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 on: September 21, 2018, 02:51:55 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
Well, since the very first quatrain I presented here was recently mentioned, I'm going to restate
my conjectures on the verse and add one to it.   You tell me, if my thoughts on the matter could be plausible
and please note the word which is emboldened.

C6  Q97

At forty five degrees the sky will burn.
Fire approaches the great new city.
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up.
When they will want verification from the Normans.
or ..
When the world will demand verification from the Normans.

To me, this quatrain does - NOT - give any historical clues but rather, geographical ones.
Let's start with the last line.
When the world will demand verification from the Normans.

As stated - the Normans could be people from a particular province in France called, Normandy or
it could represent a northern people or country.  If put together, then it could be speaking of a northern
country with a province which speaks French and that only leaves one possibility - Canada,

the new city

As stated in, 2008, Canada celebrated Quebec City for being the oldest city in Canada.  If it was the oldest city
then, at one time it must have been the new city.  Makes sense to me.

At forty five degrees .

Quebec City is located at 46. 817 degrees latitude.  Close but - Lyons in France is located at 45.759 degrees latitude and as I showed,
Nostradamus used Roman and Greek deities to represent, Mother Mary, so he could very well have used the city of, Lyons, to represent,
Quebec City.

Lyons, was a new city to the Roman Empire.  QC, was a new city to, France.
Lyons, started out as a fort.  QC started out as a fort.
Lyons, was originally called - Fort on a hill.  QC, was a fort on a summit or cliff.
Lyons', nickname, if you will, is - the city of walls.  QC, was a walled city.
Lyons was a capital city.  QC was and still is, a capital city.
Lyons has a special dedication a/o connection with Mother Mary.  QC, will have a special connection  with Mother Mary,
as in, the Lady clothed with the sun taking place in the skies above, Quebec City.  Of course that is, if I'm right.  
Now, look at the quatrain that follows.  Already presented and analyzed.

C4 Q96

The elder sister of the British Isles
Will be born fifteen years before her bother.
Because of her promise procuring verification.
She will succeed to the Kingdom of the balance.

Remember, I stated, Nostradamus, could very well have been speaking of the British colonization of Canada
and how, Canada, could have been - born - fifteen years before Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 in the U.S.
How he represented Canada by the feminine and why so the feminine figure could bring about a - verification.
A feminine figure in, Canada.  A feminine figure in Canada which had a direct connection with the, British Isles.

The word - verification - is used only twice in the quatrains.  So a verification of what?  Why will the whole world
want a verification from the country of Canada?  Why?  Because the world will want to know if the event that took place in Canada
did originate from God.  That's why.  

 on: September 19, 2018, 07:23:49 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Global Doom

Did I identify the New City which Nostradamus speaks about?
The event which will take place in the skies above it?  Did I interpret
the Third Secret of Fatima correctly?  Please have a look at what I posted
on YT (not very professionally done, I might add,  but it was my first time doing
anything like that, plus the heat that day was stifling) please see below.  
If link does not register I have placed the title of the vid.  

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Nostradamus, Fatima and the New Age.

This he dated the same way as D-day (a double quatrain) where he hides the date up front(only using both quatrains you get day or year)...this one seems to be triple quatrain 6/96/97/98, and the only one that I know of,
and although I know what Month this will happen? it can be a day or year with the other date that I get(not saying now,i will after trump leaves office).feels like North Korea,....Could be just a few years away..When I tell everybody how he dates this stuff?  ...YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT NOSTRADAMUS THE SAME WAY AGAIN!

If this were a normal dated quatrain using just  6/96 or even just 6/97? it would be past my life span unless I live to be almost a 100(and just so you do not get confused i'll be a 100 in 2065)...Pretty sure it's a series quatrain(he adds an extra date in continuation quatrains) guessing year,and and very soon...the clue is the "normans",they were also called the Northerners...It's not far fetched the North Korea and the USA will come to blows again...Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris will be President at the time  this happens if it's a year,but if its a day date?..this could happen next year or any year after.

Just so you know..George patton was also a double quatrain...when you see the dates on that one? you may understand more about this one...

 on: September 18, 2018, 06:43:37 AM 
Started by Global Doom - Last post by Global Doom

Thomas Jefferson
Ulysses S. Grant
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Death Only,Birth probably in missing volume)
Lincoln   (Death Only,Birth probably in missing volume),but also mentioned in 2 other Quatrains
Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
John Kennedy
Donald J. Trump (FATE IS LISTED) The reason I am waiting to post Dating system...I would rather not post and be wrong, instead of posting and be wrong!
Andrew Jackson
George H Bush
Andrew Johnson  (In this Quatrain you get the Anagram for WASHINGTON DC,the anagrams he uses for city's is the key to the whole book)..just a note.. DC will be hit with something...a good reason NOT to post this stuff.but i have to....One Quatrain to DC is 2-46 and 3 others I'm not posting yet because you'll put it together.....DC (and probably other places) gets hit a few months before before the 10-72 Quatrain...In the same year! although the first could be chemical,and the second nukes...won't know until it happens.
George W Bush
Teddy Roosevelt
George S. Patton
Osama bin Laden  (Birth & Death Quatrains)  The death Quatrain gives us another city anagram, that is important for future events,and pretty much sums up who was funding the terror.
King Charles I
Princess Diana  (This Quatrain is not over,the fate of Charles is listed also)
Napoleon  (Birth & Death Quatrains)
Pope Francis
Robert Kennedy  (Death Only...only Presidents/Kings & Queens/Military Leaders/Religious Persons get birth Quatrains)
Winston Churchill
Adolf Hitler Birth Only (Did not die in the Bunker,but Nostradamus says we will never know what happened to him) many other mentions of him and NAZI's ALL dated to events of WWII
Heinrich Himmler
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Goebbels
Reinhard Heydrich
Charles de Gaulle (Death only) realizing he was born and died in the same month,I figured he would have 2,but i dunno

JFK  assassination  (All translations miss translate "one word" ,when replaced? you understand what he's saying,and i only knew because I know the date of the Quatrain...THE WORD HAD TO BE WRONG!)
Waco & Oklahoma City
Doolittle Raid
America enters WWI
Berlin wall Comes Down  (This one dates the exact start year of the next World War)
Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr assassination  (People think this one is JFK,but i know how it's Dated!)
Berlin Olympics
Invasion of France
Hindenberg (Basically this is a warning that the Invasion of France is coming)
The Hister Quatrain 2-24 is about the Hitler and the Nazi's,but this Quatrain is dated to the start of something they did!

10-72 IS THE FUTURE BECAUSE IT'S A BIRTH(Someone from Middle East, 19 years old right now) AND EVENT QUATRAIN...It is not 911!  The only mention of 911 i found is
in George W Bush's Quatrain...Major US events are listed with the Presidents...I'll give you all a hint...Take a wild guess of what Harry Truman's Quatrain will be about?

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are clearly in here on Births(Warning on what he says about these two women)...THEY WILL BOTH BE PRESIDENT! Rahm Emanuel is possible if he 1. loses the nomination first,or 2. becomes Vice President..I doubt there will be another Republican President until the 30's if at all!

As you can tell? most Quatrains are PEOPLE!...All these are DATED! and are ALL dated using the SAME anchor Date!

I will post the dating system after TRUMP leaves office...should be very soon!

 on: September 14, 2018, 07:22:27 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
Do you want to see how the planet, Saturn, could indeed fit in with my conjecture regarding
the beginning of a New Age - a judgment day to be witnessed by all of mankind and a punishment thereof
and - with the Jewish people?  Please read on.

C1 Q54

Two revolutions will be caused by the evil scythe bearer
Making a change of reign and centuries
The mobile sign thus moves into its house
Equal in favor to both sides.

Two revolutions caused by the evil scythe bearer.
Making a change of reign and centuries.

The planet, Saturn, does make revolutions around the sun (like all planets) and it was often depicted as an old man carrying
a scythe.  In fact, in the old days when a New Year was dawning, that old man in depictions would be going forward only to be
replaced by a new born baby.  Of course, Nostradamus, does seem to inlply it would be far more than a New Year but rather, a New Age
Hence the second line.  Making a change of reign and centuries.  But notice there is no reference point.  Two revolutions from what?

The mobile sign thus moves into its house.
Equal in favor to both sides.

Well, if he's speaking in Astrologoical terms then the - equal in favor to both sides - could be a scale and the Astrological house
could be, Libra.  The Scales of Justice or Judgment?  Moving, as in - mobile - into its place?  Balanced at the beginning in equal fashion
and then ... after an event, to tip against the unjust?  It's possible.  Now, look at the next quatrain.

C9 Q79

Again will the holy temples be polluted
And plundered by the Senate of Toulouse.
Saturn two three cycles completed.
In April May people of a new leaven.

Let's look at the last two lines first.

Saturn two three cycles completed.
In April May people of a new leaven.

Now what?  Here Nostradamus states Saturn will have two three cycles completed ... not, two - as in the original verse.
How is that possible?  Two Three?  Well, if two revolutions were completed and then, some time - into - the third but not completing the third
cycle... then it would make sense.  But again, no reference point?  Well maybe there is.  If anyone mentions unleavened or leavened bread to me,
the first group of people I would think of, would be the, Jews.   So if it is the Jewish people a/o Israel then, given their modern founding year was in
1948, maybe that would be the reference point?  It takes 29.5 years for one revolution of Saturn to circle the sun.  If added to 1948 that would bring us
to, 1977.  One more and we'd be in 2007.  So, since the third would be completed in 2036, then the event within the two and three revolutions must
occur sometime between, 2007 and 2036.  Also, I'd like you to consider the following.

Believe it or not, the planet, Saturn, does have a strong connection with the Jewish people even if the quatrains above never existed. Check it out.  
Also, Jesus Himself compared the Kingdom of Heaven with leaven, the yeast which causes bread to rise.  Here again, check it out.  Meaning?
Well, if you think I stretched things out to match the - people of a new leaven - to the Jews, it could have been there anyway.  Last, but not least,
consider the following.  The whole matter of the Jews being connected with unleavened bread stems from the Passover.  You know.  When the Jews left,
Egypt, in a hurry after the, Angel of Death, took the first born throughout the land.  Except those who had the blood of the lamb over their doors.
So?  Well, maybe Nostradamus was referring to another event where the, Angel of Death, will come upon the earth?  The deaths of the dead who will
be burying the dead?  To Vulcan bodies dead ones to bury?  It does fit the Jewish people.  It does fit, Jesus.  If leaven was compared to the Kingdom
of God by Jesus and He is returning ... then where else would He establish the Kingdom on earth but in, Jerusalem?  Where else, but in the Third Temple
in, Jerusalem. Where else but with the people of a new leaven?  The same group who was identified with unleavened bread?  

BTW - I forgot to mention something.  The Passover event as marked by the Jews takes place each year in the spring, usually, March or April.
In the above verse he isolates, April and May.  This may do with the shift of the Zodiac through time.  Either way, it would be in the spring and it
does match another line presented before.  In March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying   Like maybe, there's a group identified before
the world?  Wounding each other ...  Well, he did worse than me .. Why should I suffer the same fate?  And ... Well, the worrying part would be
understandable.  Now, that only leaves two lines to decipher but first look at the order as it concerns Saturn.  Both quatrains combined to a degree.  
The first four in the first.  The last two line of the second.

C1 Q54

Two revolutions will be caused by the evil scythe bearer
Marking a change of reign and centuries.
The mobile sign thus moves into its house.
Equal in favor to both sides.

C9 Q79

Saturn two three cycles completed.
In April May, people of a new leaven.

To me .. it is there.  Now, for the last two lines.

Again will the holy temples be polluted
And plundered by the Senate of Toulouse.

Meaning?  Well, granted it doesn't seem to fit my conjectures but, I did find out, Toulouse,
a city in France due to its pinkish architecture from bygone days, has been often called - La Ville Rose.  This does translate
to - a city with a pinkish hue but, it could also be translated as ... The city of the rose.  Since the word - rose - could be a pinkish color
or, an actual, rose.  Well, since Nostradamus already mentioned ... the Rose in the middle of the world scene
which I already analyzed could be Mother Mary in the skies of Quebec City, the New City ... then I'll stick with that.

And, what happens there?  Look at it.  If it fits then it could only mean one thing.  I've stated to you before that - IF - the Age of Aquarius
does come, then it should mean a very positive time for mankind.  Peace.  Harmony.  Brotherhood.  Tolerance.  Cooperation, etc.  If that
positive isn't maintained throughout to our end of days ... then, as stated, Satan will rise again.  To heights unimaginable.  

BTW - the French word, Senat, does indeed mean - Senate.  It could also mean - Parliament.  Like the one in Canada.

And, oh yes ... just one more thing, a la Lieutenant, Columbo, regarding, Saturn,
and the possibility that the New Age - IF - it comes, could reverse itself.

C1 Q51

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn
Eternal God what changes
Then the bad times will return after a long century (or, cycle)
What turmoil in France and Italy.

The head of Aries ...

The Head or Point of Aries could very well be interpreted as the beginning
of a, New Age.  Aries, after all, is the first sign of the Zodiac.

Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter always represents the Kingly and Saturn, the ruling planet for the Jewish people a/o, Israel, itself

Eternal God what changes.

Could be taken in two ways.
Wow, did you see all the positive things mankind did after the, Age of Aquarius, began?
And, it's still going strong.  Or?

Eternal God what changes.

Well, it started out pretty good but there goes mankind again. Acting like a bunch of money hungry,
power seeking, self centered, mother  ....  idiots.

Then the bad times will return again after a long century or cycle.

Prophecy or warning?  Are these shadows of things that must be, or are they shadows of things that MIGHT be?
Side note - Alastair Sim did deserve the Oscar for Best Actor that year.  No doubt about it.

What turmoil in France and Italy.

Hey, it might not happen. Right?  Just like the ending of the Third Secret of Fatima.



 on: September 13, 2018, 09:55:04 AM 
Started by Woutertje - Last post by Global Doom
September 1999 is a Birthday of a person(About 19 years old now),and the other dates are when this attack happens,but the USA will be hit months earlier.

 on: September 13, 2018, 09:35:29 AM 
Started by Global Doom - Last post by Global Doom
After Trump "Suddenly" Leaves Office? I will come in here and post the dating system Nostradamus used to date everything..VERY SIMPLE!...Trump will SUDDENLY be out of office before the 2020 election.

I do not guess on Quatrains..THEY ARE ALL DATED!..Every President has a Quatrain except the ones in the missing volumes..
Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris will be President in 2020,and BOTH of these women will be President at some point!...To be fair?..I've never voted for a Dem in my life,and I will not start even though I know they will win.

I use old translations by Henry C. Roberts Published 1947,these are the best translations that I have found..The newer translations tend to miss the point of what he's saying,I'm just saying you might want a copy of his (Roberts) book when I return to post the dating system!

 on: September 08, 2018, 04:47:59 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
Well, since we looked at the word - splendor - and how it appeared only four times in the quatrains of Nostradamus.
Once, coupled with the word - divine.  Twice with the constellation Virgo (Lady) and once, when it was associated with the goddess,
Venus (Lady).  Not to mention ... how that specific word appeared in the Third Secret of Fatima, regarding, Mother Mary, and more importantly,
how She could indeed, be appearing in the same said prophecy as the, Divine Lady clothed with the Sun  ... Let's look at something - new -
for a change.  Literally.  Check it out.

New City was mentioned three times in the quatrains, I've analyzed so far and ....
New deeds.  New king.  New edict.  New saint.  New spectacle.  New state and, new Mars.

Perhaps they all connect with that line I already presented?

The Great Mover - renews - the Ages?
Especially in the manner I'm predicting?
And, speaking of which ...

C3 Q97
New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.  
The great barbarian empire to decay
Before the moon completes its cycle.

So, how would you interprt the first two lines of the quatrain above?  To me, it seems like there is going to be a - new - beginning
taking place as it primarily concerns, Judea and Palenstine.  Maybe where the Third Temple is to be built?  Maybe the Jews, Christian
and Muslims will come to realize that it has to be built, especially given the supernatural event around it?  Just thinking outloud folks.

The great barbarian empire to decay.

Well, given the Three Secrets of Fatima imparted to, Lucy, I've got a notion as to which empire Nostradamus
is speaking about which will start to decay after the said event and become a beacon for the world.  You?

Before the moon completes its cycle.  

Well, anyway you look at it, whatever phase the moon was in when the event happened, it will
appear the same way about a month later.  Correct?  Yeah, a month's time should be enough for all the major religions
of the world to reach a consensus regarding the Temple and other things.  Like we're all in this together?  Like, we were all right
to a degree and wrong in other areas of our dogma, so let's get over it.  Think of the Age which has begun folks.  Or, will you?

BTW ... since the phases of the moon is the only chronological hint we're given, perhaps, the verse should read as such.

C3 Q97

Before the moon completes its cycle.
New law to occupy the new land.
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine.
The great barbaric empire to decay.

Yeah, that seems better.  The moon - which could represent a female diety and, in less than a month's time ....
as mentioned above and then ...the barbaric empire will start to decay.  And?  Well, if it isn't the specific place as mentioned
in one of the, Three Secrets of Fatima, then, it can only mean the decaying of one other thing.  At least, as far as my conjectures go.


 on: September 02, 2018, 02:00:20 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
So, will the next quatrain take us from, Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to the collapse of the Western Wall in Jerusalem
thus signifying to the world the Third Temple must be built there and ...  a New Age has dawned?  Take it easy.  I think there
is a degree of logic to it all   just consider.

C5 Q81

The royal bird over the city of the Sun.
Seven months in advance, it will deliver a nocturnal omen.
The Eastern wall to fall, lightning, thunder
Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

The royal bird over the city of the Sun.

Right away, I knew, Nostradamus, was referring to the Phoenix.  First of all, a lot of cultures had the Phoenix symbolism in their
historic myths and tales and some consider it to be a royal bird and some believe that the Sun does take part in its renewal.
process.  In fact, in ancient times the, City of Heliopolis, in Egypt claimed to be the home of the same said, Phoenix.  Heliopolis,
when translated does mean, City of the Sun.  So, if the Lady clothed with the Sun event takes place in the skies of, Quebec City,
then the city part is there, the walled part is there, according to the Jews - as stated in a previous segment - and now, the Sun part
is also included.

Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen.

Well, as you may have guessed I didn't know anything about a nocturnal omen being associated with the Phoenix
so I punched in the crucial words on the web and what, of all things, popped up, but the phenomenon of the Phoenix Lights
which took place in Arizona on the - night - of March 13, 1997?  Yeah, right.  I was just about to chuck it when the number 13 caught my eye.  
No - it is NOT a Fatima day, since they took place from, May 13 to October 13, consecutively and, as stated earlier - Lucy of Fatima died
on, February, 13/05.  And?  Well, I was just about to chuck it again, when I read the line in question ... Seven months ... IN ADVANCE.  Since
an omen is a precursor or warning of what is to come, then the omen must come first and then ... seven months later ... an event?  If the word,
months, is maintained and the actual year isn't to be regarded.   Then?  Well, if you count the seven months from the 13th of March, that would bring
us to, September, 13.   A Fatima day no less and a Quebec City day, for that matter.  And, if one didn't and began from April 13, that would bring uo
to, October, 13.  The, Dance of the Sun, day at Fatima, in 1917.

BTW - I'm pretty sure you know there is indeed a city called Phoenis in Arizona but there's also a Sun City.  Just thought I'd mention it.

The Eastern Wall to fall, lightning thunder.  
This line will be done in three parts.  The last two flipped.

The Eastern Wall to fall ...

The Western or Wailing Wall is the last standing remnant of the Second Temple in Jersualem
If there is to be a Heavenly event to show where the Third Temple will be built then, yes - it will fall.
Also ... if the event occurs west of the Westen Wall then it will be heading or viewed upon as being East of the event.

thunder ...

I've been through this before.  I agree with that Native American prophecy about the next Age will begin with
a worldwide sound.


I've been through this before.  Satan will fall like lightning.  Jesus said so.  

Seven days the enemies directly at the gates.

Well, here we go again.  One small portion of a verse that is ambiguous.  Since it is stated - enemies -  like the devine one's - enemies -
in a previous quatrain and the word - directly - this could refer to the first claimed by Satan as in, a great - scattered - flame that will leap up.  
That small group (5-9) right at the onset claimed by the scattering, if you will, and - directly - ending up at the gates of Hell.  Seven days -
could be a portent before the event or it could be a play on seven and September.  Sept for seven and Sept, as an abbreviation, for that specific month.  
In September days - seven- - will be going directly to Hell before anyone else?  Also, I'd like to state the following.

How the Phoenix Lights came about is a moot point to me.  If it was a hoax, as perpretated by someone in dire need of a girlfriend, or
it was a secret military exercise or Alien in nature, means nothing.  It's the story and how it spread worldwide, that's the key.  Something mysterious
happened in the sky.  The same thing will happen if my conjectures prove to be true - in spades.  And, oh yes, just one more thing ... the Phoenix,
itself, was an early Christian symbol for, Jesus.  Maybe, that would fit in as well as far as my conjecturs are concerned?

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowing down in front of my house.
I'm going to check it out.  Probably from Amazon.

 on: August 30, 2018, 08:35:53 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
At the onset, I've been saying that the next Age will begin with an event concerning the innocents and the pronounced
(as in marked) malefactors and Wait a minute.  Did I say that or did, Nostradamus?  Take a look.

C9 Q14

Dyer's cauldrons put on a flat surface
Wine, honey, oil and built over furnaces.
They will be immersed, innocents and pronounced malefactors.
Seven of Bordeaux, smoke in the cannon.

Now, there were two reasons why I even dared to try to decipher the above quatrain.  The first -  as stated - it seemed to match -
exactly - what I was saying regarding the two main groups.  Second reason?  Well, since Jesus is at the center of all this anyway, I decided
to punch in, Jesus and the Dyer, over the computer and expecting nothing  I got a hit.  It seems there was a tale which emerged a few
hundred years after Christianity had been established, which centers around Jesus when He was twelve years old.  He happened to pass by  
a Dyer's Shop located at, 1917 Nazareth Avenue and He went in.  The young, Jesus, then noticed the owner was gone and in order to help
He put the robes and whatever apparel was next to the cauldron, into the cauldron.  Again, hoping to help.  

When the owner did return he was upset more than anything else.  Yes, the items were to go into the cauldron  but now when they would
be coming out, all would be the same color which was NOT what he wanted.  The Dyer wanted to put in the clothes in an intermittent manner
and add the mixtures accordingly.  The young, Jesus, then looked at the shop owner and said, something like -  Hey, Dude, will you relax?  
There's no damage done.  Look!  And when the Dyer pulled out the clothing, each item was the exact color which he begin with.    
Now, let's look at the verse at hand as a whole.

It seems to me, because Nostradamus states, cauldrons and furnaces, in the plural, that a sizable number of people will be going through a Tribulation
of sorts.  As in the word, immersed.  The innocents will be going to the positive, hence the phrase, wine, honey and oil.  While most of the pronounced malefactors will be going to the negative.  Hence the word - furnaces.  Still another connection to Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.  To Vulcan bodies
dead ones to bury.  Each group will be exposed as to their true natures or - colors - thus keeping with the theme of the verse.  The innocents will be known
as such and so will the malefactors.  The phrase of the cauldrons put on a flat surface could refer to, Quebec City, as in the battle fought there (on a
Fatima day, no less) was later known as taking place on the, Plains of Abraham.  So, that leaves one line to interpret.  

Seven of Bordeaux, smoke in the cannon.  

Let's look at the latter - smoke in the cannon.  First, you get the impression that a battle took place which is now over and there's smoke in the
cannon still emerging outwards.  Smoke, by the way, is a symbol for the, Devil or Satan   Check it out.  Defeated yes - but not destroyed?  So, that
leaves one phrase to decipher - Seven of Bordeaux.  I don't know.  If I had to give one meaning I would say, that since it is a type of
wine, it could be interpreted as meaning - deep red.   Perhaps, seven connected to the Chief of Fossano?  That crooked Chief of Police.  You remember?  
The color red would indeed fit, as far as Canada is concerned.  It could also mean, if broken down, edge - as in bord - and - waste water - as in - eaux.  
Still red, of course.

BTW - if you think I presented a weak argument that the cauldrons on the - flat surface - could have been referring to the battle for, Quebec City,
on the - Plains - of Abraham and regarding the, Seven of Bordeaux, then chuck them both.  Anyway you look at it, there does seem to be a strong
connection with, Jesus.  A connection with a fallen, Satan and in between, there does seem to be a Tribulation of sorts, as it involved the Innocents
and the pronounced malefactors.  Those things alone, do supports my conjectures.
Incidentally, the word, plains, is defined as - a large area of - flat - land with few trees.  Just thought I'd mention it.


 on: August 29, 2018, 02:43:07 PM 
Started by Still standing - Last post by Raymond Sayle
Well, you and I are going to follow a specific word which Lucy of Fatima used to describe, Mother Mary,
in the Third Secret and we'll see how it does seem that Nostradamus was indeed predicting the Lady clothed to the Sun and
how it does tie in to the events of Fatima.  Here is a direct quote from the same said passage which deals with the Angel and
his fiery sword and the huge flames which were emanating from it to be aimed at the earth -  - - but they died out in contact with the
- splendor - that Our Lady radiated towards him ...  So, how many times did Nostradamus use that specific word in his quatrains?
Four - and please note, some have been already analyzed.

C1 Q2

With rod in hand in the midst of Branchus
With water he wets both hands and feet
Fearful, voice trembling through his sleeves
Devine splendor, the devine seats himself nearby.

From what I gather this was how Nostradamus would prepare to get his visions and Branchus
was a Greek, either human or god, who was known for his prophetic nature and the line of other prophets
who followed him.  Descendants?  I don't know.  Maybe, in spirit only.

C10 Q98

For the merry maid the bright splendor
Will shine no longer.  For long she will be without salt.
With merchants, bullies, wolves odious
All confusion, universal monster.

Already analyzed.  If Nostradamus was referring to, Astrea, and she became, Virgo, then
it is Virgo who has the splendor.  The only House of the Zodiac to show a woman.  And?
There is a universal monster, is there not?  And?  People associated with him?

C4 Q28

When Venus will be covered by the Sun
Under the splendor will be a hidden form
Mercury will have exposed them in the fire
Through warlike noise it will be insulated.

Already analyzed.  Venus, the goddess will be covered by the sun
and there will be a splendor to it.

C1 Q80

From the sixth celestial spendor
It will come to thunder very fiercely in Burgundy.
Then of a hideous beast shall be born a monster.
March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying.

Not analyzed, as of yet.  First of all, Virgo, is the - sixth - sign of the Zodiac
so SHE has the splendor.  As for Burgundy - two ways it could support me.
The word - Burg -  means a fortified or walled town in early or Medieval Europe.
This matches, Quebec City, as far as fortified and walled are concerned but ... that was in the English translation,
not the French.  If that bothers you, then consider the following.  At one time there was a, Kingsom of Burgundy,
and the two primary cities therein were, Geneva and ... Lyons.  Remember Lyons, the stand-in for. Quebec City?  
So either way or both ways, it fits my conjectures.

Then of a hideous beast shall be born a monster.

Yes, if mankind does not heed the final warning from God.  Again, if you're not doing anything
go back and read, The Third Secret of Fatima.

March, April, May, June, great wounding and worrying.

You know, the people who had a downfall with Satan?  Those still alive who are testifying?  The unjust ones who want to
unjustly discuss Holy Laws?  

So, just to recap - splendor - is connected with the divine.  Connected to prophecy.  Connected to Virgo, a Lady?  Connected to Astrea
and Venus?  Connected to the Sun.  Connected to the beginning of a new Astrological Age?  Connected with a universal monster?  Connected to
a walled or fortified town or city?  Connected to Lyons?  Connected to the Bible.  Connected to a judgment day?  And?  Connecyed to the events
at Fatima in 1917, namely, The Third Secret.

I'm sure I've missed a couple of connections but that's good enough for now.

BTW ... would you do me a favor?  Just go to Wikipedia and read the Third Secret of Fatima for yourself.
Read it once, as it is.   And then ... read it as if the event of the Lady clothed with the Sun took place between the sections.
Between the time when Mother Mary and that Angel were NOT on the earth and a chastisment  towards the earth was prevented and
then ... see how a great chastisment to the earth seemed to have happened.  The - why - would be in the middle.  At the very least, some
kind of warning to mankind must have been given which wasn't heeded.

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