will be a judgment day to be witnessed
by all of mankind.  The rest doesn't fit or ... I'm too lazy to try and figure it out.

Again ... all seven of these images with their commonalities had nothing to do with the Mayan Calendar and secondly,
there is some support re my conjectures.  If nothing else, look at the Moon image just below the Cosmic Wheel.
The Moon always represented a female figure and if there will be a New Age ... then it makes sense a Lady would
have something to do with that new beginning.  I think, it sits.
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #67 on: November 19, 2019, 06:58:40 PM »
BIG WHEEL keep on turning ...

Well, let's start by looking at the top of that Cosmic Wheel.  Well, to the right (the past) you will see a Rooster which
symbolizes, France.  There is another bird on the other side which is a Peacock and in between there is an Hourglass.
Well, if the Cosmic Wheel is showing a change of Ages then, somehow, France, must have something to do with that change
and the Peacock must either represents a separate country or an event which will take place in a different country.  Also,
note the following.  There's only one of these birds which has its foot on that Hourglass and that is the Peacock.  So,
the change of Ages will be taking place in that particular land or country.  Not, France.  Well, I believe the event will have
something to do with Jesus and the country is, Canada.  I'll explain that later.  Now, let's go down the right side of the Wheel's rim.

Well, if, France, is singled out, then there should be a connection with, France, and in particular, the City of, Lyons, (if I am right)
and, somehow, it should connect with, Canada, and in particular, Quebec City.  Take a look.  There is a building on the right side
and if you go across almost at the same level, there is Quebec City, on the other side.  Also, note the following.  Look between
the spokes.  Isn't there a boat in the water and on the other side a land jutting out.  France had to cross the ocean with ships
to colonize, Canada.  Correct?  It even shows, in a geographical sense, the right way to go there.  From east to west.  And? 
Even the northern aspect is depicted.  Btw ...  do I have to go into the similarities of Lyons and, Quebec City,
again?  Just look back in the post should you be interested.  Let's move on and I'm going to do this as quickly as possible.

There is Lyons, which was founded in 43 BC by Rome.  Moving along the same rim, there is a Lion representing Rome and look
at their military strength.  A very large soldier - hence, the sword - who is hanging onto the tail.  Where Rome goes so does its military power.  Look at what is held in it's paw.  There is another albeit, smaller lion, with a human face.  This is, Herod, King of the Jews
under the leash of Rome.   Look again, at that soldier.  He has an X on his breast and four drawings within.  First of all the X is a
symbol for, Pisces and the four pics within, is the prophesy as given by, Daniel, fulfilled.  Check it out.  Let's move on.

If you follow the rim, so to speak, you will see a man who is, Jesus.  Notice by the clothing, He looks like a condemned criminal
being led to His fate.  Now, look at His sandals?  Don't they look like fishes, hence, Pisces.  In other words, wherever Jesus walked
while He was on this earth, He was in the Age of Pisces.  Look further on, He does seem to be swishing like a Lion's tail before Him. 
I then thought to research the Christian symbolism of a Lion's tail, expecting nothing, but something did pop up.  Apparently,
because that animal swishes it's tail behind it, it was meant to cover his tracks.  The determination?  Jesus was hiding His divinity until
it was ready to be revealed which, in this case, would be when He was Resurrected.  Look again.  He seems to be swishing the Lion's
tail before Him and it has something to do with a blue globe, of sorts.  I think I know what this means but that's an altogether
different theory.  Moving on, you will see an eagle or Phoenix which is rushing towards Him with a crown.  Yeah, I can live with that.
Now, let's look on the left rim, if you will.

Here you will see a very powerful male wrestling with a snake.  You will note there is a cross on his thigh.  My interpretation?
God versus, Satan.  Moving forward to the culminating future event whereby you see a hand emerging from the sky above the
place - walled city - Quebec City?   The hand has a rod, of sorts, and it goes through the Peacock or to its side and ends up pointing
to the center of the Cosmic Wheel.  There will be a change of Ages originating from the sky above a city?  Notice something
else?  The end of that rod, of sorts, produces a letter, L.  In fact, from the perspective of the entity it would look like an L and if
you follow the shorter arm of that L it points directly to the Rooster.  France?  Lyons on France?  The new city in its own right.
At 45 degrees latitude, the city of walls, etc.  So, I'm sure if you read this far you will be wondering why would Nostradamus
choose the symbol of a Peacock instead one of the animals most associated with, Canada?  Like the Beaver? (Not that kind.)
Or a Canada Goose or a Reindeer which would suggest a northern land?  Why, a Peacock?  Glad you asked.
Check out the early Christian symbolism for that, Peacock.  The body of which, does not decay.  Suggesting eternal life. 
Often associated with the, Tree of Life, in Eden.  Often painted as standing next to the,Tree of Life.  A new beginning for
a New Age?  Makes sense to me.
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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #68 on: November 21, 2019, 12:22:28 PM »
And speaking of the event and the where ...

Plate 52

As you can imagine this particular pic is filled with symbolism.  Let's start at the far right side.
Here you will see a golden ring.  Christian symbolism?  Fidelity - Gees, what a shock - deity, eternity and ...
it could also indicate a man (or, mankind) reuniting with God.  What's next?  Well, of all things it is a turtle
moving along.  You should note it may have been leaving a trail or, a slimy trail, for that matter.  Early Christian
symbolism for that creature?  An evil force usually during combat or a battle.  You know, I've been predicting there will
be an encounter (battle) with an evil force and the key words are there.  So, where does, Mother Mary fit in, let alone,
the location?  Don't know if you know this but, the fleur de lys, often symbolizes, Mother Mary and the province of Quebec
(where Quebec City is located) has a flag which contains four, fleur de liys.  Check it out.  A white cross on a blue background
and in the four sections there is ... Yeah, a, fleur de lys.  And?  Well, look at the pic.  The only thing wrong in the formation
is the bottom two are pointing down instead of upwards like the top two.   So, why two up and two down?  Well, if I'm right,
Mother Mary will be coming - down - from Heaven for that encounter and afterwards, would be going back - up.  And, yes,
there is an errant, fleur de lys on the extreme left side.  Let's take a look.

Yup, there's the, fleur de lys, neither pointing up or down but to the side.  Now, what?  Well, if Nostradamus was using the pic
as a map, of sorts, then it would be pointing west of France, where he lived.  Going west would bring you to Canada.  And?
Well, what about the northern aspect of getting to Canada?  The Western Hemisphere, after all, covers half the world. 
That's correct. But the fleur de lys on some maps during N's time was like a compass and its purpose was to show - North.
So going North and West at the same time would indeed bring you to - Canada.   

Btw ... I should't be doing this as I'm analyzing one pic to show you another but since I just mentioned something,
I'll do it now.  In the last post I told you if, Nostradamus, wanted to show an animal to represent Canada then, why wouldn't
he show a Beaver or a Canada Goose or Reindeer. instead of a Peacock,  Well, take a look at Plate 54.  There's a Reindeer
and underneath is a - and note  the word - ROOTED - fleur de lys.  Meaning? He was indeed referring to Canada,
the province of Quebec in Canada - hence the flag - and lastly, Quebec City, in Canada  as being the first established settlement
by France, in Canada.  Not only that but, Quebec City, will also have something to do with, Mother Mary.

Now, let's go back to the first pic.  You will note, I analyzed the ring, the turtle, the five, fleur de lys and the only thing
left is a heart.  A heart, mind you, which is on its side.  Any reason for that?  Well, first of all the heart, in and of itself,
could indeed match Mother Mary because one of Her identifications, if you will, is Our Lady with an, Immaculate Heart.
But, again, why on its side?  Well, when the identification is complete i.e. the event happened, it will be upright to show the world,
it was indeed Mother Mary.  Secondly, you will note, I already referred to Egyptian mythology in regards to Virgo and the Milky Way
Well, part of Egyptian mythology is a judgment tale and from what I gather, it is the very first myth in mankind's history when
ANY JUDGMENT takes place regarding people as viewed by a supernatural being.  Needless to say, one who is good.  In this tale,
the heart of a dead individual is weighed on a scale against a feather and if there is no tilt, if you will, the person will have a
pleasant after life.  Virgo, Libra?  The Virgin and the Scales?  Astrea, in Greek mythology, the last goddess to give up on mankind. 
The Scales, Libra, she holds in her hand.  Please note, I've been saying the same thing from the onset.  The event will come with
a, Judgment Day.  Not, for all of mankind but, one to be witnessed by all of mankind as it concerns a sizable number of people.   

Btw ... one of the things I forgot to mention re the heart is the following.  If the heart did appear right side up, you will
notice the point at the bottom, given the angle, would line up directly with the back of the turtle's head.  Is this correct or
am I reading into this?  One more pic with this section.

Plate 56.

C 10 Q 99

The end of wolf, lion, ox and ass.
Timid deer will they be with the mastiffs.
No longer will the sweet manna fall upon them.
More vigilance and watch for the mastiffs.

If you've been reading my post you will know this verse has already been analyzed.  A group of evil people, whether
they were aggressive or willing followers, will be going to, Hell.  Right in front of the world.  They have been judged. 
The mastiffs are indeed Hell Hounds and, if the sweet manna fell upon the earth and it can't fall on them , then ...
they can't be in Heaven or on earth so, what's left?  Now, let's look at the pic.

Here again like the Radiating Sun pic when I was sure there was a faint image of a Lady with a crown next to the Sun,
this one has the same type of thing.  When I first looked at it, there was a faint image of an Angel at the far right,
next to the Chalice.  Anyway, let's start.

The first thing you see is a golden chalice in the middle of the pic.  It also has a distinct, fleur de lys, on the front.
Jesus?  Mother Mary?  Something to do with Jesus and Mother Mary?  Notice anything else?  Notice the curvature of
the land behind the chalice?  Could it be a northern land?  An event will be taking place concerning, Jesus and Mother Mary
in a northern land?  Now, look at the remaining image on the left side of the pic.

Okay.  Well, we either have Satan as represented by the snake having a wound to his head - note the indentation - falling
and at the same time vomiting small red blobs or ... this is the aftermath of Satan falling and a snake is vomiting the people
who were with Satan and now falling to where Satan abides.  Now, exposed to the world.  Judged and going down - not to the earth
(see the picture) but to a place beyond it.  You know, the wolf, the lion, the ox and ass, all timid like deer facing the mastiffs.   
No longer will the sweet manna fall upon them.

Btw ... if I had to choose one or the other scenario I would pick the second.  Why?  Well if you look at the Chalice it is filled
with red blobs - people - the vomiting, if you will, will take place later on.  These people will be marked out, exposed
before the world, commissioned to speak and then, later on - not much later - within the same hour or two hours  ....   

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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #69 on: November 27, 2019, 12:26:27 PM »
And, speaking about the Cosmic Wheel, spokes and what was spoken, so to speak,  plus ... numbers, for that matter.
Check out the following.

C 10 Q 74

The year the great seventh number accomplished
It will appear at the time of games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennium
When the dead will come out of their graves. 

Let's look at the above verse line by line.

The year the great seventh number accomplished.
Seriously, if you want to research the number seven and how it fits in with the Christian faith please be my guest.
It mainly represents completeness and perfection both, spiritual and physical.  Well, I'm saying that one Age will end
- completed - and another will begin.   So, what is the last seven that must take place before the end and beginning
of Ages happens?   Well, to me, it will be the seventh appearance at Fatima by Mother Mary.  The same Mother Mary,
by the way, who will be, The Lady clothed with the Sun.

It will appear at the time of games of slaughter.
Video games throughout the world?  Don't most of them have to do with slaughter?  Games of slaughter?

Near the edge of the great millennium?
Well, it could be before 2001 which didn't happen so it has to be after so ... anytime now is shortly after the year 2001.

When the dead will come out of their graves.
This line is interesting.  If you look at the outside events which happened as indicators to show Jesus was indeed, the Son of God
you will find the following.  The curtain in the second Temple was split in two.  Darkness covered the land.  The rumbling of the earth
etc.  However, there was only one which involved people and that was when some of the followers of Jesus who had died came out
of their graves or tombs.  So, do I think that will happen again?  No.  What will be taking place, regarding people, as indicators
to the divinity of Jesus will be His own prophecy.  A prophesy regarding the dead which I already explained.  Let the dead bury the

Now, let's look at the pic, I'm presenting ... again.

Notice anything?  In every pic which showed the Cosmic Wheel you will notice those which had spokes, had eight. 
Look at this one.  There is, seven.  When the great seventh number is accomplished?  In the same state as the seventh rock?
etc.  Notice anything else?   If you look at the rays emanating from the sun you will see there are two different types.  If you
count them as a whole - and I do mean as a whole, that is all rays are completed presented - you will see there are thirteen.
Why is this significant?  Look at the events of Mother Mary at Fatima in 1917.  She appeared there six times and all were on the
thirteenth of the month from, May to October.  Anything else?  Well, when Lucy of Fatima, the last survivor of the three children,
died, it was on February 13, 2005.  Meaning?  Well, if I'm correct the event will be taking place on a bona fide, Fatima day on the thirteenth or a projected one., on the thirteenth   And?  Well, there is one more thing.

Go, back to the rays displayed.  Yes, two different types.  Seven, one way with a pointed end and six, as a squiggly form, if you will.
Yes, six as in the six visitations at Fatima and the seventh?  Where does that end up?  Look at the back of the Lion's head.
Excuse the pun but you do see my point, correct?    Seriously, I did state the lion could be, the lion of Judea a/o the roaring lion as in, Satan.  Both exposed before the world but with Satan, having been wounded in the back of the head by, Mother Mary.

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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #70 on: November 28, 2019, 12:44:41 PM »
Thanks Global, for showing me the error I made in regards to the number of the quatrain.  It has been adjusted.
And, since I, accomplished that, let's follow the word.  Could there be a pattern?

C 10 Q 74

The year the great seventh number accomplished
It will appear at the time of games of slaughter.
Not far from the great millennium.
When the dead will come out of their tombs.

To me, as stated, that last line refers to Jesus and one of the indicators He was the Son of God.
In other words, what Nostradamus was predicting will be a - divine - event as it concerns, Jesus.

C 4 Q 5

Cross, peace under one the divine word will be accomplished.
Spain and Gaul will be united together
Great disaster near and combat very bitter
No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble.

Notice the word coupled with the - divine word?  Accomplished?

Spain and Gaul will be united together.   
Great disaster near and combat very bitter.

After Spain and Gaul (France) joined the European Union?
Pick any war you want after Europe united.  I'm sure it would fit.

No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble?

To me, this line is to be attached to the first line to read as such.

Cross, peace under one the divine word will be accomplished.
No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble.

This refers to a divine event which will shock and frighten the world.
A divine event regarding, Jesus.  Cross, peace?  Accomplished?

C 1 Q 48

When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed.
Another will take up his reign for the seventh millennium
When the Sun takes up his remaining days
Then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

To be honest with you this is one of those verses where there are a lot of variations.
I did choose this one for a few reasons.  First of all, it states the seventh millennium and that number
has appeared before.  Secondly, it does imply a change of Ages if not two and that's what I've seen saying
all along.  Lastly, Nostradamus not only states the key word - accomplished - but he also gives the impression
that some of his verses are threats - not prophecy.  This implies a warning which again - I've been saying all along.
After the event mankind will have to choose a path. Be predominantly good or evil.  The page is blank.

Btw ... just off the top of my head.  Seven spokes.  Seventh number.  The predicted seventh appearance of Mother Mary
at Fatima which I believe will happen.  Seventh rock.  Seventh millennium.  And, if you're interested, a few years back the Jewish
calendar marked that year as, 5777.   

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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #71 on: December 11, 2019, 05:31:31 PM »

This pic only has four images but it is better if I start with a quatrain, if not two of them
and a few definitions for the word - Hecatomb.

C 5 Q 18

The unhappy abandoned one will die of grief
His conqueress will celebrate the hecatomb
Pristine law, free edict drawn up
The wall and the Prince will fall on the seventh day.

C 10 Q 74

The year has revolved to the great seventh number
It will appear at the same time of games of Hecatomb
Not far from the great millennium
When it enters they will come out of their tombs

Now, I've already analyzed the two quatrains above or variations thereof
and my theory from the beginning stated the new Age will come with blood.
Both the wicked and the innocents, the latter to be incorporated by Mother Mary
and will be taken to Heaven.  The wicked?  Well, if they had a downfall with Satan
they will be going to Satan.  Let the dead bury the dead.  And?

Well, I already gave one definition for the word, Hecatomb.  How it was a Greek and/or Roman
event which involved the sacrifice of (usually) one hundred oxen.  Please note other definitions.
Hecatomb - Every step of progress has been made by the sacrifice of a hecatomb
of human lives.  Or.  An extensive loss of life for some cause.

Now, look at the pic.

I'm pretty sure that looks like a lady wearing a crown with a cross at the top.
Mother Mary?  The Lady clothed with the Sun?  And with Her it does appear to be an ox to me. 
Now look to the left and above.  In the sky, no less.  Jesus?  Wearing a crown to symbolize the end of the
Age of Pisces,  Jesus?  Much younger.  Wearing a crown at the beginning of the, Age of Aquarius?

Of course, we won't be going into this new Age without knowing that, God exists.
That Jesus was and is the Son of God.  That you will face God in judgment.  etc.


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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #72 on: December 16, 2019, 10:15:16 PM »
Had to delete MACRONS's too early!

I told my self not to post stuff like that (Macron)...It's hard to tell people that I really do know how everything is if you found Macrons quatrains interesting?..IT'S BECAUSE THEY WERE REAL! should see the rest of them!...If i posted Trump's quatrain? i would probably get a visit from the SS....Warren's is worse!

I Know Nostradamus wants people to be warned about coming events in France,or he would not have placed Macrons quatrain where i can find it...I have no idea how to precede with that and warn people...nobody will believe it!

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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #73 on: December 17, 2019, 12:35:58 PM »
And, speaking of two more pics from the Lost Book which supports me.  Take a gander
at Plate 45

Let's begin with the sky this time.  There you will see the sun and a star.
Okay.  Well, I already told you the star, according to Christian a/o Jewish symbolism, could refer to the Messiah.
Now, let's look at the sun.  There you will find 8 rays which end with a point.  8 squiggly rays and if you look
closely at the star, itself, it has 8 points.  I don't know if you know this but the Jewish alphabet not only represents
letters but they also represent numbers, as well.  Btw ... the word, Jesus, in Hebrew adds up to the number - 888.

Maybe, Nostradamus, is trying to tell us, Jesus ,will be confirmed as the Son of God and the Messiah with
an event that takes place in the sky?  Btw, again ... the tradition of the Lady clothed with the Sun does take
place in the sky, does it not?  Now, let's look at the land.

Well, you do notice on the right side - as stated in previous posts - there is a rooted, fleur de lys.
You know, the province of Quebec in Canada with its flag?  A northern country with a rooted, fleur de lys?
And, oh yes.  How many times have I mentioned that the Christian tradition re the Lady clothed with the Sun
does state, She will strike Satan in the back of the head with Her heel and from my own point of view - a number
of humans will have a downfall with him.  Now, look at the creature displayed in the pic provided. 

Well, there's the snake - Satan -  the human head - humans - and did you notice?  He really does seem to be
struck on the back of the head with the blade of a sword.  So, why a sword?  Look at the hilt.  Doesn't that
appear to be a cross to you?  A cross, no less, which directly points to the the star?  The star which
symbolizes the Messiah?   A cross?  The Messiah?  888?  Any guesses?  Oh yeah, one more thing.

The only image(s) left are two crescent moons connected with each other.  The moon, often symbolizing a female
deity?  The crescent moon which is the symbol of Fatima which has already been explained, God knows how many
times throughout this post.  So, if the second crescent moon is the Lady clothed with the Sun - Mother Mary - then
it must connect with the inner crescent moon - Mother Mary - as it connects with the events at Fatima, Portugal in
1917.  Now, put it all together and see how it connects.

The event of the Lady clothed with the Sun takes place in the sky over a northern land and She connects with Fatima
and also then connects with the snake and the humans having a downfall and going upwards ... connects with the cross
which connects with the Messiah and thus connects with, guess who?  Jesus.   

Next pic - Plate 48

Relax, this will be quick.  The two crescent moons connected with each as in the previous pic above a bull. 
The Sign of Taurus?  April 20 - May 20.  During the same astrological sign when Israel became a nation in May 14,1948. 
The same sign when Mother Mary, first appeared to the three children at, Fatima, on May 13, 1917.  Perhaps by focusing
on an astrological sign, Nostradamus, was predicting a change of Ages as instigated by a, Female Deity, on ...?
Well, anyway you look at it, it has to connect with a bona fide Fatima day or a projected one.

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Re: Right or wrong, I've made my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
« Reply #74 on: December 17, 2019, 11:33:28 PM »
I don't really believe in the lost book,but lets take plate 45?

Almost the same as how George W Bush is listed in the quatrains....lets start with the SON,not sun! GEORGE W BUSH...the three plants are the three attacks on 911,and the snake is a Muslim because of the crescent  moon,and the four plants at the bottom are decades starting in 2001,because i know how the quatrains are dated?...i know the USA gets hit in the spring of 2046.

The 8 pointed star symbolizes hope and guidance,but i don't believe the book unless there's a dating system,or maybe it goes with the quatrains as long as you know how they are dated..I do!

911 was start of something really bad,but i already knew that!

Notice the first plant at the bottom is lined up with the wheat (911-2001) the third one is lined up with the Muslim...this is key,because this guy was born September 1999,and we will know this person by 2035,and look at the black scorched earth under the 4th plant (2046),because the USA is going to get hammered so bad that German army will lead the world out of WWIII..NOT THE USA!

Also look at the tail of the snake? starts a little before 2001,and that is a fact....the first Trade center bombing!,and the The 8 pointed star (symbolizes hope and guidance) is right over the second plant,and that could be the point of no return,or something i cannot post,and should not post!.. 

You do understand your imagination can run wild with these drawings.....

Plants time line maybe?(01-10)(11-20)(21-30)(31-40)   wow? we are fixing to leave the 2nd plant,so the star could be obama (hope and change),and that scorched earth stretches all the way to the third plant,and gets way bigger in the 40's just like i said we are about to see wild stuff in the next ten years...maybe even see a limited nuke exchange..

stuff happens before the first plant,and after the 4th plant.....

Let's tell the truth..BUSH AND OBAMA created a HELLISH future for the need to list anymore Presidents in this little slide,because no other President can fix the shit those two started.

Let me tell you what I know from the Quatrains...The USA seems to want to create a superpower in the middle east(somebody the USA can control) to control the worlds oil..Under W Bush we saw the elimination of Iraq,Under Obama we saw the Arab Spring...Iran and Syria have to go between 2021-2030 so they can make Saudi Arabia a full blown super Power and keep the Russians and Chinese out....That big serpent head is a Muslim super power rising that should happen 21-30 on schedule,by the mid 1940's they are tired of their masters the USA,and we get the shit kicked out of us...WITH THE WEAPONS WE GIVE THEM!...I knew all this before i saw the picture...this just confirms it!

The sword seem to start right about 2011...(Bin Laden died May 2011) and the point of it lands i wanna say between 2021-2024...and right at the start of the scorched earth...Too creepy!  the star(obama) and the sword seem to go together as if the killing of bin laden will not be forgotten!

One last thing..The coiled part of the snake seems to be in line with a touch of scorched earth,and that seems to be 2019-2020 "right now"...My fear is that is TRUMP,and that fits with what his quatrain says!

I just noticed the  HILT ends(or guard) of the sword are lined up at 2016 and 2020....that really fits with what  Trump and Warrens quatrains say....Trump quatrain literally says terrorist are gonna get him..Just doesn't say when....why do you think i cannot post TRUMPS quatrain?...Warrens quatrain has similar stuff in it!...We just killed an ises leader,so that may come back to haunt TRUMP.....Just curious? who is that in the middle between TRUMP and WARREN?...PENCE?...get the feeling Pence will knock the shit out of somebody should he become President!

Cant make this shit up..The Australian three PENCE literally has a sword guard(Hilt) on it..

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