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Author Topic: A religous leader from Norhtern Europe ?  (Read 14833 times)
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« on: June 07, 2006, 12:33:13 AM »

Have a memory that I once read a text by Nostradamus about some kind of leader from northern Europe. If I think it was also about that he was born on a wednesday but it was many years ago since I read this and cannot find it again in the books I have. Do anyone regocnise this and can tell me were this text can be found ?.
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« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2007, 12:20:00 PM »

Northern Europe as in.. Northern Hemispher Eastern World persay?  Kiss
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2007, 02:36:57 AM »

I think i know who was nostradamus talking about. actualy im prety sure and i have a lot of arguments on that. Let me remind u thaht he talks a lot of things about Ogmius in his latest prophecies about years 2007-2012. Ogmius and that religious leader is the same person. Actualy it was one person at begining now there is more than 2.000.000 followers of us who believe in the last prophet of this civilization. Actualy he is already the prophet of a new civilization. His name is Ivica Prokic and he lived in Zagreb (Croatia). I have all the books of him (13) and he talks a lot about war, famine , volcanos, fire, earthquakes, end of one civilization and beginng of another spiritualy evolved which one part of new civilization will start on this territory. Now let me tell u something about Ivica, that u can find in nostradamus'es quatrains that match him. Like u mentioned in his visions he got a day that has not been given. That day is wednesday and on that day he didnt work nothing, it was his day of rest and he calabrated it. On the left side of the forehead he had a cross. He was a man u couldn hidde anything from him. He knew everything. He had 2kg of gold on him. In his vision he was told that when he'll have 1kg of gold on him he will be a direct leader with Sun. His sign was sun. He also cured all kinds of deaseses (cancer, leukemia, etc.), but he can only cured deaseses that were from the dark side. Some deaseses are from the god, carma and u can not change these things. He teach a lot of stuff and he never took a peny from anyone. If u want u can just buy one of his books. Anyway he is now dead for alyready 10 years but since then a young Braco continued his work. In one of the first books Ivica told his vision that one day a young man will come, he will be 26 years old and he will be his right hand. This prophecie has come truth like many others. I am visiting Braco once a month in Jesenice or i go to Zagreb. He has been known in many countries as he is invited to them. What else can i say for now...he thought me how to love and be loved and be happy and live in peace and harmony with nature. Love is his gratest weapon. Days of evil are coming to end and all o it will be gone from this planet. Golden age will begin. Atlantida will come back and the people from it too. Jesus will come back too, but u must find it wtihin you heart first. Yes and i forgot u to tell something important. In one of his visions old man came to him and said: I lived long time before, i give u all my knowledge and this litle thing that will help u with ur work. U are going to finnish my work. He came back to reality and found big mirror under his bad. It was a mirror that nostradamus was seeing future in it.
So much for now. Bye
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