Author Topic: A way to find the right order of the predictions  (Read 6355 times)


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A way to find the right order of the predictions
« on: September 20, 2015, 05:43:49 AM »
My name is ad van der Pennen, and I am born in the Netherlands, and I live in the Philipinas since 1991.
In the 1980ths I did read a lot about Nostradamus, and only  recently  I started with reading again on internet.

I know from history that it was areal threat to him, when after publishing his book, that it was considered to be witchcraft . you got first arrested and tortured, and when you survived that you was considered to be a witch, and burned to death.

When I was studying Daniel 12 (you must read the Knox version) I read that he was ordered by God to seal or lock up the revelation.
You cannot do that by changing the sentences but you can do that by changing the order of sentences.
The idea came to me that Nostradamus had first written every prediction in the right order, then cut them out and mixed them, and then pasted them together as he found them.
Since he predicted that the right order would be found and revealed , then there must be a way to find that out.
My best guess is, that he started every prediction with a word or words according to a chapter of a favorite book.
Maybe has given a clue for that , if not , then the Bible was a book at that time that you could posses without fear.
Manual would that be a long and difficult work , but with a computer would that be easy .
You only need the original text and the book (bible?) of his time.
I am sure that when you search for it you will find the order.
Nostradamus was not only intelligent, but also smart