Author Topic: Quatrain IV-77 bad translation  (Read 4073 times)


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Quatrain IV-77 bad translation
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:17:20 AM »
This is the french and english version of quatrain IV-77

Selin maonarque, l'Italie pacifique,
Regnes vnis Roy chrestien du monde :
Mourant voudra coucher en terre belsique
Apres pyrates auoir chassť de l'onde.

Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
Realms united by the Christian King of the World:
Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
After having chased the pirates from the sea.

Terre belsique should obviously be translated as belgian soil. Which really means that chyren would not come from France but from Belgium. The 'fleur de lys' which is the symbol of french royalty is also the symbol of Brussels Region.