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If he chooses Frah-blocher for VP? Then we are back to him not being the Nominee...

Amy Klobuchar reportedly being officially vetted to be Joe Biden's running mate

I messed up thinking the hidden dating method was rarely used for Presidents..T Roosevelt and GW Bush were President 100 years apart,and I had thought that is why,but I see that Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter are hidden methods,and Jimmy's whole quatrain is about the Shah Of Iran...You really have to know your history..

I now suspect Joe Biden is Probably in the book (Can't really tell yet) and he will probably win the presidency in 2020 carrying one of those women WARREN or HARRIS with him into the White House.

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 21, 2020, 01:15:01 AM »
The hidden dating method..pretty simple

I never looked for Presidents on the hidden method until i could not find T Roosevelt and GW Bush,and I believe Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter are hidden dating method also,and based on the number for Biden? looks like he is hidden method,and will win the Presidency 2020,and I believe his fate is told in E Warren's quatrain or K Harris's quatrain..

That makes all the elected Presidents not born in Jan-Feb in my lifetime are in the book except i cannot find G Ford never elected for even VP

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 20, 2020, 02:37:18 PM »
Century 8-1   The Congress of Vienna  October 1,1814

Pau,nay,leon,more in fire than blood shall be
Seen to swim,great ones shall run to their surreys
The aggassas shall refuse the entry,  (Agga is : Good, Honorable, Kind)
Pampon,Durance shall keep them enclosed

As long as you have a clear enough translation? You should be able to date anything that already happened,and this one gives you hint right from the start!

The Congress of Vienna was opened on October 1, 1814, following the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grand Armeé and his abdication earlier in that year. All European states were summoned to the congress, which was meant to "bring back the old times" to Europe, the times previous to the French revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic Wars that followed.

Now you know the rest of the story...

Here Nostradamus shows you a puzzle in the first line,and the last line is probably the same kinda puzzle Pampon,Durance....Just a guess?...the first word is probably MAP..
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 18, 2020, 05:43:28 PM »
Century 8-20  Maybe i know,maybe i don't

The false message,by fraudulent election
Shall be stopped from going about town
Voices shall be bought,and a chapel tinted with blood
By another,who contest the rule

First off? this is 100% a modern day quatrain,and it's not the 2000 election..This may be one of the chicks Biden may choose for VP,and she looks way better on the surface than WARREN to be a President,because I think she will choose the former Chicago mayor for her VP (I may have posted his in this thread)....I still think WARREN will be chosen as VP 2020,and then become President,and then choose her for VP....setting up 2024 as a contested election.

I can be wrong,and she could be Biden's VP, and the tell would be that he list her on the day of birth "20",Nostradamus is a numbers guy..he will use a number like this when it can be used for 2 events...a birth,and the 2020 election,and here i am still saying WARREN when this quatrain may be telling me everything i need to know.

Can you imagine a contested election in 2020 like Nostradamus is saying?....We may be talking civil war by Christmas!  Everybody is already having the worst year of their lives!

Just Remember,If this is her? she will be on the winning side,because Nostradamus only list World leaders,Religious people and Military leaders for births, he does not list VP's unless they move up into the Presidency,so don't get caught up in some recount!

Biden was born Nov 20, 1942,and he may very well be in the book on the hidden method because at least two of the quatrains he would be found on 9-20 and 9-24 (both posted in this thread) are other events,I keep thinking Nostradamus uses a pattern for Presidents,but this may tell me it's all random...I have one Quatrain i'm looking at for November using the hidden method,and it also deals with day of birth...20th..In his case you can't really tell ahead of time... That would be unreal that both could be born on the 20th for the 2020 election.....I still think it will be Warren,but this weird stuff is hard to overlook!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 15, 2020, 11:00:34 PM »
Century 4-59 Unknown

Two besieged being in burning heat
Shall die for thirst,want of two cup full
The fort fort being filed,an old doting man
Shall show the Geneva's the way to Nice  Monstrera trasse...Monster Track? Monster Path? Monster Segment? Monster Railway?

I've seen this one floating around the net by people claiming it is possible TRUMP,but the dating tells me it is a possible PENCE,and if it was't for the opening line? i would probably say no,because when you're dealing with a Vice President? it will be two people.....There's no way to know with this one,but i had to post it...
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 14, 2020, 02:20:08 PM »
Century 9-44 Unknown

Leave,leave,go forth out of GENEVA,all  (Washington DC)
Saturn of gold,shall be changed into iron
The contrary of the positive ray shall EXTERMINATE ALL
Before it happens,the Heavens will show signs

You cannot project a date here because this could be a person..If it were an event? November 2044,but I suspect the hidden method here because of how extreme it is,and it would be a day in future November...If it's a person? It would be a US President,and clearly using hidden method for a day,because year 44 would be to old...I also have similar quatrains 2-46,2-64,2-62 but is it the same a event? only if this is a person,because I really feel the attack will come in the Spring....I cannot imagine 2 different attacks unless the first attack is chemical weapons,and the second attack is nukes.

The last line refers to what he wrote about in one of his letters  "The noise of the unwanted Bird",and we all know it,but never say it...unmanned DRONES are gonna be the death of us all!


Kamala emerges as early Biden VP favorite as sting of debate attack fades

Does not matter which one he chooses(Warren-Harris),because one of them will end up President...Still have my money on Warren...
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 11, 2020, 12:40:21 PM »
There's another hidden dating system for the top date...The month is always right...Find the living people(Presidents),and you'll get a glimpse of the future!

Great stuff when he used the hidden method
GW Bush
Teddy Roosevelt
Macron.............................BIG EVENT COMING WITH HIM!
Death of Napoleon
Nazi Olympics 1936
Assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr.
Invasion of France
Isoroku Yamamoto
Other stuff

There's also more stuff that is open dated from the past...Just don't use newer translations,because you'll get lost...proper translations are key!   I use Henry c roberts first published in 1947,because he doesn't change words like newer translators do,but even he is not perfect....A proper translation will be fluid and understandable.
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 08, 2020, 07:03:19 PM »
Century 10-71 Unknown

The earth and air shall freeze with so much water
When they shall come to worship on Thursday
That which shall be,never was so fair
From the four parts,they will come to honor him

The clue here is this is December,so he is clearly talking about Hanukkah,and Probably somebody Jewish..The date is any Hanukkah day that landed on Thursday December 17th,so I give you 2020 ..
Hanukkah 2020,begins Thursday, December 10,at sunset,ends Friday, December 18....This also could have already happened,i have not checked the past,but 2020 is one of those years that nobody will forget!..I expect we will go out with a bang or two!

There are so many quatrains that will give you a little extra in the quatrain...This is an example!

I use Henry c Roberts translations first publish 1947,and if you're following along with translations found on the internet?'re probably lost,and think this is a hoax...I feel sorry for you...I'm not messing around! All the Quatrains are dated....I posted 40+ dated Quatrains...Don't take my word for it...IT'S A SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Oh yeah,by highlighting the Thursday,he is telling us the top date is a can only be a reverse 71,and it's the same when tells you the war last 27 kinda know the date at the top is a year for the start of the war...He's telling us how to solve his puzzles,and it's not that hard when you figure it out. One other example is 10-89...Countdown starts in 1989,He's not gonna give you a countdown,and not give you a starting point!

I have checked the Presidents,George Washington was closest to dying on this date,but it's not him...You have to figure out what the 4 parts are...I suspect the 4 parts of Israel..that fits!

If this is a person? forget everything i typed...i never even stopped to think this might be a birthday,and in that case, it can happen on any December Thursday during Hanukkah...My gut tells me it already happened!
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