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Prediction Corner / Interesting Phrophacy
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:40:56 AM »
This fits with what Nostradamus is saying about the Presidents,and the coming election..Still think Warren is the choice,but Kamala Harris fits better..

More than 100 liberal activists urge Joe Biden to pick Elizabeth Warren as VP in letter

Jane Fonda, whose recent activism includes a slew of arrests at climate protests, signed the letter, obtained by The Washington Post, along with progressive health care activist Ady Barkan, Pulse nightclub shooting survivor and gun violence activist Brandon Wolf and a wide range of left-leaning scholars and public figures. It was sent to the campaign on Friday, the Post reported.

The Massachusetts senator "has proven herself most prepared to be President if the occasion arises and deeply expert on the overlapping emergencies now plaguing America – Covid-19, Economic Insecurity, Racial Injustice and Climate Change," the letter said.

Oh Shit! Jane Fonda never quits,got to give her that!

This Isn’t the Way to Push Warren as Biden’s VP
She’d be a great pick. But given that her top rivals are mostly black women, the letter that pushed for her should have tried harder to represent her support among voters of color.

We are just days away from finding out if Nostradamus may have listed Warren in the book,and although i was wrong about her winning the Nomination? That's not what Nostradamus does,he list only Presidents,world leaders,religious and military leaders,so if that's her? she will be President!...What i think the next three presidential tickets will be..

Biden/Warren  Warren/Harris  Harris/Emanuel

Forgive me if I'm wrong about the last two, there's no way to know,but it should be close,but if Harris is VP?  Biden/Harris   Harris/Emanuel   I think this may be a more logical reading on Nostradamus,but i really believe it will be Warren first!

Biden running mate search zeroes in on group that includes at least four Black women — and Elizabeth Warren

It's kinda like a which one of those don't belong quiz...Pretty much Warren is getting it,He's just turning over every stone..Has to make it look good!

A look inside Seattle’s newly-formed ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’

Does this have something to do with Trump's quatrain 4-64? First two lines of Trump quatrain have already happened!...We are looking for the #15

Reports have claimed that an ‘Antifa YouTube rapper’ named Raz Simone has declared himself a ‘warlord’ within the zone and is forming an army.

This is a scary situation,because Trump says he will act if Seattle doesn't....

The 11 most logical picks for Joe Biden’s vice president, ranked

The important thing for this forum is that it seems Nostradamus has Warren and Harris 1-2 also,and more than likely both will be president at some point,so it would be very unlikely the Democrats would lose 2020 with one or both on the ticket..All the presidents since 1944 are in the book unless they were born in Jan-Feb,reverse date presidents tend to be one term,GHBush 4-21 June 12th birth was the last reverse date President until Trump 4-64 June 1946 birth,and he not only called Trump a failure,but the last line is ominous ...Just look around? the Corona and the Protest are just warning,the real crises of 2020 has yet to be heard from.

2020 vice president odds: Best betting picks to be Joe Biden’s running mate

Look no further than the top two once you understand the Quatrains are dated,the only alarming thing is we know 2020 and beyond are gonna have some serious big news days when it comes to the Presidency..

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« on: June 02, 2020, 05:39:04 PM »
Century 9-65 reversed 5-69  Apollo 11  Jul 16, 1969(Lift off) and Apollo 12 Nov 14, 1969(Lift off)

He shall come into the corner of Luna
Where he shall be taken and put in a strange land
The green fruits shall be in great disorder
A great shame,to one shall be great praise

This is a third  method of dating..the 65 probably means nothing,but the months November,July and the 69 are all direct hits,and i can show you an example of another Quatrain.

Same as with double quatrains you add the last digits 65/69  5+9 = 14 (It's a day because you already have the year) now you get the full date for second launch Nov 14,1969

If the 65 is to be used here? could be the year we go back 56,65 or the hidden method which is a lot sooner,and likely because the Chinese may hit that date.

Century 1-35 reversed 5-31  Henry II of France  Mar 31, 1519 - Jul 10, 1559

The Young Lion shall overcome the old one,
In martial field by a single duel.
In a Golden cage he shall put out his eye
Two wounds from one,then he shall die a cruel death

Again here the 35 probably means nothing,but March,July and the 31 are direct hits,and I'm satisfied because i pulled my hair out on this one!

This one is a little different,you add last digits 35/31 and you get a year 1536(on years you carry the first digit),but this event happened before Nostradamus wrote the book,So not Prophecy, When his Older Brother Francis died in 1536, Henry became heir to the throne.

If the 35 some kinda date? it is the hidden method,and I always suspected it was an age rather than a date,and it matches!

He used the old Calendar where March was the first month,the preface to the first edition was signed .......From Salon,this 1st of March 1555 (This is the key to the book,right in our face)

Century 01 March
Century 02 April
Century 03 May
Century 04 June
Century 05 July
Century 06 August
Century 07 September
Century 08 October
Century 09 November
Century 10 December
Century 11 January (mostly missing or fakes)
Century 12 February (mostly missing or fakes)

I cannot believe i did not see this method,the first two methods are all Quatrains in this forum,there's another hidden method with even more fantastic stuff...The method above blows me away,there's probably a few more like this....Every Quatrain is dated by the month with a day or year attached,but the ones above are special Quadruple (or more) dated Quatrains...The only issue is a bad translation!

What these are is simply double quatrains by reversing the numbers,but you use both sets, they work the same way as an example Patton 9-85/86...It's really fantastic..Nostradamus is real!

How the George Floyd case has affected Kamala Harris' chances for Biden VP

It's not over yet,but it seems like WARREN may get picked simply by being the last one standing!

Amy Klobuchar didn't prosecute officer at center of George Floyd's death

Stick a fork in her!....I wonder is Biden the one doing the choosing,or is it some other force of nature?

I kinda believe Trump will leave before the election,and these kinda events that boil over are the ones to keep an eye on!

The Hill's Campaign Report: Buzz builds around Warren for VP

I'm telling you that you can look back a 100 years and sometimes see a reflection (Opposite) of today,1920 Warren Harding elected and Calvin Coolidge (Mass) as VP,but what is even more wild is the 60 reflection with her coming out of the Kennedy senate seat,and the Warren Commission that followed,so if you ask me why I just don't say Harris? that's why!..Not to mention i think she is in the Quatrains just like Harris,so if Biden chooses Warren? buckle up!

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« on: May 28, 2020, 11:28:09 AM »
Century 2-70  Vladimir Lenin  Apr 22, 1870

The dart of heaven shall make his circuit
Some die speaking,a great execution
The stone in a tree,the fierce people humbled
Human noise,a monster purged by expiation

Some of the Romanov jewels are missing...could it be they were buried next to a tree?..Let the treasure hunt begin!

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« on: May 26, 2020, 07:15:22 PM »
Century 2-45 Death of Benito Mussolini  Apr 28, 1945

Heaven bemoaneth too much the L'Androgin born
Near heaven,human blood shall be spent
By death too late a great people shall be diverted
Late and soon cometh the help expected

I suspect the word "Heaven" is miss translated...a lot of the Quatrains are like that,but there's enough info in the body of the Quatrain to put us on the right track..

I suspected his death was in the Quatrains,only because of the way this guy was killed,and hung upside down.

The clue is L'Androgin born,and you cannot make this stuff up...His fathers name was Alessandro,and the only reason Hitlers death is not in the book is because we will never have a date,the only thing Nostradamus tells us about him is we will never know....he did not die in the bunker see Quatrain 3-54.

Our future was laid out in the Quatrains,Nostradamus is 100% real!

L'Androgin = Alessandro    It's a puzzle that you can only solve when you know what the event or person is,and you can only know that by the dating....Who on Earth could have guessed this?

Quatrains / Re: Double Dated Quatrains
« on: May 26, 2020, 02:32:07 PM »
Century 2-82 (Reverse day)  Saddam Hussein Apr 28, 1937

By hunger,the prey shall make the wolf prisoner
Assaulting him,then in great distress
The eldest having got before the last
The great one doth not escape in the middle of the crowd

Considered this for Mussolini's death,but line 3 makes it very clear  "Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s sons, Qusay and Uday Hussein, are killed after a three-hour firefight with U.S. forces in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul"  Nostradamus says the oldest died first...good enough for me!

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