Author Topic: The new city of Nostradamus in 5 quatrains: Part 2 of 5  (Read 6522 times)


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The new city of Nostradamus in 5 quatrains: Part 2 of 5
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:06:15 PM »

As mentioned in part 1 of 5 Nostradamus wrote 5 quatrains about the new city, and he either wrote "the" new city or "new city" but never "a" new city. To me it's obvious that all 5 quatrains are about one and the same new city. I believe 1 of these 5 has already come true and 3 are still to come. 1 remains a bit of a mystery.

Herewith my interpretation of a quatrain that is still to come:

Century 10 Quatrain 49 French text (2 versions)

Jardin du monde aupres de cité neufve ,
Dans le chemin des montagnes cavées ,
Sera ƒaiƒi & plongé dans la cuve ,
Beuvant par force eaux ƒoulphre envenimées

Iardin du monde aupres de cité neufue
Dans le chemin des montagnes cauées
Sera saisi & plongé dans la cuue
Beuuant par force eaux soulphre enuenimées

English text literal

The 1. garden 2. wildpark of the world near (the) new city
In the path of the hollowed mountains
Will be grabbed and plunged into the tub
Drinking by force water poisoned with sulfur

Jardin = garden
Iardin = wildpark

Yellowstone park in USA became the world’s first National park in 1872 and is a wild park
Yellowstone park USA is in the path of the Rocky Mountains
Yellowstone park USA is a big super volcano crater with lots of water underneath so is definitely hanging in a tub
The whole park will collapse and sink. The water is poisoned by volcano sulfur
The park is near the new city. Salt Lake City is the nearest big city to Yellowstone super volcano
Yellowstone supervolcano erupts once every 600.000 years and last eruption was 640.000 years ago so 40.000 years overdue already