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DOOPArts : documented-out-of-place-artifacts
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:13:58 PM »
On 2nd April 2009 after a decade of study and investigation, I coined the new term DOOPArt, being an acronym for documented-out-of-place artifact.

This is where documented accounts from ancient myths, stories, and texts reveal where ancient people describe the contents of an oopart in their own words and/or depict the oopart itself - which they apparently saw and/or held in their own hands.

A DOOPArt is where the description and contents of a modern technological object have been found in very unusual or seemingly impossible contexts, such as being depicted in hieroglyphs or documented in ancient myths and legends as well as what are now known as religious texts.

But unlike the discovery of an out-of-place artifact during an archaeological dig, in these DOOPArt cases, only the documented descriptions of the oopart encounter have been discovered - and not the oopart itself.

More importantly, unlike the oopart cases which deem the ancient cultures themselves as having technology equal to or more advanced than our current level, a DOOPArt specifically describes certain mid 1995 technology, that has somehow been seen operating in the past.

Comprehensive details at World Breaking Discoveries presents DOOPArts