Author Topic: The new city of Nostradamus in 5 quatrains: part 5 of 5  (Read 5245 times)


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The new city of Nostradamus in 5 quatrains: part 5 of 5
« on: October 19, 2013, 03:50:48 PM »

As mentioned in part 1 of 5 Nostradamus wrote 5 quatrains about the new city, and he either wrote "the" new city or "new city" but never "a" new city. To me it's obvious that all 5 quatrains are about one and the same new city. I believe 1 of these 5 has already come true and 3 are still to come. 1 remains a bit of a mystery.

Herewith the mysterious quatrain: Century 9 Quatrain 92:

Le Roy voudra dans cité neufve entrer
Par ennemis expugner l'on viendra
Captif libere faulx dire & perpetrer ,
Roy dehors eƒtre , loin d'ennemis tiendra

I think weird sentences, even in French, but in the past a King of all Utah Nations existed who did indeed visit Salt Lake city. There is simply not sufficient history data available of what truly happened.

Quote I once found on the net:

inauthor:"Edward William Tullidge" In a letter 5th of Sept 1848 of Parley P. Pratt to his brother Orson in England: A few weeks since The Chief of Utah Mr Joseph Walker, mentioned in the journey of Colonel Fremont, visited Salt Lake City accompanied by Soweite, the king of the whole Utah Nations…..