Author Topic: Century II Quatrain X-Suggesting the start of the infamous New World Order  (Read 4637 times)


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Before long all will be set in order,
We will expect a very sinister century,
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed,
Few will be found who want to be in their place.

Think of the 'order' in line 1 as the New World Order than some fear will signal a global non-democratic government. When 9/11 happened, there were some who were saying, "Uh oh, it wont be long before we get a NEW WORLD ORDER, and we can sure expect a sinister century (wink, wink) and things will be much changed (wink, wink). And many people didn't want to be in their place (wink, wink) because they were willing to give up liberty for security.


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     "Mars and The Scepter will be in conjunction:
      A calamitous war under cancer:
      A short time afterwards a new king will be anointed
      Who will bring peace to Earth for a long time."

     Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) was chosen by the Gods to live two destinies
     They have created.  These two destinies are:
          1. Mars - the Adolf Hitler destiny ("A calamitous war under Cancer")
          2. The Scepter - "A short time afterward, a new king will be anointed who will bring peace to Earth
                                    for a long time".

    Needless to say Adolf Hitler and Germany are not the authors of World War II. The Gods authored World War II because They are the ones who created the Adolf Hitler destiny (Mars). This email is the fulfillment of quatrain 91, century I:
       "The Gods will make it appear to mankind
        That They are the authors of a great war."

                                                                 by: Arnold Mollaneda Jr.
                                                                        (The Scepter)