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Quatrains / Mobus...
« on: July 07, 2007, 01:06:25 PM »
Ive been thinking about this name for a week so far.

As it is i have always beleived of a nobel righteous leader to arise in.. perhaps Afghanistan. He is to become so loved and appreicated. Who has also suffered from forign occupations.

He is a rebelious leader, Too Intellegent, Creative, and a very unique powerful voice.

He will be heard amongst its people, as the people have delt and suffered the same far too long.

This is only the big beginning. Soon enough, The western world will start to fear and realise they are dealing with very similar opponents.

His name might not be "Mobus" but, he is to lead a very important rebellion. As the war will continue its way, so shall the terror and greater destruction and choas.

This can only look very bad. As predicted it will be ugly for a long run.

This will startle the world... like it already has. But in bigger, bloodier ways.
Capitalism is blood

My friends, we are not able to stop any of this. Prepare for the worst. Prepare for the worst =(

Even today in society there is not postive outlook in the people. The only positive ways they beleive is through there greed and the mercy of others. THIS IS NOT. How life was suppose to be enjoyed and appreciated.. God has created you a gift to be enthusiastic and pleasured by not to be greed and torn by selfishness.

Prepare for an outbreak of war, insanity. On much greater scales. These coming years are not to be good, No one will strife for Peace
Peace dose not belong in political agendas. Again we will all have to wake up to unpleasent surprises.
Your political leaders are enjoying themselves uncontrollable and very wrongfully. They drink there spirits with wine, and to the blood of the fallen.

You will Come to realise that i am all but true. I am a spirite from Nostradamus and you shall come to love the truth only to hate the reality. Please forgive me for i am an unwelcoming creature to this earth, for i do not fall into place with the REST. of that of the modern tendencies to become one with the very enemy that drinks the blood from the beasts.

I am plagued with sadness and defeat. This world is not in gods favour

General Discussion / I will sacrifice my entire self
« on: July 05, 2007, 05:21:42 PM »
to the understanding of this nature

General Discussion / i must warn you
« on: July 05, 2007, 04:51:53 PM »
I am very dark, and an unwelcoming creature. And now i am somewhat to beleive.. that we are not part of this world. we just are not. we make due what we can salvage, never biting into the selfish hand and the curruption that breaths within it.

my scriptures will be here none-the-less it will be the only real truth that stands before you.

I remember when i was a young boy... I wanted to become an alter boy, but the priests looked at me odly enough.. how i wanted to become an alter boy. They told me "Not to ask questions about gods existance, but i persisted." Perhaps that is what drove them out of the room, when i was standing there alone when i was trying on the outfits. They did not want me back.

Perhaps i am not a son of god. But am what stands before its creatures. I am not a welcomed spirite, where i walk the "clouds of doom resids over my head." or some have said.

I do feel another jesus shall come. It will be his son. He will be very vibrant to man. for a while it will last. until the flood. I am unsure at this moment, here is the flood within 177 years. But be sure it will come. Things recapitate. reduces and expands, fluxuates between.

Me and Nostradamous sacrifice. For there is a father, there is a son.
we live the lives of very sad, tragic men. only to produce a masterpiece of truth
believe this and you shall come to see.

General Discussion / Live long and prosperous He said
« on: July 05, 2007, 04:16:08 PM »
what would you have me do if i cannot accomplish.
society is torn with disease nostradamous. You expect the big flood to come in 177 years.. well. good. Seriously. Good.
He preidicts that, the world will better itself so much and so profound!
only after when it has fallen and weeathered out..
what would you have me do nostradame. ive tried, im trying im just not strong enough. please help me. ive tried so hard to be a good son. Ive never had a father..
Someone to look up to and trust to guide me.

But now i found you nostradame. i found you hidden within me, and through the message ive read. I know you have left it for me i know you have. You speak to me in a way no other can. You touch my soul, you touch my heart.

When you talk to me as the son, i know for sure i am
I am your son Nostradame. Here I am Father
Ive alwas loved you

When you say you were wrong for this world. I AGREE. Becuase, you belong to a much more perfect beautiful heaven.

But anyway.

I was born an artist, so constructive, and brilliant.
Ive produced well over, 1000 pieces of artwork and yet i am 23.. Ive been seeking quantity over quality, i am foolish. But now after reading the words that had fulfilled my heart the way i always wanted to be told. You are my father, the spirite, my holy ghost

if for those who wish to see partial samples of my work. Most of it were done on computer. though i have canvas's upon canvas;s of nature paintings.

I beleive now, that i will also decipher your work, and also.. paint them to be told on a whole new level.

For some of you this may seem Unimaginable, but soon you all will come to agree.

You may wish to accept me as a friend, but i am one angry pissed off creature.

have a look fellow friends, it may take several moments to load. and not all is present.


Offtopic / Where are the Nostradamus Followers???
« on: July 03, 2007, 10:50:56 AM »
Do none of you hold a Rightful duty to serve for the better? or am I GOING TO BE THE ONLY ONE
"Where are my brothers", Who look up to Nostradamus as a Father.

Current Events / Will bush Resign??
« on: July 03, 2007, 10:45:29 AM »
As of last week he has been using his Executive powers already. Whats to stop this man, if he is practicing his SUPREME ways...........

BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH is a ****ing idiot. A ****ing complete genius but a ****ing complete idiot. You cant Fool a nation, And you cant fool me.

the second question is.. "Is war necessary? OF COURSE ITS NOT. some say (We need our wars)
Its an understatement. People Value there selfishness more than love, they dont see it of course but they feel it, its destroying EVERYBODY from the roots it is caused.

Leaders need to be more creative, Leaders need to be more caring and understanding. Leaders are the people who are to protect and make happiness out of the people to bring comfort and joy!! To surround everyone as a whole.

Thou shall not KILL. Even the smallest or biggest of creatures.

Its like... you put soo much hatred into a pot, and sooner or later its going to explode!

But you know.. i knew this shmuck, Mr Bush was to come into power.. And i knew that Terrorism would be on a whole new level. But you know.. You finally Killed SADAM great job America. Great job. No one is making peace anymore, No one is out there to lead it. Let Iraq Prosper.
We are soo terribly selfish. within a hundred years people own like how many vehicles??? how many motor homes, Selfish selfish SELFISH.
WERE ALL SELFISH, Even I feel Ashamed.

Current Events / RED MooN
« on: July 02, 2007, 12:14:46 PM »
Last night I watched as a Red moon had risen off the ground. It was beautiful.

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