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So, will the next quatrain take us from, Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to the collapse of the Western Wall in Jerusalem
thus signifying to the world the Third Temple must be built there and ...  a New Age has dawned?  Take it easy.  I think there
is a degree of logic to it all   just consider.

C5 Q81

The royal bird over the city of the Sun.
Seven months in advance, it will deliver a nocturnal omen.
The Eastern wall to fall, lightning, thunder
Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

The royal bird over the city of the Sun.

Right away, I knew, Nostradamus, was referring to the Phoenix.  First of all, a lot of cultures had the Phoenix symbolism in their
historic myths and tales and some consider it to be a royal bird and some believe that the Sun does take part in its renewal.
process.  In fact, in ancient times the, City of Heliopolis, in Egypt claimed to be the home of the same said, Phoenix.  Heliopolis,
when translated does mean, City of the Sun.  So, if the Lady clothed with the Sun event takes place in the skies of, Quebec City,
then the city part is there, the walled part is there, according to the Jews - as stated in a previous segment - and now, the Sun part
is also included.

Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen.

Well, as you may have guessed I didn't know anything about a nocturnal omen being associated with the Phoenix
so I punched in the crucial words on the web and what, of all things, popped up, but the phenomenon of the Phoenix Lights
which took place in Arizona on the - night - of March 13, 1997?  Yeah, right.  I was just about to chuck it when the number 13 caught my eye.  
No - it is NOT a Fatima day, since they took place from, May 13 to October 13, consecutively and, as stated earlier - Lucy of Fatima died
on, February, 13/05.  And?  Well, I was just about to chuck it again, when I read the line in question ... Seven months ... IN ADVANCE.  Since
an omen is a precursor or warning of what is to come, then the omen must come first and then ... seven months later ... an event?  If the word,
months, is maintained and the actual year isn't to be regarded.   Then?  Well, if you count the seven months from the 13th of March, that would bring
us to, September, 13.   A Fatima day no less and a Quebec City day, for that matter.  And, if one didn't and began from April 13, that would bring uo
to, October, 13.  The, Dance of the Sun, day at Fatima, in 1917.

BTW - I'm pretty sure you know there is indeed a city called Phoenis in Arizona but there's also a Sun City.  Just thought I'd mention it.

The Eastern Wall to fall, lightning thunder.  
This line will be done in three parts.  The last two flipped.

The Eastern Wall to fall ...

The Western or Wailing Wall is the last standing remnant of the Second Temple in Jersualem
If there is to be a Heavenly event to show where the Third Temple will be built then, yes - it will fall.
Also ... if the event occurs west of the Westen Wall then it will be heading or viewed upon as being East of the event.

thunder ...

I've been through this before.  I agree with that Native American prophecy about the next Age will begin with
a worldwide sound.


I've been through this before.  Satan will fall like lightning.  Jesus said so.  

Seven days the enemies directly at the gates.

Well, here we go again.  One small portion of a verse that is ambiguous.  Since it is stated - enemies -  like the devine one's - enemies -
in a previous quatrain and the word - directly - this could refer to the first claimed by Satan as in, a great - scattered - flame that will leap up.  
That small group (5-9) right at the onset claimed by the scattering, if you will, and - directly - ending up at the gates of Hell.  Seven days -
could be a portent before the event or it could be a play on seven and September.  Sept for seven and Sept, as an abbreviation, for that specific month.  
In September days - seven- - will be going directly to Hell before anyone else?  Also, I'd like to state the following.

How the Phoenix Lights came about is a moot point to me.  If it was a hoax, as perpretated by someone in dire need of a girlfriend, or
it was a secret military exercise or Alien in nature, means nothing.  It's the story and how it spread worldwide, that's the key.  Something mysterious
happened in the sky.  The same thing will happen if my conjectures prove to be true - in spades.  And, oh yes, just one more thing ... the Phoenix,
itself, was an early Christian symbol for, Jesus.  Maybe, that would fit in as well as far as my conjecturs are concerned?

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowing down in front of my house.
I'm going to check it out.  Probably from Amazon.
At the onset, I've been saying that the next Age will begin with an event concerning the innocents and the pronounced
(as in marked) malefactors and Wait a minute.  Did I say that or did, Nostradamus?  Take a look.

C9 Q14

Dyer's cauldrons put on a flat surface
Wine, honey, oil and built over furnaces.
They will be immersed, innocents and pronounced malefactors.
Seven of Bordeaux, smoke in the cannon.

Now, there were two reasons why I even dared to try to decipher the above quatrain.  The first -  as stated - it seemed to match -
exactly - what I was saying regarding the two main groups.  Second reason?  Well, since Jesus is at the center of all this anyway, I decided
to punch in, Jesus and the Dyer, over the computer and expecting nothing  I got a hit.  It seems there was a tale which emerged a few
hundred years after Christianity had been established, which centers around Jesus when He was twelve years old.  He happened to pass by  
a Dyer's Shop located at, 1917 Nazareth Avenue and He went in.  The young, Jesus, then noticed the owner was gone and in order to help
He put the robes and whatever apparel was next to the cauldron, into the cauldron.  Again, hoping to help.  

When the owner did return he was upset more than anything else.  Yes, the items were to go into the cauldron  but now when they would
be coming out, all would be the same color which was NOT what he wanted.  The Dyer wanted to put in the clothes in an intermittent manner
and add the mixtures accordingly.  The young, Jesus, then looked at the shop owner and said, something like -  Hey, Dude, will you relax?  
There's no damage done.  Look!  And when the Dyer pulled out the clothing, each item was the exact color which he begin with.    
Now, let's look at the verse at hand as a whole.

It seems to me, because Nostradamus states, cauldrons and furnaces, in the plural, that a sizable number of people will be going through a Tribulation
of sorts.  As in the word, immersed.  The innocents will be going to the positive, hence the phrase, wine, honey and oil.  While most of the pronounced malefactors will be going to the negative.  Hence the word - furnaces.  Still another connection to Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.  To Vulcan bodies
dead ones to bury.  Each group will be exposed as to their true natures or - colors - thus keeping with the theme of the verse.  The innocents will be known
as such and so will the malefactors.  The phrase of the cauldrons put on a flat surface could refer to, Quebec City, as in the battle fought there (on a
Fatima day, no less) was later known as taking place on the, Plains of Abraham.  So, that leaves one line to interpret.  

Seven of Bordeaux, smoke in the cannon.  

Let's look at the latter - smoke in the cannon.  First, you get the impression that a battle took place which is now over and there's smoke in the
cannon still emerging outwards.  Smoke, by the way, is a symbol for the, Devil or Satan   Check it out.  Defeated yes - but not destroyed?  So, that
leaves one phrase to decipher - Seven of Bordeaux.  I don't know.  If I had to give one meaning I would say, that since it is a type of
wine, it could be interpreted as meaning - deep red.   Perhaps, seven connected to the Chief of Fossano?  That crooked Chief of Police.  You remember?  
The color red would indeed fit, as far as Canada is concerned.  It could also mean, if broken down, edge - as in bord - and - waste water - as in - eaux.  
Still red, of course.

BTW - if you think I presented a weak argument that the cauldrons on the - flat surface - could have been referring to the battle for, Quebec City,
on the - Plains - of Abraham and regarding the, Seven of Bordeaux, then chuck them both.  Anyway you look at it, there does seem to be a strong
connection with, Jesus.  A connection with a fallen, Satan and in between, there does seem to be a Tribulation of sorts, as it involved the Innocents
and the pronounced malefactors.  Those things alone, do supports my conjectures.
Incidentally, the word, plains, is defined as - a large area of - flat - land with few trees.  Just thought I'd mention it.

Well, you and I are going to follow a specific word which Lucy of Fatima used to describe, Mother Mary,
in the Third Secret and we'll see how it does seem that Nostradamus was indeed predicting the Lady clothed to the Sun and
how it does tie in to the events of Fatima.  Here is a direct quote from the same said passage which deals with the Angel and
his fiery sword and the huge flames which were emanating from it to be aimed at the earth -  - - but they died out in contact with the
- splendor - that Our Lady radiated towards him ...  So, how many times did Nostradamus use that specific word in his quatrains?
Four - and please note, some have been already analyzed.

C1 Q2

With rod in hand in the midst of Branchus
With water he wets both hands and feet
Fearful, voice trembling through his sleeves
Devine splendor, the devine seats himself nearby.

From what I gather this was how Nostradamus would prepare to get his visions and Branchus
was a Greek, either human or god, who was known for his prophetic nature and the line of other prophets
who followed him.  Descendants?  I don't know.  Maybe, in spirit only.

C10 Q98

For the merry maid the bright splendor
Will shine no longer.  For long she will be without salt.
With merchants, bullies, wolves odious
All confusion, universal monster.

Already analyzed.  If Nostradamus was referring to, Astrea, and she became, Virgo, then
it is Virgo who has the splendor.  The only House of the Zodiac to show a woman.  And?
There is a universal monster, is there not?  And?  People associated with him?

C4 Q28

When Venus will be covered by the Sun
Under the splendor will be a hidden form
Mercury will have exposed them in the fire
Through warlike noise it will be insulated.

Already analyzed.  Venus, the goddess will be covered by the sun
and there will be a splendor to it.

C1 Q80

From the sixth celestial spendor
It will come to thunder very fiercely in Burgundy.
Then of a hideous beast shall be born a monster.
March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying.

Not analyzed, as of yet.  First of all, Virgo, is the - sixth - sign of the Zodiac
so SHE has the splendor.  As for Burgundy - two ways it could support me.
The word - Burg -  means a fortified or walled town in early or Medieval Europe.
This matches, Quebec City, as far as fortified and walled are concerned but ... that was in the English translation,
not the French.  If that bothers you, then consider the following.  At one time there was a, Kingsom of Burgundy,
and the two primary cities therein were, Geneva and ... Lyons.  Remember Lyons, the stand-in for. Quebec City?  
So either way or both ways, it fits my conjectures.

Then of a hideous beast shall be born a monster.

Yes, if mankind does not heed the final warning from God.  Again, if you're not doing anything
go back and read, The Third Secret of Fatima.

March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying.

You know, the people who had a downfall with Satan?  Those still alive who are testifying?  The unjust ones who want to
unjustly discuss Holy Laws?  

So, just to recap - splendor - is connected with the divine.  Connected to prophecy.  Connected to Virgo, a Lady?  Connected to Astrea
and Venus?  Connected to the Sun.  Connected to the beginning of a new Astrological Age?  Connected with a universal monster?  Connected to
a walled or fortified town or city?  Connected to Lyons?  Connected to the Bible.  Connected to a judgment day?  And?  Connecyed to the events
at Fatima in 1917, namely, The Third Secret.

I'm sure I've missed a couple of connections but that's good enough for now.

BTW ... would you do me a favor?  Just go to Wikipedia and read the Third Secret of Fatima for yourself.
Read it once, as it is.   And then ... read it as if the event of the Lady clothed with the Sun took place between the sections.
Between the time when Mother Mary and that Angel were NOT on the earth and a chastisment  towards the earth was prevented and
then ... see how a great chastisment to the earth seemed to have happened.  The - why - would be in the middle.  At the very least, some
kind of warning to mankind must have been given which wasn't heeded.

And, speaking of how Venus shall be on a course so virtuous as to becloud the whole quality of
the Sun and the prophecy thereof.  Consider the following.

C5 Q53

The law of the Sun and Venus in contention  
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither one will understand the other.
The law of the Great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

First of all, I have to say something.  I stated it was a Christian - tradition - about the Lady clothed with the sun
and how She will strike Satan in the back of his head, in the sky.  It wasn't formally accepted by the powers that be
to be, a bona fide prophecy and Fatima?  Same thing.  Regardless of the Catholic Church's stance on the subject there are
groups who believe that, either the Church withheld information - or - their judgment on the matter was entirely wrong.  In fact,
the best statement I ever read regarding the events of Fatima and the Catholic Church was the following  They - the Vatican - doesn't
know what to do with Fatima.  I agree with that.  An event from God that ends up with nothing.  No great mystery is revealed nor,
the future unveiled?  Anyway

The law of the Sun and Venus in contention.

Change law to - a ruling - with an authority or the law behind it - and you will see the events of Fatima and the prediction
of the Lady clothed with the sun are arguable points of view.  Both parties don't agree.  They are in contention.  They are against each other.

Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.

Appropriating means - taking away - or - setting aside.  And?  Well, that's what happened.
No prophecy here folks.  Get on with your lives.  Oh, yes there was.

Neither one will understand the other.

One group for the events at Fatima and the Lady clothed with the sun - as in - there really is something there.
And, one group against it.  There is nothing there.  Do you understand?  No, do you?

The law of the Great Messiah will hold through the Sun.
Two parts

The law of the Great Messiah ...

Well, if there is a judgment day to come to be witnessed by mankind then the - Holy law - will be there
and if it concerns - Jesus - then the Great Messiah will be referred to.

will hold through the Sun.

The French word used for - hold through - was - tiandra - which does mean - hold through.
But another definition means - to take place.   Isn't it possible the line could have stated
The law of the Great Messiah will take place Well, one way or the other, the Sun has to be in the picture.  Correct?
As in - Venus shall be on a course so virtuous as to becloud the whole quality of the Sun?        
The Third Secret of Fatima and if I did interpret it correctly, how it would fit my conjectures perfectly.  

Here again, I'm not going to go in any detail as it concerned the three children of Fatima after the event known as the, Dance of the Sun,
but I will focus only on the story of the, Third Secret, itself.  After the event as mentioned, Lucy, the oldest, had become a nun and
sometime in the late '40's she became ill.  In fact, she was so ill some people around her thought she was going to die.  When the Bishop of that area
heard this, he immediately approached Sister Lucy to divulge the Secret.  She refused.  He then contacted the Pope with his concern and he
ordered her to do it and she relented.  The Bishop then brought the written account of the Secret to the Pope.  He read it and then sealed it.  And, that's
what happened with every new Pope thereafter.  He read it, sealed it.  The next one, did the same thing and so on, until the early 2000's when,
John Paul II, decided to release it to the world.  Please note, he released it only after the Vatican studied it and their interpretation was given with the release as well.  Their interpretation?   Already stated in a previous segment.  Politely put, it was a letdown.

So there it was on the computer before me and I must have read it around 20 - 25 times in a row and I couldn't make heads or tails of it.
As a last resort I said to myself,- Maybe if I looked at it in sections I could derive some kind of meaning that way?  And?  It is in sections.

If you look at the first section, Mother Mary is NOT on the planet, Earth.  She's looking down on the planet, Earth and an Angel has a fiery
sword with a flame which Lucy states could set the whole Earth on fire and Mother Mary due to Her splendor and radiance quelled the fire and the
Angel states to the Earth pointing down,  Penance.  Penance.  Penance.

Second section.  It begins with Lucy saying she saw a group of Bishops dressed in white and she had the - impression - one of them was
the Holy Father.  Alarm # 1.  Since when does a Pope, given his attire, not stand out in a group of Cardinals, let alone Bishops?  Something is wrong.
It seems like he's hiding.  This does not seem like a viable Catholic Church to me.  

Lucy, then goes on, that a number of people are with him.  Priests, other Bishops lay people, all religious.  Alarm #2.  It seems like there is no organization to it.  When would the Pope travel with such a hodgepodge group of people like that?  

She then goes on to tell us, they are going towards a mountain where there is a cross and one could surmise some kind of miracle must have taken
place on the mountain and/or, as it concerns, that cross.  Lucy then states, that before they went to climb that mountain, they had to go through a big
city, half in ruins and half trembling.  Alarm # 3.  Would a Pope with any degree of concern for his own safety, let alone, the safety of those with him,
choose such a path?

This group with the Pope at the lead then goes up that mountain and what is the first thing that draws their attention?  Corpses.  Do I have to ring the
alarm again?  What kind of pilgrimage is this?  What are they doing?  Going up that mountain to die?  Yes, that's exactly what they're doing.  Going up that mountain to do nothing else, but die.  Why?  To fulfill the prophecy of the Third Secret of Fatima.  That's why.  

And, what awaits the Pope and that group once they get to the top of the mountain?  Soldiers appear, who cut them down starting with the Holy Father
and then the rest.  And how did the soldiers cut them down?  With bullets and arrows.  Alarm # 5.  Lucy had this vision in 1917 and even by those standards, what kind of sophisticated army, even then, would use, bows and arrows?  Does this appear to you like a sophisticated army or is it a scene from, Road Warriors?  Rag tag, soldiers.  This looks entirely to me like a breakdown of civilization.

And, how does this depressing event end?  With two Angels, this time standing on each side of the cross.  And what are those Angels doing?  Nothing.
Nothing, but collecting the souls of those who died and sending them up to Heaven.  No action whatsoever like in the First Section, when the Angel is giving mankind a warning.  Nothing but gathering the souls and sending them to Heaven.

So, may I ask you something?  If Mother Mary prevented a great chastisement to the world, why does it look like one took place?  Well, to me, there must
have been an event, between Section One and Section Two that would explain it.  Like maybe the Lady clothed with the Sun?  Like maybe Satan and
a sizeable number of people with him, had a downfall before the world?  Like maybe there was a judgment day, not for all of mankind but a judgment
day to be witnessed by all of mankind?  Like maybe, there came the final warning from God due to this event and if it isn't heeded?   Go back and
read the Third Secret again.  

BTW - you do remember this quatrain which I only analyzed halfway.

C5 Q72

For the pleasure of the voluptuous edict
One shall mix poison in the faith
Venus shall be on a course so virtuous
As to becloud the whole quality of the sun.

Yeah, you remember.  Nostradamus was using the goddess, Venus as a stand-in for
Mother Mary, so virtuous as to becloud the whole quality of the sun.

Ever think the first two lines may have been referring to the, Third Secret of Fatima,
as interpreted by the Vatican and how they only took it at face value?  The voluptuous Venus as
opposed to the virtuous one?  That there really was a meaning and a prophecy to it?  Again, Edict, meaning -
an official order or proclamation by a person (or an institution) with authority.

The events at Fatima in 1917 and how I think it connects with what I've been predicting.

First of all, it doesn't make sense that I go through the entire event when you can search it on your own
so I will just state the basic facts.  Beginning on May 13, 1917 and taking place on the 13th of every month including October,
three children from the small village of  Fatima, Portugal claimed to have seen a lady who the oldest, Lucy, later stated, was indeed,
Mother Mary.  Please note, Lucy, was the only one of the three who could hear the Lady speak.  Both Francesco and Jacinta, the two youngest
did not.  What people forget about the first encounter is that the Lady stated - I come to ask you to come here for six months at the same hour.  
There I will tell you who I am  and what I want.  And afterwards, I will return here a seventh time.   And, as far as I know, that seventh time
without the children there, hasn't happened ... yet.

On July 13, 1917, the three children were given three visions.  Lucy devulged the first two right away but the third, she kept to herself
and that became known as the, Third Secret of Fatima.   More on that to come.

On October 13, 1917, there was the occurance called the, Dance of the Sun, which many believe was the greatest supernatural event
in modern times.  Again, you can Google that on your oen.  So, let's get back to the topic at hand.  Can I provide any support other than
what I've presented so far that either, points to Mother Mary as being the Lady clothed with the sun a/o, a connection to the events at Fatima?  
Well, consider the following.

1.  Just horsing around on Youtube I punched in Mother Mary, province of Quebec and I got a hit om Google Earth of all things.
It seems that the outline of Mother Mary can be seen as it concerns that province.  Check it out.  Yes - it does involve a subjective approach
and Yes - if you do see it as well it could be a meaningless coincidence  but ... if the event does take place over Quebec City ... then maybe, just maybe, it wasn't that meaningless.

2.  Remeber the Battle for Quebec City?  On, The Heights of Abraham or, The Plains of Abraham?  You know, the one which took place
on September 13, 1759?  That was a Fatima day, was it not?  And, well it should be if the events of Fatima will connect to, Quebec City.

3.  C6 Q22

In the year five hundred and eighty, more or less.  
There shall be a strange age.
In the year seven hundred and three (witness Heaven)
Many kingdoms one in five to change.

If you just look at the simlpest numbers presented, you would get, 5 and 8, 7 and 3 and, 1 and 5.  
Meaning?   Well,  5 + 8 = 13.   7 + 3 = 10.   1 + 5 = 6.   On the - sixth - visitation of Mother Mary at Fatima,  
which took place on the 13th of October, or the tenth month.  On, 13/10 and the 6th (visitation) in 1917.  The Dance of the Sun?  
Witness Heaven?

Strange Age indeed.  If the next Age will be instigated by God with an event on earth rather than primarily relying on the celestial movements
Then what else would you call it but - strange?

One in five kingdoms or countries to change.  Not many.  Well, both Nostradamus and I are rather skeptical of mankind anyway.
But then - Hope springs eternal.  BTW - if no countries changed from the first event, do you think, Nostradamus, was predicting
a future event regarding, Our Lady of Fatima?  I think he was.

4.  C3 Q92

The Chief of Fossano will have his throat cut.
By the leader of the bloodhound and greyhound.
The deed executed by those of the Tarpian Rock.
Sun in Leo. February 13.

Now what?  I already presented this and stated that February 13 in the standard Zodiac would be - in - the
Constellatio of, Aquarius.  And, by the other viewpoint, it would be on the - threshold - of that same Constellation.
You kmow, foreshadowing the Age of Aquarius to come?  But, February 13 was NOT a Fatima day.  That's correct, but just
for the Heck of it  ... again.  I punched in, February 13, Lucy of Fatima's death and .... She died on February 13, 2005.  
Maybe, just another meaningless coincidence?


Well, since I placed the categories of people who will be caught in the event of
the Lady clothed with the sun, let's see if Nostradamus provided any hints or descriptive terms that
would refer to the ones who will be claimed at the onset?  Or, when Satan rises.   Please note, I already stated one
as in how a noble one - yeah, right - will be leading a long train down to be discovered by the mastiffs.  Check this one out.

C4 Q55

The crow on the tower made of brick
For seven hours will continue to scream.
Death fortold, the statue stained with blood.
Tyrant murdered, people praying to their Gods.

The crow on the tower made of brick.

First of all, some of the people who deal with mystical symbolism do believe the presence
of a single crow could be an omen of change and some even believe it is foreshadowing a
death or deaths, to come.  Secondly, if you look at the top of the Coat of Arms for Quebec City you
will indeed see the upper portion of a brick tower and/or a brick tower also fashioned to represent a crown.
Seriously, check it out for yourselves.

For seven hours will continue to scream

It does have a Biblical tone to it, does it not?  Seven?

Death foretold, the statue stained with blood.

It does have a Biblical tone to it, does it not?

Tyrant murdered, people praying to their Gods.

Question.  When a Tyrant is associated with people, aren't they usually happy
to be rid of him, if he was indeed murdered?  So isn't it possible, people could be praying
to their Gods because they are in an event which is frightening and the Tyrant murdered
is one of the things that happened during that terrifying event?

Makes sense to me.  So, if Nostradamus is speaking of the same individual then he
would be noble - yeah, right - and have some degree of power to him.

C1  Q94

At port Selin the tyrant put to death.
Liberty nevertheless shall not be recovered.
The new Mars because of vengance and remorse
The Lady honored through the force of terror.

Let's go backwards with this one.  Somehow, someway, a Lady will be honored
through the force of terror or due to a terrifying event.  Doesn't that fit what I've been saying?

The new Mars because of vengance and remorse.
Notice, new -  Mars - God of war - Mother Mary in a battle?
Vengence and remorse.  What they measurded out will be measured in?

Liberty nevertheless shall not be recovered.  
If that means freedom and doing what one wishes ...  Yeah, that statement fits.

At port Selin the tyrant put to death.

Yes, there was a Selinus in ancient times.  A city in, Sicily.  Battles there, as well.  But as far as I know, none whereby
a port or harbor was instrumental but Nostradamus, could have made another play on words.  It seems, Seline. was a
moon goddess in ancient Greece.  You know, the moon representing the feminine, and her name when translated means
- Heaven, moon - and if it is a female - Heaven Lady?    

C10 Q70

The shining deed of the old one exalted anew.
Through the South and - Aquillon - they will be very great.
Raised by his own sister, great crowds.
Fleeing, murdered in the thicket of Ambellon.

The shining deed of the old one exalted anew.
Satan and one third of the Angels launched a rebellion against God in Heaven
and He kiccked all their ugly asses down to earth.  And, the event exalted anew?
Mother Mary boots his head in?  Fits?

Through the South and Aquillon ....
Already mentioned.  

they will be very great.

Well, either the two entities will be very great or the crowds as mentioned
in the next line which seems out of place will be great as in the witnessing.
I'm sticking with that.

Raised by his own sister.
Another hint - noble - yeah, right - tyrant - and raised by his sister.

Fleeing, murdered in the thicket of Ambellon.

So, what's an, Ambellon?  Don't know.  The closest I could find, if you excuse the spelling is, Ambion.  
Like the Battle of Ambion Hill.  Some reference to a war in England whereby the victorious king thought it should
be the beginning of a new age.  I think it was called, The War of the Roses.   Why does that last word sound so familiar?
Oh, yeah.  The Rose in the middle of the world scene.

One more.

C3 Q96

The Chief of Fossano will have his throst cut
By the leader of the bloodhound and greyhound.
The deed executed by those of the Tarpian Rock
Sun in Leo, February 13.

Before I get into this verse there has to be a lead in.  Fossano is a town in northern Italy
and one of its most prominet structures is a castle.  So who was the Chief property owner
and/or Chief citizen who owned this castle at one time?  He was, Joseph Fouche, the Chief of Police, for all of France when
Napoleon was in charge.  And, what was this, Fouche, like?  Well, the best description I read about him was ...
He had the soul of a demon and a face like a corpse.  Anything else we should know about thii Dracula with a badge?
Yes.  He actually became a Priest when he was young  but soon renounced his vows when he thought the secular life would
be more appealing.  So, while the real Chief died in obscurity, what is Nostradamus predicting for this future one?

The Chief of Fossano will have his throat cut.

Well, anyway you look at it, he will have a violent death and with his throat being cut (symbolically speaking)
he will not be testifying before the Formande or when the government of Canada will be investigating the event I've been predicting.
And, how will he be meeting his end?

By the leader of the bloodhound and greyhound.  

Here again, Artemis, the hunter goddess?  The moon goddess? The virgin?
Kind of fitting for a crooked cop, don't you think?  Now, the trail will lead to him.

The deed executed by those of the Tarpian Rock.
Two parts.

The deed executed ...

What a genius.  The deed came about as in - executed - and the deed concerns - execution.
As in the - marvelouss deed - I've spoken about?  And how did this event occur?

... by those of the Tarpian Rock.  

I don't know if you know this, but way back when, the city of Rome (during the Republic period) would execute their crimminals
in a public way.  How?  By casting them down off a cliff to the rocks below.  The main rock from whence they were hurled was called
the Tarpian Rock.  Named after, Tarpia, who had been a, Vestal Virgin.  In fact, the Temple of the Vestal Virgins was close by.
Do I have to say it?  Isn't Nostradamus telling us a Virgin perhaps, a Virgin Mother, will be responsible for a public execution of criminals?  
Even if some don't appear that way?  Or, am I reading into this?

Sun in Leo. February 13.

That date is very significant, I can assure you of that, but right now, I will say, with the sidreal way (whatever that is)
of looking at the Zodiac now days, it happens just beofre the House of Aquarius begins.  Perhaps, just before the Age of Aquarius
will begin?  Check it out.  And, oh yeah ... the guy.

You know the noble one - yeah, right - raised by his sister - Tyrant, with a power behind him - maybe, at one time, thought of becoming
a Priest?  Becoming a cop instead to protect and serve?  A cop with a fair degree of power and prestige like a Chief?  Who knows?  



And speaking of Lyons (Quebec City) and how the humans in the event before
the world will be categorized, please look at the following

Q6 Q51

People assembled to see a new spectacle
Princes and Kings amongst many bystanders
Pillars, walls to fall, but as by a miracle
The King saved and (but) thirty of the ones present.

As you can imagine, every time I saw the word - new - in a quatrain I would consider it,
since, as you know, part of my conjectures does include  the dawning of a New Age.
Well, the word - new - is there as in - a new spectacle.  So, where's Lyons in this?
Well, as I was checking out what other people thought of the same verse I came across a researcher
named, Peter Lemesuier.  His opinion, is that Nostradamus was basing his prediction on an actual
historic event which took place in the early 1300's when Pope Clement V was coronated at - Lyoms.
And - yes - it was a new spectacle in that it was the first coronation of that sort to take place
in Lyons and - yes - there were many people of royalty who attended and - yes - a wall did fall which
caused the deaths of some people including the Pope's own brother.  However, everything outside of that
did not match the historical account.

There were no pillars or walls falling, just a wall.  And there wasn't a King left with thrity survivors or a
King saving thirty people.  Now, I'll get back to this quatrain in a bit but please keep in mind the last line.  
The King saved and (but) thirty of the ones present.  Now, let's look at some people who will be - present  -
if you will, for the judmentt day to be witnessed by all of mankind.

Category I - When the great scattered flame will leap up towards, Quebec City, there will be five to nine people
claimed in the scattering, if you will.  These people will be the worst of the worst.  The most evil.  Satan will incorporate them first
in his attack of Mother Mary and there remains on this earth will be hideous.

Catagory II.  The marked as in - the long train - down.

C8 Q97

A death conspired will come into full effect.
The charges given and the voyage of death.
Elected, created, received, defeated by its followers.
In remorse the blood of the innocents will be in front of them.

Already analyzed.
They measured out murder of an innocent person or innocent people so too
will they witness the deaths of innocent people in their own house, if you will.

Even more in the same category.

C5 Q18

The unhappy abandoned one will die of grief.
His conqueress will celebrate the hecatomb.
Prstine law, edict drawn up.
The wall and Prince falls on the seventh day.

Just read it.  I'm sure you'll notice things I've already mentioned.
A lady.  Hecatomb definiton - in ancient Greece or Rome a great public sacrifice,
originally of a hundred oxen - or - an excessive loss of life for some cause.
Remember - no sacrifice, but rather, judgment.  And, just to clarify, the Lady here, Mother Mary,
will not be celebrating the hecatomb but be celebrated by the event taking place from God.
New pristine law and new edict for the, New Age.  And what about the Prince and wall to fall?  Well, the Prince
is the one of Darkness and the wall .... Well, there has to be a new Temple built, right?

Category III- Marked,

Those who did not cross the line to commit murder but had heavy sins on their souls, nonetheles
Not leaving this plane of existence in the same manner as the ones before.  In the same hour or two.
But rather dying on there own.  How?  Well, if you can't face God and live then, by extension,
you can't face the judgment of God and live, especially when you have heavy sins on your soul.  Put it this way,
there bodies won't be able to take it.  They will start dropping off like flies.  Any support on this conjecture of mine?

C8 Q1

Several will be confused in their waiting.
Pardon will not be given the inhabitants.
Those who thought well of persisting in the waiting
But not much spare time will be given them.

If there was ever a straight-forward quatrain I presented - the above is it.
Notice the play on - spare - and - spared - time?

Category IV -  Marked - but to be spared and their mark will be lifted.  Lifted, after the, - Formande.  
Another word in the quatrains.  For - in Latin means to speak and Mande - means - commissioned.

Thirty?  As in - The King saved and (but) thirty of the ones present.  People who were approached to commit evil and said - No  
People who got entangled in this sordid mess due to a loved one.  People who didn't have the heart to do anything evil.  
People who knew what was happening and did nothing.  Hoping it would all go away.

BTW - the reason why I keep placing - and (but) together - is due to the fact, Nostradamus
used an - & - ampersand.  Either meaning in the 1500's could hold true but - excuse the pun - but - sounds better.
And, speaking of the said word - but ,,, as by a miracle the King (God) saved but thirty of the ones present.

And?  Forgot to mention this. regarding the marked.  All of them who bears it will be called to testify
before the reds and whites.  What's going on in your country Canada?  Is it indeed from God?

Right or wrong .... I am sticking with this prediction.

P.S.  A new spectacle over the skies of Quebec City for a New Age?  Also, if I am proved right to a tee
and the exact number of thrity were indeed marked and then spared, it would match the exact number of silver coins
it took to betray, Jesus.  Maybe, if money was so important to some of the others, they can pray to it?

BTW - if one was to describe Hell in two colors they would be, red and black, correct?.  And, if Nostradmus was indeed in a colorful
mood, then money itself would to be described in the slang term - green.   I guess the - high price unguarded - will be paid for their love
of money, after all.  Or it certainly seems that way to me.

C10 Q30

Nephew and blood of the new saint come.
Through the surname he will sustain arches and roofs.
They will be driven out and put to death, chased nude.
Into red and black will they convert their green.

Incidentally, you did notice the play on the word - convert - perhaps in a religious manner?  
And, green in French is written - vert - whcih could also be a play on the word  truth - verite

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And, speaking of Lyons and Quebec City, and how they could be connected or how the former
was being used as a stand-in for the latter, please look at the following.

A while ago I presented a quatrain with the word - Lyons - plainly stated
and how a noble one or ones, would be leading a long train to the depths of Hell
as in ... discoverd by the mastiffs.  I also presented one regarding the City of Plancus.
You remember, something to do with an event in the sky of Plancus city - the changing of Ages -
how there will be a warning for all of - US - stemming from this event.  Well, here's two more quatrains
which I believe do support my conjectures.

C4 Q43

Arms will be heard clashing in the sky
The same year the devine one's enemies
They will want unjustly to discuss holy laws
Through lightning and war the complacent one will be put to death.

Okay, in this quatrain there is no hint of the where, but there is an event in the sky
which will cause  - the devine one's enemies - who are unjust -  and they unjustly want to discuss holy laws.
(Just out of curiosity, do you think it's possible these people are afraid of a judgment of some sort?)
It then goes on to say a complacent individual will be put to death  

First of all, the word - complacent - may be a mistranslation - the word used in French is either croyan or croyant.
Meaning - believer.   So a - believer - so called - if he is indeed unjust means he was - a believer - in name only
when it came to God and those holy laws.  I'll get back to the above quatrain in a second.  

C2 Q87

The old full beard under the severe statute
Made at Lyons over the Celtic eagle
The little great one perserveres too far.
Noise of arms in the sky, Ligurian sea red.

First of all, Lyons, is specifically mentioned and the - noise of arms in the sky - is almost
identical to - Arms clashing in the sky.  Anything else which would indicate, Lyons?  Yes.
The little great one ... is a very good way to describe - Guess who - Plancus.  

Lucius Plancus lived in a very volitille time in Roman histroy.  Born, 87 BC - Died, 15 BC.
He survived it all, living to be 72 which was far beyond the average life expectancy at the time.
Was he great?  Well he was instrumental in the Gallic Wars.  He founded Lyons.  He achieved
a great deal of wealth.  He became a Roman Sentator.  So, where was he little?  Well, Emporor Augustus
had two openings for the Censors in the Roman Empire which is likened to the, Chief Magistrates, of a country today.
One was, Amelius Paullus, who was incomptetant but did try to perform his duties and the other was, Plancus, who was
the exact opposite.  It seems the little cuss had a hard time ruling on the cases of individuals who had committed the
same crimes he did when he was young.  Of course, you don't mess with Augustus and what did he do?

He not only fired the both of them, he also cancelled the positons of the two Censors in Rome altogether.  Done?
Not quite.  At least on one ocassion if not more, Augustus when he was having a procession in Rome when he
was the main attraction, he had Plancus with a broom leading the parade, clearing the streets before him.  So does
the line, - The little great one perseveres too far - fit?  You know, the elderly, Roman Senator, Plancus, living long enough
to be humiliated?  Forced to be a clown in the parade?  I think it does.

Now, please go back and read both qutrains and see if I really have a case or not.
Oh, yeah.  The Ligurian sea red.  What in God's name could a sea off the coast of Italy have anything to do
with the Age of Aquarius beginning and coming in with blood?  Quebec City?  The prophecy in Revelation?
A judgment day to be witnessed by all of mankind?  I don't know .. but there is a statue of Jesus at the bottom
of the Ligurian Sea called, Christ of the Abyss, which could support me.  Check it out.    

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