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1  Nostradamus / General Discussion / Re: The only true Prophet ? on: February 08, 2010, 11:02:54 AM
No. Michele named his successor and gave a clue to his predecessor. To truely understand Nostradamus you must be familiar with Mazdaism AKA Zorostrianism. The prophecy of Zoroaster (Starrider) AKA Zarathustra (Camel rider) are also unfolding as we speak. The Mazdayasni (Worshipers or Ahura Mazda) near extinction and a comet will pass earth in 2012 and strike it on it's return in 2036. Zoroster was his predecessor. I, Magus Amathion AKA Saoshyant, am his named sucessor and also the third prophet of the last days named by Zoroaster. It is I who hold the Keys to Victory.

Many people have misinterpreted his references to me as references to JFK who like me was also shot. But JFK was not a Magus, Singular of Magi, or Zoroastrian Priest. I am. I also performed a ritual very simular to the one he used at age 8. Except the ritual I used formed the black mirror to his white mirror. That would also explain why the only thing I saw was the eyes of another staring back at me. It was at that moment Nostradamus gained the sight of my eyes. It was then that he began to see everything I would see in my lifetime. Including major portions the worlds history between our two times. The only thing In his prophecies that I can't figure out is why he gave the French spelling of my name instead of the sanskrit spelling I use. A-ma-thion or the Sun is Risen. But soon I will begin to reveal why Ahura Mazda Himself gave me that name.
2  Nostradamus / General Discussion / Re: About Year 1999 and 2012 !!Urgent!! on: February 08, 2010, 10:28:19 AM
12/21/2012 marks the begining of the end in 2036 when the earth will be struck by 99942 Apophis. Apophis is also a demon know as the Destroyer. That makes him contemporary to Ahriman (Zoroastrianism) and the Egyptian Serpent Apep. Look at the serpents coil in the egyptian Glyph. Think of the coils of the serpent as the path of a comet that comes to head attacking a man.
3  Nostradamus / General Discussion / Re: Poll: Who is Mabus? on: February 08, 2010, 10:07:26 AM
Mabus os not only a who. But also a what. You have to figure the who before you can figure out the what. There has been a current attempt to conceal part of the puzzle. Mabus is indeed a conjunction of Osama and Bush. Except that Osama's (Japanese for King*) real name is Usama bin Laden. So that makes the actual conjunction Usama/Bush or USAMABUSH. Now look at it like this. USA(MABUS)H. Now the what of Mabus is revealed by the letters not used to form Mabus. USA H or USA Heroin. Usama and Bush are the middle men, traffickers, or King*pins The USA will be flooded with Heroin. It's really that simple.
4  News & Media / Current Events / Re: MABUS and the ANTICHRIST ID..... on: January 06, 2010, 06:20:31 PM
In the year 1999 and the seventh month,
From the Skies will come the great king of terror,
To reawaken the great king of the Mongolians,
Before and after, Mars will reign at will.

In 1999, and the (sept moix) seventh month.   
The old calander states that september was the seventh month and also we must remember that Notradamus in his time had to write his quatrains in a complex manner and only those who had the key could decode them.  So we have established the month was September.
But what about the accuracy of the year.  Well to the naked eye, the literal meaning would be 1999, BUT!!!!! try this.

He said in his first line "In the year 1999 and the Seventh Month".  Well it could very well mean the full year plus the seventh or SEPT month which would mean that it is September 2000.  Now it still is off by a year, BUT!!!!! try this.

Arent we technically a year ahead.  So do you remember all the ones who came out and told us that we shouldnt have been celebrating the millenium year as we were technically ahead a year and in fact should be celebrating it on the turn from 31 DEC 2000 to the 1st JAN 2001.  Well!!!  wouldnt that mean that Nostradamus got it precisely right because if were tecnically a year ahead, wouldnt that mean that September 2000 should in fact be September 2001. 9/11, 2001.  And just to add in a bit more accuracy, the date of the 11th.  What number did the twin towers look like? thats right, 11.  So after all that we have established that the date is 100% accurate.
Now the next line.
From the skies will come the great King of TERROR.
Now, Nostradamus didn't say from the heavens, so this puts all speculation that it meant something from outer space to be forever unjustified.  He said FROM THE SKIES!!! THE SKY.  What was in the sky that day on 9/11?? Thats right, AIRPLANES!!  Weapons of the TERRORISTS.

Who is the great King of TERROR??  Lucifer/Satan or the powers of evil.  Usama bin Laden (Mabus) was blamed for the attacks on 9/11 and when you think of the aftermath of 9/11 we all know that everywhere on our TV's and Newspapers was the word TERROR, TERROR, TERROR.   So Nostradamus got the second line 100% accurate too. 

Just to add a little speculation, mabye Usama bin Laden was the sole architect of 9/11 or maybe, as i said in the lines above, it was the powers of evil.  Wasn't the Bin Ladens and the Bush's linked in behind the scenes business deals and arent the Bush's linked in also with the Saudi Royal family, well maybe in some conspiracy Bush influenced the Saudis and they influenced Bin Laden and his network of terrorists to carry out the attacks on two buildings in which Bush's brother was chief of security over, mmmmmmmmm.  What did 9/11 achieve for these people.  Putting fear into people, and under fear people have a tendancy to feed into lies (weapons of mass destruction) and are persuaded easier.  This set up the agenda to bring the world powers closer together in many ways, eg.Security, sharing of information, tighter democratic legislation to control.  All in the plan for a one world government run by one leader(Lucifer).  You can also see this through the financial crises the world faces today.  They are pushing for unity of world powers to once again achieve their ultimate plan for control in setting up regulatory systems in which the world countries become dependent of one another.  No one can make a move without all agreeing. mmmmmmm suspicious... (ILUMINATI)anyways, back to where we were!!!!!!!

Right, on to the third line..

To re-awaken the great King of the Mongolians.
To take this literally is a joke because as we all know, the Mongolians of today neither have the weapons or infrastructure to pursue that of Genghis Khans' time.  So once again i will say that Nostradamus wrote in riddles for us to figure out who he was writing about.  Now who would you say in todays world could be likened to Genghis Khans Mongolia?  Genghis Khans mongolia had the best weaponry, the best techniques in military strategy and conquered the most land mass in all of History.  Who today has the best weaponry? AMERICA.  Who has the capacity to put their military in many places around the globe?  AMERICA.  Troops in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Korea, in Germany, in Taiwan, in Georgia, in Italy, in Isreal, and so on!!!!  Do you see the similarities!!!  And just to throw in a quote from Sadaam Hussein as the United States invaded.  "The United States is like that of the Mongolian Empire of Ghengis Khan".  mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!  Once again Nostradamus got the third line 100% correct.

Now for the final line.

Before and after, Mars will reign at will.
Mars is the planetary sign for WAR.  So he is basically saying that war will reign at will.  Since 9/11 the world has seen an escalation of the conflicts that continue to manifest.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Geaorgia and Russia, the U.S. with Isreal and Iran, the Chinese with their advances on technology and increased military spending, the alliances that continue to manouvre behind in the shadows.  Europe and Russia, China and Iran, Russia, China, Iran, Sudan and Venezuala(OIL,OIL,OIL), Europe, U.S, Australia and Isreal etc....  the alliances will continue to manifest until there is world unity even if it means there will be military conflict to fuse this plan together.

so watch out, Nostradamus has just given us an opportunity to see into his world of intrigue, gave us a date of significance to use and as a warning of what to watch out for, especially the character he refered to as MABUS.

One thing i will leave you with is to say no matter how bad a lot of the predictions are, you must not let yourself become afraid so i say "DO NOT BE AFRAID MY CHILDREN, FOR THE KINDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.  USE THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY THAT I HAVE OPENED FOR YOU, THE ONLY WAY TO BE SAVED, JESUS CHRIST!

God bless and keep searching the quatrains!!!!

Prophesies out!

Very good. The Osama Bush connection is corrrect. But there is also an anagram with the letters outside of Mabus. You have to think of Mabus as an Eqausion. The part in parentheses is to be solved first. Osa(mabus)H
5  News & Media / Current Events / Re: Next Nostradamus prediction on July 2, 2007 on: January 06, 2010, 06:10:11 PM
You are very close. "The Great Seventh Number" is 777. It plays into Revelations. Especially concerning the 7 Seals. But the number is more relevant to Kaballah or more specifically Gematria. That's Jewish mysticism. Which Revelations and the 7 Seals are based on. It's also where the watch towers come from. There are aspects of Gematria are like a bible code. So anyone that has Bibel code software. You might want to do a search of KJV and Torah with 777 set as the Equadistance of the letters. This isn't a prophecy that can be taken Prima Facie. It's occult (nonocculorum/removed from sight.) You have to research it. Do the math on it. Do the Gematria.
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