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[The Ten Rules:

     1. Do not harm others thru words, actions and thru occult practices.
     2. Do not lie, gossip, insult and backbite others.
     3. Do not use, cheat and take advantage of others.
     4. Do not hate, mistreat or kill another person.
     5. Do not covet or steal another person's property.
     6. Do not  molest or rape another person.
     7. Help those who are poor and who are in need.
                 Help and do not despise the beggars, prostitutes and insane persons.
     8. Practice meditation and if you have past painful experiences, undergo Primal Therapy.
     9. Be contented in life. Do not smoke cigarettes, do not drink beer and liquor and do not take drugs.
                 Do not commit immoral sex acts.
    10. Seek the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) or Enlightenment (Luke 17:20-21).

                                                     by:   John Henry ( Arnold Mollaneda Jr. )



   1.  Man must NOT bow down and must NOT pray to statues & figurines.
   2.  Same-sex marriage is NOT allowed by God.
   3.  Politicians & government officials must not steal.
   4.  Men & women must not prostitute themselves.
   5.  Man must NOT laugh at and despise ( contempt ) others.

If mankind will not obey my teachings & rules, God the Father will send
                 storm after storm, earthquakes, tsunamis, heatwaves, coldwaves,
                 diseases & volcanic eruptions.