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Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 30, 2020, 03:14:29 PM »
Here's a quatrain that's not done yet.. 2 lines are done,and 2 lines are still in limbo

Century 5-1   Jul 01, 1961

Before the coming of the ruin of the Celts
Two shall discourse in the church
Dagger in the heart of one,on horseback and spurring,
Without noise they shall bury the great one

This is a female born on the 1st of the month who died 23 years ago (Line 4) The husband is fated to die of a heart attack while riding a horse (Line 3) That hasn't happened yet!,and we also probably have not seen (Line 1) happen yet either!

All you need to know at  18.00:  in the link below
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 30, 2020, 08:35:06 AM »
Century 10-89   Dec. 22, 1989

The Wall shall be turned from brick into marble
There shall be peace for seven and fifty years  (57 years)
Joy to mankind,the aqueduct shall be rebuilt
Health,abundance of fruits,joys and a mellifluous time

Although he uses a hidden dating method for some? There some of them like this one he want's you to see..look at the date...this is 1989,the Berlin wall.

This quatrain is about Germany,and although they have weak leaders now? Nostradamus hints of a strong leader to come who will lead the world in winning world war III.

We are 31 years into this countdown,and you have to ask yourself...What happens to the USA in 2046? Nostradamus says what happens if you know how to read him!

This is one where you can guess(maybe i'm wrong)  10-72(Hidden date) gives the day of an attack,and the person born September 1999...Lets say it's 2046,from my reading the USA gets hit months earlier and the world will watch us burn,so 10-72 has nothing to do with the USA as we are already removed from the chess board!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 28, 2020, 09:38:32 PM »
Century 6-61   Aug 04, 1961

The great carpet folded shall not show,
But by HALF the greatest part of the history
The EXILES of the kingdom shall appear sharp afar off
In warlike matters everyone shall believe

How come nobody found this without using the date? I'm gonna make it easy for ya..This President was born in "61",the second line is easy when you know who it is,the third line is two people,one is in Russia,and one is in a UK jail,and the forth line sounds like this guy was making shit up when it came to military matters...I can think of two things,take yer pick!

I'm pretty sure the first line translation is wrong, the word is "tapestry" not carpet,but is he's talking about a prayer rug? wow!...I really don't know,i'm i'm just throwing that out there!

Line one solved!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 27, 2020, 05:02:24 PM »
I'm posting these,but Nostradamus says when people will finally get his message,and that is 16-29 years from now,so I wonder who's reading my post? maybe nobody!

Century 2-18     Apr 18,1942

A new rain,sudden, impetuous
Shall suddenly hinder two armies
Stone,heaven fire,shall make the sea strong
The death of SEVEN shall be sudden upon land and sea

For those of you stuck on SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER?....NO!  Here's some hints,line 2...TWO ARMIES...This is a US NAVY and US ARMY operation,and there was a Gale right before this operation kicked off..the seas were strong,but don't take my word for it....The first three lines were FILMED for Movietone news!...Oh yeah, the date?...The 18th was the day this took place,but if that's not good enough?..There's the last line...

3 men were executed by the Japanese,1 died of miss treatment,and 3 didn't survived the ditching of the planes ...SEVEN ON LAND AND SEA!

I'm simply trying to warn people Nostradamus is real,and there's stuff about to happen with the Presidents that's going to split this country in half by the mid 20's,because the best way to know the future is through PEOPLE not the events,I would have never know about the above event before it happened.
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 26, 2020, 08:10:58 AM »
Here is one of the special quatrains of a person..This is a double quatrain!

Century 9-85  Nov 11, 1885
They shall pass over Gascony,Languedoc,and the Rhone
From Agen keeping Marmande,and the Reale,
To open the wall by faith Phocan shall keep the throne
A Battle shall be by St. Paul of Manseole

Century 9-86
From Bourge,La Reyne they shall come straight to Chartres
And shall make a stand near Anthony's Bridge (I'm gonna say bridge is not the proper translation here) NUT'S!
Seven for peace as crafty as Martres
They shall enter Paris besieged with an army

These are open dated Quatrains..First the year is "85" right on top,but if you add just the last number from 85/86? you get "11"..This person was Born on the 11th of the month in the year 85(other double quatrains are done the same way..this is confirmed) but even better?..He puts a name in the quatrain! But it's not the name of the person who the quatrain is about..ANTHONY is a very important character in this persons  timeline.....When you figure out who this person is,and then search his name with Anthony? all shall be revealed!

Clues...This is world war II France,this person did support the liberation of fact? he passed through every place listed in the second quatrain..There are some translation issues that I have not fixed,but there's no doubt who it is....It's also a pretty good movie from my lifetime,and that part with Anthony was the best part!...Have fun with this one!

There is a living double quatrain in flux right now,and that's Macron,but Nostradamus used the hidden dating method for him...why some are open or hidden is either random,or on purpose,but if you know how to find them like me?..It's pretty simple!

These quatrains only make sense when you know what they are about...all the quatrains are dated,some better than others...If you think this is fantastic? wait till you see the others i found!!

I haven't been honest..There is another date involved,and it's the anchor to all the Quatrains..

He commanded 7th army in Africa,but he commanded 3rd army in France...It's strange Nostradamus list 7th army,but i still think that's pretty good!


Because i suspected from the start (with the help of Nostradamus) that she has "Provenance" for the year 2020.

She was fated to become president from the day she was born!

I waver between Warren and Harris,because i have them both hitting the top,and I'm doubting myself as Biden heads to the nomination.

There's just something about WARREN....I could be wrong,but....
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 23, 2020, 05:57:59 AM »
Century 2-13  Apr 13, 1743

The body without soul shall be no more admitted in sacrifice:
The day of death placed on the birthday:
The divine spirit shall make the soul happy,
By seeing the word in its eternity

Here's the best Quatrain in the entire book,another double dated quatrain,the date he gives in line 2 is a have to know who the person is before you can solve it.

This also has an open date at the top,and this one I'm gonna make real easy for you,this was a President born on the 13th of the month..What day did he die on?
Quatrains / Re: Century 8-69
« Last post by Global Doom on April 23, 2020, 05:12:55 AM »
OK? How many of you figured it out?

Mahatma Gandhi

You have to understand..I knew it was Gandhi before i figured out the last line..

Nostradamus is real,and he has a lot more to say!
Quatrains / Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 22, 2020, 06:40:07 PM »
Century 8-69    Oct 02, 1869 - Jan 30, 1948

Near the young one the old angel shall bow
And shall at last overcome him
Ten years equal,to make the old one stoop
Of Three,two,one,the eighth a Seraphin  (Seraphim are Angels)

This is a very famous person I stumbled on a few years back...I'm not gonna tell you who it is right now,but I will give you clues..The first clue is the 69,and believe it or not? in a bunch of the quatrains he will flat out give you an open date right in the front...that might help you guess a few,but there's a way to know for sure...What i love about this quatrain? is he throws another date at the bottom,which you can only figure out if you know who the person is....The first two lines tell of this persons murder,and the bottom line says's a simple puzzle.  Here's the clues...

This person was born in 69 and this person died in  3x2x1x8=48

Don't be shocked when you figure it out..I can show you 30-40 more just as fantastic as this one,and even though this one is not a President? most of the people I find are US Presidents!

Century X Quatrain 49
Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.

The last word is "sulfur". Why is this significant? Well, if you follow the 9/11 truth movement's claims, you would know that they have postulated the theory that thermate (a special form of thermite that contains SULFUR) was used to lower the melting point of the steel in the towers. They also claim that this sulfer-containing thermite explains why there were pools of molten steel in the footprint of the towers collapse.
So could this maybe be Nostradamus' way of telling us that the twin towers DID NOT collapse due to the plane impact and resulting fires, but instead came down because a form of sulfur-containing thermite aided in lowering the melting point of the steel?

The reason why sulfur is siginificant is because it's about the Yellowstone supervolcano near the new city Salt Lake City. The garden of the world is Yellowstone park which will eventually plunge into the tub. The tub is the big crater itself and Yellowstone park is on top of it. This quatrain has nothing to do with the twin towers in New York

There is a Garden City on Staten Island,but I believe this is a direct reference to Central Park (In the path of the man made Mountains)..i flew over first time i went to NYC,and it was an unbelievable site..,1,2,3,4,6,8,10

This quatrain has not happened yet,it's not 911 because of the index dating,and the twin towers were on the west most end of the island not near Central Park....The index dating is a year 100%...I try to date stuff to my life time...I'm not gonna sit here and say this will happen a 125 years from now..whats the point? if it happens in my lifetime? look no further than the (49),but there is a hidden dating method he uses that could make it sooner...I don't think he would make this an open date,so this could be less than 20 years from big problem with dating the future? is if this event is listed as a a president,then the dating is for the person...not the event,so you have to know the person to have a time frame of this event.

911 as listed with GW Bush,and the only other mention of 911 was Macron,but only because it might match the death toll of 911 or surpass it...

Macron is listed as an event....He is in fact 10-74,yes there won't be any Olympics in 2020,but I'm afraid Paris 2024 will have no such luck!

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