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Offtopic / Stan Lee's Hidden Code.
« on: December 02, 2008, 08:48:36 AM »
In the comic Book X-Men Dr.CharLes XaVIer has all the roman numerals in his name in order to equal 666/DCLXVI.   He Has the D in Dr. the CL in CharLes and the XVI in XaVIer.  But thats not all, In both Daniel and Revelation 10 men/horns are given power with the BEAST666.  The Roman numeral for 10 is X.  Does the X-men represent those 10-Men?  Also The Bad guy, Magneto, is Jewish. and another bad guy is Apocolips, aka the End of Days. Even the symbol the X-men use is satanic, the X in side the circle looks like the bent SWASHSTICA the nazi's used.  If you look close at the Night Crawler Character He is both German and catholic like Pope Benedict the 16th.  Even though he is an X-man he also looks like a Demon.  It makes you wander if there is a love hate relationship between the real antichrist and the POPE.  Of course I don't believe that Xavier is the real antichrist.  I believe that MAITREYA, the buddist messiah is the real Beast666 because his name calculates out to be 666 in Hebrew as Harry Walther revealed in his Book," The Antichrist Revealed 6-6-06."  Pastor Harry a Bible Code researcer found this Bible Code about MAITREYA: THE BEAST, WICKEDNESS, EVIL, FALSE, MESSIAH-CHRIST, NAZI, UFO, ARRIVAL, COMES IN, SPEECHES.  Although Xavier doesn't come in a UFO I do believe that Xavier and the X-men represent some kind os satanic agenda and that Stan Lee is possibly in the illumanati?

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