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The Pegg Project® : Announcement

Follow the path* of discovery as Australian researcher Ronald Pegg finds a Modern Object Described and Depicted - Back in the Past.


Test his claim for yourself. One particular modern object is examined.

There is an On-Line Interactive Evaluation of 4 Ancient Accounts for you to complete:

* * broken link fixed ***

Current Events / Re: Computer Technology Found Documented in Ancient Texts
« on: September 29, 2011, 10:00:45 PM »
New working link

Time Travel Encounters Back to the Past presentation:

UPDATE 25th July 2010

Due to many comments and questions regarding the given example* of ‘Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict Computer Technology’, more information is now provided as an introduction.

  * An Explanation of the specific 6 glyphs and their Context is given.

See ‘Explanation and Context of these Egyptian glyphs’ link via :

Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict and describe a computer’s cd tray, along with the form of a compact disk itself.

The Old Testament documents and describes computer parts.

The contents of four specific mid 1990s cd-roms are documented and described in many ancient texts.
A common link is Egypt:
Solon, an Egyptian priest, told the story of Athens and Atlantis.
Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), Pharaoh of Egypt, set up a one god religion.
Moses, an Egyptian priest, told various historical stories, and set up a one god religion.
The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ was a computer carry box that also contained the four mentioned cd-roms.

...broken link removed

Link to WBD Home Page:

Three more videos then provide 12 specific examples.

Evidence has been released that contradicts what we have been told about the source and origins of religious legends and stories - including the Creation Account.

Brief summary of findings…

The stories about gods and God from the ancient Middle East, including Egypt, all came from the same non-divine source.

The story of Enki (as related by Sitchin) is not about an encounter with aliens.

Ancient Creation accounts all came from the same non-divine origin.

The Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim perceptions of GOD also came from this same source.

The story of Atlantis and the biblical story of Creation came from the same non-divine source.

Moses held in his hands this non-divine source - being one of the ‘tablets of stone’.

Babylonian and Mesopotamian accounts called this same stone the ‘tablet of destiny’.

Documented in the Old Testament, Ezekiel and Daniel’s “visions” came from this same non-divine source.

In Revelation (NT) John’s “visions” also came from the same non-divine source.

The story by Ezekiel about seeing “Wheels within Wheels” is not about seeing an alien spaceship.

In referring to “The Lamb (of God)” John was not referring to Jesus.

John documents being shown the source and origin of all these things.
He called it ‘A book with seven seals, written on the backside and the inside’.

Egyptian scribes also held this object. They depicted and called it the ‘RA-Disk’.

Hindu tradition documents this same object as ‘the Egg of Brahma’.

Biblical Gospel scholars note a missing document (called the “Q”) that was the original source for some of the New Testament stories.

Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, documented holding ‘artefacts’, and a mid 1800s picture shows him holding the case which held a specific ‘seer stone’.

The ‘tablet of stone’ held by Moses, the Sumerian ‘tablet of destiny’, the Hindu ‘the Egg of Brahma’, John’s ‘book’, the Egyptian ‘ra-disk’, the ‘Q’, and Smith’s ‘seer stone’ all refer to the same non-divine object.

In 1998 the Australian researcher Ronald Pegg identified this non-divine object, conducted investigations, and subsequently found the basis for all the above religious subject matter not to be of a divine origin.

There is now proof revealing that there is no GOD, and that this religiously perceived GOD did not create the earth 6,000 years ago.

2 videos show from where much of the above subject matter originated.

Quatrains / Nostradamus documented the 911 American attack
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:25:35 PM »
The Australian Time Detective, Ronald Pegg found that Nostradamus documented the September 11 2001 American World Trade Centre attack.

Besides the commonly known four lined Quatrains, Nostradamus in the mid 1500s in France wrote another series called the Presages. By the chronology of other associated events discovered by Ronald Pegg in Presages 69 to 72, the relative month and year for Presage 73 is September 2001 - but this knowledge is not required to locate the following described historical event.

Unless indicated otherwise, the English translations for these Presages are from Peter LeMesurier's book The Nostradamus Encyclopedia (Thorsons, London, 1997) page 247.

* Presage 73, lines 3 & 4. English translation from The Nostradamus Code (Ottavio C. Ramotti, Destiny Books, 1998).

Here are extracted relative sentences that reveal a modern historical event - plus Pegg’s Commentary:.

Presage 71
"Conflicts continue worse than ever, and even a pause in hostilities is of no significance, merely allowing plots to be hatched."

A French word in line 1 of this Presage is "trouble" and another in line 3 is "un double" (not shown here). This is one of the rhyming verse associations that Nostradamus employed. This gives the idea of trouble with "twins" or with "two" things that are the same.

Presage 72
"An ominous and unbelievable uprising by 'firebrands' results in their death."

Synonyms of 'firebrands' are given as "flame, and flare".
The "their" refers to the "double" (two things) from the previous Presage.
This verse describes the cause and effect of an event associated with those two things.

Presage 73 (lines 3 & 4*)
"They will soon enough find a new way to spill blood, by the fire of aircraft".   

The "they" refers to the people who were 'hatching plots' in 71. 
A "new way to spill blood, by the fire of aircraft" = the deaths produced by the subsequent fires of an aircraft crash [such as when an aircraft is turned into a weapon of mass destruction].

Two aircraft crashed into the WTC Towers in New York
Nostradamus in the mid 1500s documented this historical event.

Presages 71 - 73    (paraphrased, in English, after decoding)
"After hatching a plot, 'two things' (involving 'flaring flames') are in 'trouble' and are 'killed' by 'the fire of aircraft'."

Pegg comes to the conclusion that the event on September 11 2001 is an exact match to this described event.
Both towers of the WTC collapsed because of the fires.

CONCLUSION based upon descriptions in Presages:
Ronald Pegg found where Nostradamus documented the series of events surrounding the American 2001 World Trade Centre attacks.

A full explanation of Presages 69 to 74 and how they exactly date and describe these events are included in Pegg’s report retitled Nostradamus Unsealed (PPHC, 2006)

General Discussion / DOOPArts : documented-out-of-place-artifacts
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:13:58 PM »
On 2nd April 2009 after a decade of study and investigation, I coined the new term DOOPArt, being an acronym for documented-out-of-place artifact.

This is where documented accounts from ancient myths, stories, and texts reveal where ancient people describe the contents of an oopart in their own words and/or depict the oopart itself - which they apparently saw and/or held in their own hands.

A DOOPArt is where the description and contents of a modern technological object have been found in very unusual or seemingly impossible contexts, such as being depicted in hieroglyphs or documented in ancient myths and legends as well as what are now known as religious texts.

But unlike the discovery of an out-of-place artifact during an archaeological dig, in these DOOPArt cases, only the documented descriptions of the oopart encounter have been discovered - and not the oopart itself.

More importantly, unlike the oopart cases which deem the ancient cultures themselves as having technology equal to or more advanced than our current level, a DOOPArt specifically describes certain mid 1995 technology, that has somehow been seen operating in the past.

Comprehensive details at World Breaking Discoveries presents DOOPArts

Quatrains / Century 1 Quatrain 48
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:10:17 PM »
The Australian researcher Ronald Pegg, was not the first to find hidden messages in the works of Nostradamus, as Century 1 quatrain 48 demonstrates.

This means that Nostradamus knew in the mid 1500s who was going to decode his hidden messages !

Extract from “A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus” (pp114-115), PPHC, 2004. used with permission…

Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez:
Lors accomplir & mine ma prophetie.

When twenty years of the reign of the Moon have passed
For seven thousand years another will hold the throne,
When the Sun takes up the days he left behind,
Then my prophecy is minded and done.

There are three events being described in this quatrain, they are dated, and refer to two people.
A. Lines 1 & 4
B. Lines 1 & 3
C. Lines 2 & 4

A. 20 years after the reign of the Moon - someone decodes the prophecies of Nostradamus.
B. 20 years after the reign of the Moon - the Sun is left behind.
C. A 7,000 year period: then another decodes the prophecies of Nostradamus.

A. “The reign of the Moon” refers to the reign of John Paul I (who was designated ‘de Medietate Lunae’), and dates the Start Point for this calculation as 1978.
"When 20 years have passed" = 1978 + 20 = 1998.
Someone decodes the prophecies of Nostradamus in 1998.

B. "Sun" in French is 'Soleil' and has another meaning of 'Catherine wheel'.
"When 20 years have passed" after “the reign of the Moon” = 1978 + 20 = 1998.
So in 1998 the Sun / Catherine wheel is left behind.

C. The 7,000 years (elsewhere designated 7 millennium by Nostradamus) span 5000BCE to 2000 CE.
Another person decodes the prophecies of Nostradamus in 2000.

Historical Search:
A. The Italian scholar Ottavio Cesare Ramotti wrote the book: “The Nostradamus Code” in which he revealed a new chronology and decodings of the works of Nostradamus.
This book was printed and published in 1998 in the United States, with an ISBN of BF1815.N8P74713   1998    98-16398.

B. In July 1998 Ronald Pegg from Australia discovered the Sun (which looks like a round eight-pointed Catherine wheel) as the opening 'seal' to the Ancients Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom. Since then he has discovered the source of the many Sun-god type myths and religions. This is part of the "Something Hidden and now Revealed" theme.

C. In June 2000 Ronald Pegg discovered nine consecutive quatrains that described events from the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Subsequent to this he discovered other themes and commenced to decode the works of Nostradamus. Pegg's Nostradamus work is part of the Great Translation theme.

Quatrains / C6 Q97 City at 45 Degrees Identified
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:06:53 PM »
During my personal investigations into many different topics I came across a set of rules for extracting the hidden messages from the works of Nostradamus.
6. Since the future date will probably refer in most cases to the runup to the future event...
7. Since the declination calculation is based only on the nearest degree, treat the future latitude as similarly subject to a tolerance of plus or minus one degree.
8. Once you have all the data for the future event, refer to the map to pinpoint its likely location.....

Using these rules to translate C6 Q97 I found that Baghdad is the city located on 45 degrees (and not New York as previously believed).

The City at 45 Degrees Identified

Quatrain 97 Century 6
At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city:
In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,
When the one will want Normans to make proof.

As a reaction to the horrific event (above), this Quatrain was said by some people to refer to the attacks on New York in September 2001.
They assumed that "new city" = New York which is on 40 45N latitude - 73 50W longitude; and that 40 45N was close enough to 45 degrees.

In his book The Nostradamus Encyclopedia, Peter LeMesurier lists "rules of the game" concerning identifying 'future events' as prophesized by Nostradamus. (See quote at beginning of post.)
One in particular gives
  'Since the declination calculation is based only on the nearest degree, treat the
  future figure as similarly subject to a tolerance of plus or minus one degree'.

So New York at 40 degrees can not be the answer.

The city that is within 1 degree of 45 is Baghdad (Iraq), on 33 24N latitude and 44 24E longitude.
"45 degrees" = 45 degrees longitude (and not latitude as previously assumed).

Quatrains / C 1 Quatrain 81 is not Space Shuttle
« on: April 22, 2009, 08:01:39 PM »
There were only seven people on the shuttle, and not 9.
Thus the shuttle incident is not the event being described by Nostradamus.

In June 2000, an Australian named Ronald Pegg discovered nine consecutive quatrains that described events from the Persian Gulf War of 1991 - although it had previously been understood that consecutive quatrains do not produce chronological events.

He then discovered a further group of seven quatrains that also contained descriptions of the Persian Gulf War. This confirmation of data affirmed his study techniques. To his amazement he then discovered a hidden level of historical data in the French words of those quatrains.

Ronald Pegg found that Nostradamus documents some events from the 1991 Persian Gulf War in Quatrains C1:12-20, 1:28-30 and 1:79-85.

Extracted example: C1 .81 French
D'humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part,
De jugement & conseil separés:
Leur sort sera divisé en départ,
Kappa, Thita, Lambda mors bannis égarés

C1 .81 in English
Nine will be set apart from the human flock,
separated from judgement and advice.
Their fate is to be divided as they depart.
Kappa, Thita, Lamda, dead, banished and scattered.

“Human flock” refers to a group of humans, and not individual people.

“Nine will be set apart” = nine groups of people will be set apart. ie. nations.

“Separated from judgement and advice” = not taking place in a judgement that provides advice. This relates to voting among the nations.

“Their fate divided” = their reasons divide their judgement. ie. neither yes or no.

“they depart” = they do not take part in the vote.

“Dead, banished and scattered” refer to consequences of the voting.

“Kappa, theta, and lambda” are the 10th, 8th, and 11th letters of the Greek alphabet. 10:8:11
Nostradamus has encoded an exact date using these Greek alpha/numerals.
The first two represent the day and month, being 10th August.
The last number refers to the year - when the number is taken from the year 2000, deriving 1990. (2000 subtract 11 inclusive gives 1990)

Thus, in C1.81 Nostradamus has written:
Nine nations set apart. Separated from the voting their reasons divide them as they depart on 10th August 1990. Death, banishment and scattering.

Historical Search for August 10 1990
Ref: p476, Mark Grossman's Encyclopedia of The Persian Gulf War, ABC-CLIO Inc.

The Arab League condemn the invasion of Kuwait...Only 12 members of the 21-member league vote for the resolution.

21 subtract 12 leaves “9 being set apart” = the 9 nations that did not vote.

The “Arab League of Nations” = the human flock.

The “death, banishment and scattering” = the results of the 1991 Persian Gulf War in Iraq, where Iraqi Kurds were scattered and banished to the Turkish mountains.

Ronald Pegg found where Nostradamus documented the first time in history that some Arab nations voted to go to war with other Arab nations.


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