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They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves to a depravity of mind in practicing all kinds of evil witchcraft and sorceries.   >:( :(

Fee on Board.  For the wages of sin is given death, the wise manager of the talents given by the Grace of God wells up to treasures that remain.  Double entry accounting system for the balance of weighed in the scales to make the necessary entries to even things out.  The rich man has temples and prophesies of Moses through John the Apostle, but does not lift a finger to help the sick and the poor man outside where even the sorcerers and wiches and sexually immoral people; the dogs; would have mercy on him and console him by licking the sores on his body.

Double edged sword; sharp and dividing between soul and spirit (for even the demon controlled) as Jesus demonstrated that they were those who had entered The Kingdom ahead of the so called religious people in charge of the churches or temples.  For they would that feed themselves only to exclude others of lower 'esteem' to look down on them as though they were superior to The One who made all peoples.

The Shepherds are Prophesied concerning regarding the time coming whereby the sheep of their pasture are taken and are no more at Martyrdom of the false prophet via Judea and the 10 leaders who arise to trample down the whole earth.  They will weep and mourn over these things, terrified. 

The time period coming of the rebuilding of The Temple of God at Jerusalem in accordance with the prophetic calendar given through Moses of the double new moon feasts for two years (peace) when the comet will run as Nostradamus Prophesied.  The year of the Jubilee must be examined, as well, for the Sabbath year of freedom for those who were enslaved at excessive loans financially among the brethern.  The year of the beginning of the fifth world of the end of the priest calendar given the Maya corresponds with the events leading up to the Double edged New Moon Sabbath years of 2014 and 2015 on the calendar when a parial eclipse of the sun will be viewed with respect to ones location on earth; over the city Yerushaylim.  The necessary preparations for The Temple have long awaited these things coming soon.

We have been given freedom on board of Christ unto counting costs to carry cross and deny self and detest the sinful nature of the inner man desires of the lusts of the heart of the darkness of the face of the deep as written, where The Spirit of God hovers or broods over.  The Spirit will not contend with us forever, our days are numbered at His Hand.  This world where The Dragon deceiver and tempter is not bound is the wicked and unbelieving generation Spoken of Through Christ until The Coming of The Messiah and The Dragon is bound.