Author Topic: Mabus its not the Antichrist  (Read 5789 times)


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Mabus its not the Antichrist
« on: April 10, 2010, 09:24:01 PM »
If we read carefully the Quatrain 62 of the 2 Century and all the others Quatrains refering to the Third Antichrist we will see, that Mabus is only the beginner of the appeareance of the real Antichrist.
MABUS SOON WILL DIE,, its said in the famous Quatrain 62, so if Mabus is the antichrist, and he will soon die, what about the wars and calamities that the antichrist will supose starts whe he will have the power,,, So we must take the phrase as it means,,, IT all begin when the person named MABUS DIES,, we have a Mabus in the US secretary of the NAVY right now, he is not the antichrist but i think if he dies, we will see the antichrist, because he will appear right after his dead. He is new in that position of secretary of the navy (since 2008),, Soon .
So tell me what you think.