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 on: December 16, 2014, 12:57:36 PM 
Started by nosty - Last post by jasoniq
WW3 has been well older way. We are nearing the fall of our civilization. Flood, drought, famine. Man will become man eater himself.
The end to our food supply nears.

 on: December 12, 2014, 04:57:31 AM 
Started by Edward Palamar - Last post by Edward Palamar
The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt.
An evil deed, foretold by the bearer of a petition.
According to the prediction another falls at night time. (also rendered : another falls at night, according to prediction)
Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

1st strike north on 202 above Norristown, PA (AM). 2nd at M33, Chester County Prison (PM).

Pulling into the parking lot north of Norristown, we had traveled past if, and "U"ied (u-turn) back.  Dave had said something like 'oh, looks like you're off the hook' as we went by.  (I knew nothing of what was about to occur.)  When I got onto a table, I was secured down, John, Jr. was bobbing very happily just before the shock went thru me.  I felt totally betrayed/pained.  In the evening, just before the second shot, David 'reminds' (I was still incoherent from the first electrocution jolt) me that no matter what, this isn't murder.  Then John, Jr. dislocated my left shoulder.  Then the shock and my my heart stopped.  David said to John, Jr. concerning the dislocation, "Why did you do that?"  John, Jr., though, said nothing in reply (or perhaps, it was, 'I want him to remember who we are'). Then David, finally seeing the effect of the shock as the death it brings began saying, "Eddie, Eddie, breathe, breathe."  I saw on the ceiling (indoors) as if I was outside (stars on a midnight blue firmament) and I heard someone say, "What did he do now?"

This is why I : 4 fits here (live a short life), as my heart stopped when I was only ten years of age.  (though it was the third time I had turned ten [cf. Catholic Catechism, § 783-786])

 on: November 25, 2014, 11:11:43 PM 
Started by cusack5239 - Last post by cusack5239
The next big event will take plave on Dec 5, 2014. After that is February 25, 2014 at 3:00PM

For the mathematics behind it go to my blog on Astrotheology: the missing link Cusack's Model of the universe.

 on: November 25, 2014, 01:53:22 PM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by batman624
everyone can be like Jesus and Buddha, everyone can attain perfection/kingdom of God.
Jesus said "Be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect". you can not understand Jesus'
teachings because you are a dogmatic person. Jesus and Buddha were spiritual persons.

 on: November 25, 2014, 01:47:48 PM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by batman624
Cusack, who said i'm threatening you? i don't hate you.

i think you are in the wrong path because you believe you are
the Great Monarch predicted by the saints and your cousin is the Great Pope predicted
by the same saints.

 on: November 25, 2014, 06:10:53 AM 
Started by Edward Palamar - Last post by Edward Palamar
The book, Centuries, by Michel de Nostradame, includes his preaching (Gospel).

Par les Phisiques le grand Roy delaissé,
Par sort non art de l'Ebrieu est en vie,
Luy & son genre au regne haut poussé,
Grace donnee à gent qui Christ enuie.

The great King abandoned by the Physicians,
By fate not the Jew's art he remains alive,
He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,
Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.

 on: November 25, 2014, 05:44:18 AM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by Edward Palamar
At some time, batman and cusack, you ought to consider cleaning and/or removing your posts not germain to the quatrains.

 on: November 24, 2014, 09:39:33 PM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by cusack5239
The Word of God the Bible tells us that in the Last days, even some of God's chosen one's will be fooled. I'm not one of them. Its an insult to equate Buddha and Jesus and you as God supposedly. Its offensive to Christians. Have respect for the true God. Respect christian beliefs. If you come to Christian countries, don't impose your religion and errors on us. There has been 30 attempts on my life. They all failed. God decided these things. No subtle threats please.

Jesus said about Dogma, I did not come to do way with the Law; I came to fulfill it.

Every time you post, you give me a chance to evangelize. Thank you.

 on: November 24, 2014, 06:02:55 PM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by batman624

i hate this destiny the Gods have given me.

i started using the pseudonym "John Henry" years ago. it's only in 2012 that i came across Nostradamus' Epistle to Henry, king of France II. France II is England.

and it was only in September 13, 2014 that i came across Baba Vanga's prophecy that Christ will return as a Peacemaker.

i'm not sure if i was Jesus the Christ (who trained in Tibet and India) in my previous incarnation but i'm sure i was Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) in my previous life:
"Infront of a monastery will be found a living twin/Of the blood of an ancient and illustrious monk (Buddha)" - Quatrain 95 of Century I

 on: November 24, 2014, 12:29:24 PM 
Started by batman624 - Last post by batman624
i began using the pseudonym John Henry before I came across this Epistle from Nostradamus.
it was not available in the Nostradamus books i have read (Erika Cheetham's
"The Prophecies of Nostradamus" and "The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus"). France II is England.

Epistle to Henry, King of France II

Ever since my long-beclouded face first presented itself before the immeasurable deity of your Majesty, O Most Christian and Most Victorious King, I have remained perpetually dazzled by that sovereign sight. I have never ceased to honor and venerate properly that date when I presented my- self before a Majesty so singular and so humane. I have searched for some occasion on which to manifest high heart and stout courage, and thereby obtain even greater recognition of Your Most Serene Majesty. But I saw how obviously impossible it was for me to declare myself.

While I was seized with this singular desire to be transported sudden- ly from my long-beclouded obscurity to the illuminating presence of the first monarch of the universe, I was also long in doubt as to whom I would dedicate these last three Centuries of my prophecies, making up the thou- sand. After having meditated for a long time on an act of such rash audacity, I have ventured to address Your Majesty. I have not been daunted like those mentioned by that most grave author Plutarch, in his Life of Lycurgus, who were so astounded at the expense of the offerings and gifts brought as sacrifices to the temples of the immortal gods of that age, that they did not dare to present anything at all. Seeing your royal splendor to be accompanied by such an incomparable humanity, I have paid my address to it and not as those Kings of Persia whom one could neither stand before nor ap- proach.

It is to a most prudent and most wise Prince that I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic calculations, which are composed rather out of a natural instinct, accompanied by a poetic furor, than according to the strict rules of poetry. Most of them have been integrated with astronomical calcu- lations corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, coun- tries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia, where most of all these coming events are to transpire. They are composed in a natural manner.

Indeed, someone, who would do well to blow his nose, may reply that the rhythm is as easy as the sense is difficult. That, O Most Humane king, is because most of the prophetic quatrains are so ticklish that there is no making way through them, nor is there any interpreting of them.

After this has endured for a long time, there will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and golden age. Hearing the affliction of his people, God the Creator will command that Satan be cast into the depths of the bottomless pit, and bound there. Then a universal peace will commence between God and man, and Satan will remain bound for around a thousand years, and then all unbound.

All these figures represent the just integration of Holy Scriptures with visible celestial bodies, namely, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and others conjoined, as can be seen at more length in some of the quatrains. I would have calculated more profoundly and integrated them even further, Most Serene King, but for the fact that some given to censure would raise difficulties. Therefore I withdraw my pen and seek nocturnal repose.

Many events, most powerful of all Kings, of the most astounding sort are to transpire soon, but I neither could nor would fit them all into this epistle; but in order to comprehend certain horrible facts, a few must be set forth. So great is your grandeur and humanity before men, and your piety before the gods, that you alone seem worthy of the great title of the Most Christian King, and to whom the highest authority in all religion should be deferred.

But I shall only beseech you, Most Clement King, by this singular and prudent humanity of yours, to understand rather the desire of my heart, and the sovereign wish I have to obey Your Most Serene Majesty, ever since my eyes approached your solar splendour, than the grandeur of my labor can attain to or acquire. From Salon, this 27th of June, 1558.

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