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Doom and Gloom Century 9-44
« on: December 12, 2020, 09:25:39 AM »
Century 9-44
Leave,leave,go fourth out of Washington DC, all     (Geneva is an anagram for Virginia,home of George Washington,confirmed in Andrew Johnsons Quatrain 10-92)
Saturn of gold,shall be changed into iron
The contrary of the positive ray shall  exterminate all
Before it happens,the heavens shall show signs

This one is interesting because i have an almost confirmed springtime attack on DC in the near future 20-30 years,and this could very well be the same event if this is a persons birth..The 44 doesn't work for a person(too old),but the hidden dating method (not telling,but some of you probably know by now) does tell me a date to watch for,and if this is a person? it will most likely be a President...Here's the alarming part...I stumbled upon a very young congressman born in the 80's,who is making a name for himself now...He nailed the date i was looking for!

I still believe this attack will be in the spring of 2046 right after a coup in the middle east on the heels of a bright Comet,and the last line here may also refer to a Comet in the heavens,and you just got to remember? We are gonna get the crap knocked out of us,and the kids born now are gonna spearhead the war effort,and what do you know?....The baby boom about to hit us now coming out of COVID will be the biggest in history...Just in time for a future war that we must win..Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?

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