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I have proof God exists
« on: May 15, 2008, 03:16:29 PM »
I have had dreams all my life, strange dreams that until recently have been a mystery.
I believe that I am the Ogmios that Nostradamus talks about. My family origins are French. I am an ex-Qantas Ground engineer, production planner, and have an IQ of 148(genius). I mention these things not to brag, but as supporting evidence to me being the "Ogmios" of Nostradamus. I have written a blogg and in it I talk of a dream that became a reality, and I show evidence; that has been concealed, of the existance of God!
My blog address is
Have a look and read what I have to say. I have just completed a book revealing other truths and more evidence
that proves God is real and exists.  I show mankind how to simply remove evil from their lives as this is how we can easily defeat the anti-christ. My book now available through item number 2725196  hard copy or e-book, I hope all enjoy and benefit from what is written.
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It is no longer a matter of having faith in God, but a Fact that God exists!


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Re: I have proof God exists
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2008, 07:41:54 AM »
The anti christ is doing and there is nopthing anyone can do about it, he will come and he WILL destroy the world. I have had similar visions and those with a strong faith recieve them constantly. I believe that Nostradamus was wrong in his predictions pertaining to time, i belive that it is true that mabus will destroy the world and that it will end in 2012. one thing that is probably true is that Mabus will destroy the earth, it will happen just like revalation says it will, i believe majority of religions are tied together, like christianity, nordic, etc...
On the seventh dawn of the seventh day, the twice blessed man will roam the fields. Doomed to the shadows with his bretheren, a savior to all who walk the ground.