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Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 02, 2020, 11:35:16 AM »
Century 6-69  Napoleon Bonaparte  August 15, 1769

What a great pity will it be before long,
Those that did give,shall be constrained to receive,
Naked,famished with cold,to mutiny
To go over mountains making great disorders

I posted Hitler,and now Napoleon...The best i can tell is the Third Antichrist was born "September 1999" Century 10-72, He is 20 years old..The MABUS Century 2-62 guy could be a good guy,or a bad guy..Nostradamus only says his death will piss people off...If MABUS is in our timeline? possible he was born 1962 (58 years old),or will be born in 2026(or born April 26th like i was),but he dates events to a comet.....Keep and eye out for rogue visible to the naked eye comets!

Like this one..
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 02, 2020, 08:04:49 AM »
Century 3-84   Harry Truman May 8,1884

The Great city shall be made very desolate
Not one of the inhabitants shall be left in it
Wall,sex,church and virgin ravished
By sword,fire,plague,cannon people shall die

All you have to know is Harry Truman"s Motto "The Man Who Dropped The Bomb"
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 01, 2020, 01:49:07 PM »
 May 1, 2011 Looks like today is the anniversary!

Century 3-11
Armies shall fight in the air a great while (If you start at 2001? it took them 10 years to get him)
The BIRD shall fall in the middle of a city (Not a Bird)
Vermin,scabs,sword,firebrand in the face
When the Monarch of d'Adrie shall die  (d'Adrie is an anagram for Riyadh)

Why he calls Bin Laden a Monarch is a mystery,but make no mistake about it..He was a Saudi!..Everything happened just the way he wrote it,and they said he was shot in the face!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 01, 2020, 12:02:00 PM »
April 19,1775  The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War

Century 2-19
Newcomers shall build a place without a fence
And shall occupy a place that was not then habitable
They shall at their pleasure take fields,houses and towns,
There shall be famine,plague,war,and a long arable field

Read the last line carefully,we can deal with plague and war in the USA (as long as we win) but we really haven't seen wide spread famine,and that's not something i'm looking forward to!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 01, 2020, 08:50:16 AM »
Here's one where Nostradamus tells of something way after the death..

Century 10-87 (Reverse Year) Joseph Stalin  Dec 18, 1878

The great king shall land near Nice
The great empire of death shall interpose with it
In the ANTIPODES,he shall put his HORSE (See Below)
By sea all the pillage shall vanish

This is a pretty easy one,not only is it dated to him,but the second line pretty much SAYS IT!

This is what i found on the third line..

(the Antipodes)
Australia and New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere).
"there were plants from the Antipodes, including eucalyptuses and acacias"

A Russian sculptor put Stalin's horse in the Antipodes about 15 years ago...

Anybody can find  "Benito Mussolini" too...His is an open date! "Napoleon" is listed as a year,but his death is listed using the hidden dating method.
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 01, 2020, 08:09:51 AM »
Century 1-7 Reinhard Heydrich    Mar 7,1904
One arriving too late,the execution will take place
The wind being contrary,and letters intercepted on the way
The Conspirators fourteen of a separate body
By th Red One,the enterprise shall be undertaken

Century 2-20 Aldof Hitler  Apr 20, 1889
Brothers and sisters shall be slaves in various places
And shall pass before the Monarch
Who shall look upon them with attentive eyes
They shall go in heaviness,witness their chin,forehead and nose

Century 8-79 (Reverse year) Joseph Goebbels  Oct 29, 1897
He who by iron shall destroy his father,born in Nonnaire (anagram for Neronian.. debauchery and barbarous cruelty)
Shall in the end carry the blood of the gorgon( Greek myths, blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison)
Shall in a strange country make all so silent
That he shall burn him self,and his double talk

Century 8-100 Heinrich Himmler  Oct 07, 1900
Through the abundance of the army scattered
High will be low,low will be high
Too great a faith,a life lost in jesting
To die by thirst,through abundance of want

The task now is to find the crazies for WWIII,and they 100% are in the book!

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on May 01, 2020, 07:40:08 AM »
There are lots of birth quatrain,but some have death Quatrains as with JFK and RFK

Century 9-36  JFK (He simply reversed the year) Nov 22,1963

A great king taken in the hands of a young one   (Lone gunman "Oswald")
Not far from the passing way,confusion,of a knife  (He's describing the Zapruder film here) pasques does mean Passover,but in old Latin it's "passing way" (Stemmons freeway underpass)
Shall commit,pitiful time,the fire at the top of the mast
Three brothers then shall wound one another,and murder done  (Ted Kennedy was wounded in a plane crash 1964)

Century 4-6 RFK  June 6,1968

After the new clothes shall be found out
There shall be malice,plotting,and machination
He shall die the first,that shall make a trial of it
Under cover of Venice,shall be a conspiracy

As you can see JFK was killed by Oswald,no conspiracy mentioned,but RFK was killed by dark forces that have never been brought to justice! I suspect the translation of RFK is a little off..

The death of FDR is  Century 2-12
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 30, 2020, 10:52:43 PM »
Century 4-12    Jun 18, 1812 -  Feb 17, 1815

The Greatest camp being in disorder shall be routed
And shall be pursued not much after
The Army shall encamp again,and the troops set in order
Then after,they shall be wholly driven out of "Gaule"

This one threw me for at least two years,because i thought it was D-day,and I kept trying to make the date fit...The word Gaule mostly means France,but in this case it only means French city that is a long way from France..

Clues?..12 is a year,and this may be a double quatrain with 4-13,and normally that would mean he gives us a day,but in this case i think he gives us another year 12-13 for 15....because  i know what 4-12 is,and how long the war lasted so 12-15 three years.

This is also a #1 song from the year 1959 if you just wanna make it easy for yourself....

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 30, 2020, 08:02:11 PM »
I have to warn everybody...Nostradamus has two other ways he does the DAY or YEAR...The MONTH is always right!

Vice Presidents who become president and one term Presidents tend to be "reverse day" or "reverse year" I'm not sure yet if that's random or on purpose....all the other reverse day/year for other event /people seem to be random

The last two Presidents that were reversed were H BUSH and TRUMP....Trump is not 4-14,he is 4-64 it is just as bad or worse than 4-14! Andrew Johnson,Andrew Jackson are also reversed.

Most of the President are open dates..Grant,Eisenhower.Truman,Kennedy,Obama,Jefferson, have to know your history!

There is another method  for day or year..I'm not saying now

Everybody of note that was a leader,king or military hero or nut is in the quatrains.

One of my favorite quatrains is April 6,1917 the day the Americans entered WWI  2-6,because the date tells you more than the quatrain....have fun!

Don't forget the translations can trip you up also!
Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« Last post by Global Doom on April 30, 2020, 04:20:34 PM »
How many of you people have figured it out? know? the MONTHS?

The book starts March 1,1555

Century 1 is MARCH,Century 2 is APRIL,and so on.....Century 11-12 Jan-Feb are missing

I also know a few other things!....Go back and check every date in this thread if you don't believe me!..How do you think I knew?

Do not use the newer translations where people have guessed what the quatrain is,and writing the translation to their fantasy....I use an older translation,and even this one is not perfect...I've seen newer translations that could be used in MAD Magazine!
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