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September 11th
« on: July 27, 2010, 11:59:53 PM »
I happened to see a documentary on Nostradamus recently and, becoming interested, I searched in the web and found this forum. I felt obliged to write down my experience.
In Greece, 2000, the bourse was going very high. It was in Spring that a friend of mine told me that  she was going to sell all her shares because, according to Nostradamus prediction, a great disastar would happen that would influence world economy, and, according to the "coordinates" (it was her word) this disaster would take place in New York. She intented to buy gold with her money, the most safe precious thing in periods of crisis. Of course I ridiculed her fears. Everybody borrowed money at that time to buy shares, and it was foolish to sell all your shares at this moment to buy gold. You can imagine my amazement when the disaster in the twin towers happend only a few months later.