Author Topic: Will bush Resign??  (Read 6614 times)


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Will bush Resign??
« on: July 03, 2007, 10:45:29 AM »
As of last week he has been using his Executive powers already. Whats to stop this man, if he is practicing his SUPREME ways...........

BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH is a ****ing idiot. A ****ing complete genius but a ****ing complete idiot. You cant Fool a nation, And you cant fool me.

the second question is.. "Is war necessary? OF COURSE ITS NOT. some say (We need our wars)
Its an understatement. People Value there selfishness more than love, they dont see it of course but they feel it, its destroying EVERYBODY from the roots it is caused.

Leaders need to be more creative, Leaders need to be more caring and understanding. Leaders are the people who are to protect and make happiness out of the people to bring comfort and joy!! To surround everyone as a whole.

Thou shall not KILL. Even the smallest or biggest of creatures.

Its like... you put soo much hatred into a pot, and sooner or later its going to explode!

But you know.. i knew this shmuck, Mr Bush was to come into power.. And i knew that Terrorism would be on a whole new level. But you know.. You finally Killed SADAM great job America. Great job. No one is making peace anymore, No one is out there to lead it. Let Iraq Prosper.
We are soo terribly selfish. within a hundred years people own like how many vehicles??? how many motor homes, Selfish selfish SELFISH.
WERE ALL SELFISH, Even I feel Ashamed.