Author Topic: Nostradamus documented the 911 American attack  (Read 9474 times)


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Nostradamus documented the 911 American attack
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:25:35 PM »
The Australian Time Detective, Ronald Pegg found that Nostradamus documented the September 11 2001 American World Trade Centre attack.

Besides the commonly known four lined Quatrains, Nostradamus in the mid 1500s in France wrote another series called the Presages. By the chronology of other associated events discovered by Ronald Pegg in Presages 69 to 72, the relative month and year for Presage 73 is September 2001 - but this knowledge is not required to locate the following described historical event.

Unless indicated otherwise, the English translations for these Presages are from Peter LeMesurier's book The Nostradamus Encyclopedia (Thorsons, London, 1997) page 247.

* Presage 73, lines 3 & 4. English translation from The Nostradamus Code (Ottavio C. Ramotti, Destiny Books, 1998).

Here are extracted relative sentences that reveal a modern historical event - plus Pegg’s Commentary:.

Presage 71
"Conflicts continue worse than ever, and even a pause in hostilities is of no significance, merely allowing plots to be hatched."

A French word in line 1 of this Presage is "trouble" and another in line 3 is "un double" (not shown here). This is one of the rhyming verse associations that Nostradamus employed. This gives the idea of trouble with "twins" or with "two" things that are the same.

Presage 72
"An ominous and unbelievable uprising by 'firebrands' results in their death."

Synonyms of 'firebrands' are given as "flame, and flare".
The "their" refers to the "double" (two things) from the previous Presage.
This verse describes the cause and effect of an event associated with those two things.

Presage 73 (lines 3 & 4*)
"They will soon enough find a new way to spill blood, by the fire of aircraft".   

The "they" refers to the people who were 'hatching plots' in 71. 
A "new way to spill blood, by the fire of aircraft" = the deaths produced by the subsequent fires of an aircraft crash [such as when an aircraft is turned into a weapon of mass destruction].

Two aircraft crashed into the WTC Towers in New York
Nostradamus in the mid 1500s documented this historical event.

Presages 71 - 73    (paraphrased, in English, after decoding)
"After hatching a plot, 'two things' (involving 'flaring flames') are in 'trouble' and are 'killed' by 'the fire of aircraft'."

Pegg comes to the conclusion that the event on September 11 2001 is an exact match to this described event.
Both towers of the WTC collapsed because of the fires.

CONCLUSION based upon descriptions in Presages:
Ronald Pegg found where Nostradamus documented the series of events surrounding the American 2001 World Trade Centre attacks.

A full explanation of Presages 69 to 74 and how they exactly date and describe these events are included in Pegg’s report retitled Nostradamus Unsealed (PPHC, 2006)


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Re: Nostradamus documented the 911 American attack
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 03:14:08 PM »
Just to give a more literal explanation probably the closest to original intent:
P69. Moved by Lyon, 2 near Lyon2 he will undermine, Taken, captive, pacified by a woman: t He will not hold as well as they will hesitate, Placed unpassed, to remove the soul from rage.
2 Or the Lion.
P69. Emu de LOIN 2, de LOIN 2 près minera, Pris, captive, pacifié par femme: Tant ne tiendra comme on barguignera, Mis non passés, ôter de rage l'âme.
2 LOIN = Capitals probably indicate anagram for Lion or Lyon.

P70. From Lyon 2 he will come to arouse to move, Vain discovery against infinite people: Known by none the evil for duty, In the kitchen found dead and finished.
2 Or the Lion.
P70. De LOIN 2 viendra susciter pour mouvoir, Vain découvert contre peuple infini: De nul connu le mal pour le devoir, En la cuisine trouvé mort et fini.
2 LOIN = Capitals probably indicate anagram for Lion or Lyon.

P71. Nothing in accord, trouble worse and more severe, As it was, land and sea to quiet: All stopped it will not be worth a double, The wicked one will speak, Counsel of destruction.
P71. Rien d'accordé, pire plus fort et trouble, Com ne il était, terre et mer tranquiller: 3 Tout arrêté ne vaudra pas un double, Dira l'inique, Conseil d'anichiler 4.
3 tranquiller = OF: tranquiller, to quiet (Gdy). '
4 anichiler = OF: anichiler, to ruin, destroy

P72. Portentous deed, horrible and unbelievable, The Bold One will cause the wicked ones to be stirred up: Those who then afterwards supported by the rope, And the greater part exiled on the fields.
P72. Portenteux 5 fait, horrible et incroyable, Typhon 6 fera émouvoir les méchants: Qui puis après soutenus par le cable, Et la plupart exilés sur les champs.
5 portenteux = Latin portentosus, portentous.
6 Typhon = OF: typhon rash, bold.

73. Right enthroned come from the sky into France, The Universe pacified by Virtue: Wiser to scatter 3 sooner change to come, For 4 the birds, for 4 fire, and not for 4 men 5 .
3 Or possibly Blood to be shed (see note 7, opposite).
4 Or through.
5 Uncertain. See note 8, below.
P73. Droit mis au trône du ciel venu en France, Pacifié par Vertu l'Univers: Plus sage7 épandre, bien tôt tourner change, Par les oiseaux, par feu, et non par vers 8.
7 sage = Le Pelletier thinks this an erratum for sang.
8 vers= Dubious. Possibly from Latin vir, man.
April. May. June. July.
P74. The colored ones, the discontented Holy Ones, Then suddenly through the gay Hermaphrodites OF: the greater part to see, the time not come, Several amongst them will make their soups weak.
 P74. Les colores, les Sacres malcontents, Puis tout à coup par Androgynes allègres: , De la plupart voir, non venu le temps, Plusieurs d'entre eux feront leur soupes maigres.
Janvier. Février. Mars. Avril. Mai. Juin. Juillet. Août. Septembre. Octobre.
Novembre. Décembre.
Sur 7a dite année.