Author Topic: The new city of Nostradumus in 5 quatrains: part 1 of 5  (Read 6505 times)


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The new city of Nostradumus in 5 quatrains: part 1 of 5
« on: October 19, 2013, 08:52:37 AM »
Hi all,

Nostradamus wrote 5 quatrains about the new city.
In all of the quatrains it says "the" new city or "new city", but never "a" city.
Phraseology reveals that it is concerned one and the same new city in all of the quatrains.
I think 1 has already come true, 3 still to come and 1 "could be".

The one already come true: Century I Quatrain 24:


A Cit neufue penif pour condamner ,
L'oyel de proye au ciel , e vient offrir
Apres victoire captifs pardonner ,
Cremone et Mantoue grands maux aura ouffir.

At new city absent for condemning
The birds of prey in the sky will come to offer
After victory captives to forgive
Cremona and Mantoua great pains to suffer

The topic of this quatrain is famine. The new city is Salt Lake City USA. In 1948 in Salt Lake City the harvest is being eaten by crickets. Then seagulls come from the sky to save the harvest by eating the crickets. A famine was prevented.
Salt Lake City is full of statues of the seagull. Northern Italy however has known many wars, famine, pestilences.