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As i learn his dating system? I find more stuff
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I was wrong about Kamala being a 7 month President maybe,because i found Garfield,and then i solved another Quatrain with the same numbers puzzle...Bill Clintons Quatrain matrix features Hillary,Linda Tripp and Jimmy Savile which he named in the last line (All of the people mentioned in the Quatrain text)

Finding the Beatles was fun,and I'm betting all four Beatles dates of death are in the matrix,and 10-72 is 911 ONE BILLION %%%%% The planning started in September 1999.

I wish one day to tell everybody what I know!

I can tell you that 2022 is a big Quatrain year....Biden July 9,13,14,22 any year,or July 9,13,14, 2022

I don't know what's going to happen,but I'm going to guess the Democratic Party removes him from office making Kamala President.

I also now believe Trump will be the 45th and the 48th President,and Mike Pence will be the 49th President...Which means Kamala Harris will lose the 2024 election even if it came down to a judge flipping a coin in some contested election..Trump will win no matter what has to happen!

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