Author Topic: Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris will be a future President who will be first?  (Read 46169 times)

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Century 4-64 (Reverse Year) Donald Trump  Jun 14, 1946    (We are only on Line one for Trump)

The failure,in a Bourgeois habit  (Bourgeois is a middle class property owner)
They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense
Fifteen soldiers the most part ostagois  (Iranians?)  War-Like terrorrist
Last shall be his life and the best part of his estate

I thought line 1-2 were over,but these fools are really gonna have a trial "AFTER" he is out of office,but of course something else can happen(Like on the 20th) that they blame him for,or he can say something that makes Republican really impeach him...The Democrats as ridiculous as this is? are gonna put on a big show,but it's the last two lines here that worry me...This stupid stuff can put him in harms way...These people (Including Republican leaders) do not want him to run again,and that is all this stuff is about!

There's a danger in this shit nobody seems to care about..If something happens to Trump while the media is demonizing him?,What happens after?...Payback?,and i wonder who that would be?


Just so you know..Century 1-10 is March-December just like the old Roman Calendar ..Century 4 is June,Nostradamus just reversed his year of birth...The last President on a reverse date was George H. Bush,June 12th birth  Century  4-21,and this is also the last President to lose re-election....I knew Trump would probably not win re-election,and i said so many time in this forum.

Century 4-46 is really Donald J Trump,and i did not write what it says,but it's clearly coming true...I'm glad Trump lost,because there is an event coming in 2024 that may kill 4000 or more people in a way we have not seen since  World War 1....I know where and when,and i cannot save anybody because nobody believes this stuff...OH WELL!

I told Alex Jones not to go to Washington DC,they are blaming him for January 6th..I cannot believe he has not been raided,because nobody is going to come to his defense in the media...Those morons in Washington DC are like the freaking Wizard Of Oz..Dude? They just impeached the President for having a freaking Rally, they had ANTIFA morons and some kinda secret team breach the Capital (They were let in) steal lap-tops,a Capital police captain committed suicide (Or did he?) and Kamala Harris seems to be the freaking star of it all.....

Kamala Harris Born October 20   SHE WILL BE A PRESIDENT!

Quatrain 8-20

The false message by rigged election
Running through the fractured city, passionate arrest   (DC Rally 5-6 Jan,or even 20 Jan)
Voices stopped, a holy chapel of blood,   Capital?
And the empire is constrained to another

Do not go out in the street and get caught up in this stuff...If i can save one person here?..Just one!

I use HENRY C ROBERTS Translations from 1948,because he doesn't change words like modern translators do,but? there are still a lot of errors in his...DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE CRAP ONLINE!

UPDATE JAN 17,2021

Mitch McConnell is planning on instructing the Republicans to Impeach Trump,and now we understand why there are 30,000+ troops moved to the Capitol..

"They shall come to try the KING concerning his offense"....It's all about making sure he does not run again,but it will get him killed!

The Neocons are planning a Summertime 2024 event to help them get elected...IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK!.....KAMALA HARRIS WILL BE RE-ELECTED!..Nostradamus is way ahead of you dummy's!
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