Author Topic: My thoughts on the Lost Book Message within just the watercolors.  (Read 3738 times)

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Instead of water colors I am using the art of origami to frame time exponentially on three axises working instantainiously making universal balance between was and is compounding now here as always been done and will continue regardless what humanity defines being human could be.

I used 6 colors making 12 shapes where only 1o are in plain sight.
Only the second red identitical to the top and the opposite side of the center shape.

Now thye top red one is the same as the thank you post in general discussion, 6 degrees of right angle expansion framed by 8 contracting triangulating forces that make everything self evident, self contained, and self maintaining as describe by history so far and every male and female lifetime that existed exactly as conceived by the universal process still working the same way.

Simple compounding interest is the most powerful physical force in the universe as it is the core that has produced everything exactly as it was and is continuing to be here now.

Beware the predator so bold to feed from it's own kind for real or metaphorically as those that do must prepare to be the meal of their next preyed upon.