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A new religion
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:31:35 AM »
Regarding I.50 and especially X.71 the thursday will be the holy day of the week. Currently I don't know any religion, where the thursday is used. The best explanation for me is, that the thursday will be the "holy" day of a new religion that comes in the future.

Also in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation two animals are mentioned (from the earth and from the sea). Of course, the Relevation can be interpreted very well as timeless, but there is no reason to interprete it only timeless. While the animal from the sea (later on: false prophet) can be seen as islam, the second animal from the earth (symbol of the animal; number 666) may also be a religion, that does not yet exist.

I am pretty sure, that 6.66 directly belongs to the new religion. The first line of VI.66 is "During the foundation of the new secte". Although "secte" in general may also mean a (little) political party, it can also mean a religion. However, also the connection of VI.66 to III.65 (both with "grand Romain" = ?Nero? Nero was also associated with 666 in former times) does not really help for further investigation, although it is a horrible prediction.

With a new religion a new calculation of times may come up, too. During the french revolution (let's call it an "atheistic religion") this was also done; year 1792 = year 1. Maybe this calculation of times will be re-used, or a complete new calculation of times will come up with the new religion. Because the new religion will be overtaken, a lot of years that are mentioned may be the real years (e.g. VI.2: years 580 and 703).

III.95 says, that the islamic law will be "replaced" by another more seductive law, and that the Ukrainian (Dnjepr) will fall to this law at first. But for this I am not sure about my translation and interpretation. On the o
ther hand after 73 years of communism there are a lot of atheists. And maybe the new religion is not far away fr
om atheism. The symbol of the animal may mean, that mankind will be seen as animal-like only. If the biology of
human beings is understood completely (and an animal can be manipulated in a way, that it can speak as said in III.44 and in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation), then there is no open question any more for the members of the new religion.

A new and very successful religion will be a most important event. It may be related to (or the same as) the great flood, that is mentioned several times. And while hadrie (= Hitler) is mentioned 5 times in the centuries, the name "chiren/chyren" is mentioned 6 times. Two times (VI.27 and VIII.54) "chiren selin" is mentioned. And "selin" can be found 8 times. Are other names mentioned more often? But unfortunally the picture is not really clear
 for me.