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General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: March 06, 2011, 07:53:21 AM »
Nostradamus was French and the French hated the Muslims.

I think it would be impossible for Nostradamus to not carry that bias
forward in his perceptions. 

All the quatrains that refer to Islam paint them negatively.

...the picture really is worth a thousand words.

This sums up how Nostradamus saw things.  The West is forced to
kill the serpent which is Islam in WWIII.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: March 04, 2011, 08:09:57 AM »

The sword is shaped like a Christian cross.

The half moon is the symbol for Islam.

The serpent is the body of Islam.

The sword will kill the serpent.


The "Good Guys" in the view of Nostradamus is the West which includes Europe,
America and by the end of the war Russia.

The "Bad Guys" in the view of Nostradamus is the East which includes the Middle
East (Muslims), Russia (early in the war) and China.

The "Good Guys" win.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: March 02, 2011, 09:14:32 AM »
You seem to be just at the beginning of discovery of what the story is about.

I've been at this for about a decade now and over time the quatrains and the
Letter to Henry gradually sink in.  The "Standard Picture" is simply the most
efficient and condensed way to describe the coming timeline.

I will repeat the basics:

First, Nostradamus was clearly pro-Western, pro-France, and pro-Christian
and all his references are biased in the way they are phrased.  If you do not
know this you lack a central key to understanding.  The result of this bias is
that Nostradamus tends to see the "Good Guys" as the West and the "Bad
Guys" as the East.  When Nostradamus talks of an evil "Serpent" you can
be certain he is talking about Islam.

Secondly there is the WWIII outline.  To quickly review we see that the Muslims
unify into a Triumvirate that lasts (at it's most unified) for seven years, but may
actually be longer if you count periods of disunity.  The Muslims form this Caliphate
in the coming years, but they eventually betray each other and they lose the war
because of a combination of disunity and Western determination.

Finally, Chiren is a character that is the central leader of Western forces.  Chiren
chases down the terrorists and places them into prisons and even appears to do
some torture on them, but he is eventually praised for releasing the children of
these terrorists.  It is this last act of generosity towards the Muslims that is seen
as an example of his wise leadership.

After a long and ugly WWIII it is the West that is victorious over the East.

That's the basic story...

There are Muslims that have convinced themselves that they can defeat the
West and it is because of this ideology that they will be inspired to fight.  If you
are a radical Muslim intent on jhihad then Nostradamus is a "bummer" because
his story says that the Muslims lose.

So you can ask yourself:

"Do I see the future the way Nostradamus sees it or how the terrorists see it?"'s up to you to be true to the facts.  (many try to invert Nostradamus for their
own personal agendas, but truth is unchanging in this case)

Nostradamus was of the West.  His bias was with the West.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: February 28, 2011, 10:19:32 AM »
I disagree about the affirmation of Nostradamus being Death.

What I mean is that Mediums like Nostradamus see reality for what it is...  without linear time...  so that all time is experienced at once.  The afterlife (death) is when our conscious minds exit the attachment to the body and become reacquainted with reality again.  Life is the illusion (linear time) and in death we regain knowledge of the truth in the afterlife.

The Medium "sees" the same world as a dead person does... the afterlife. (without linear time)

In a sense we all become like Nostradamus in death because we "see" the same afterlife.

Our souls all co-mingle in death because the "collective unconscious" is for all forms of conscious life.  We would co-mingle with dead trees too, but just as with life it's not very interesting.  Our souls would naturally harmonize with certain things and not with others based on who we were in life.  Those with a troubled life might find the afterlife as a "hell".  Most would adjust and see it as a sort of "heaven", but it's mostly about how you see things in life.  It's better to be prepared for death than not to be, but that's not always up to your control depending on your fate.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:04:45 AM »
Hopefully you are at least being sincere.

Your ability to express a clear idea is not very good as evidenced by that posting.

However, assuming you are trying your best then it's okay.

As you say:

"Comprehension and articulation There is a difference."

...yes, it is rare for someone to be able to clearly articulate what they understand.


I see things fairly clearly at this stage in life.  When I was younger it all made no sense
and it was all confusing.  Suffice to say that Nostradamus and other Mediums have it
right.  Reality is actually "without time" or more accurately "all time is connected into
a single unity".  There is no bullshit about it.  When we die and enter a kind of afterlife
we simply exist permanently in the same way as a Medium experiences for moments.

Death is the affirmation of Nostradamus for all of us.

(it's when we know for sure)

Until we die and go to the afterlife we have to put up with devils that live in our world
that deny the timelessness.  That's the deal called "life".  (doubt is the human condition)

You thought it would be easy?

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: February 24, 2011, 09:17:12 AM »
Well, your posting seems a little off, but not too bad.  Worth maybe reviewing what
time is after all.

Mankind perceives time based on the physics that our bodies experience.  For whatever
reason our large molecules are limited in three dimensions and our interactions process
at a rate that gives us the perception of time.

However, on the scale of the very small (the electron is small because it is the size of
a quantum) we know of physics that follow a set of rules (Quantum Physics) that do NOT
require three dimensions.

For example:

In Quantum Physics you can get two electrons in coherence with each other (a sort of
locked parallel state) and then separate those electrons apart.  Now you take one
electron (in a special container) fifty miles away.  You now alter the movement of one
electron and the other one that is far away is ALSO altered.  The principle of "locality"
can be broken !!!  (no joke, look it up)

The "bottom line" is our brains have consciousness as a result of electrons which are
operating in a framework of dimensions that is beyond our comprehension.  There are
no theories that comprehend nature fully.  (it's fragmented into more than one theory)

When we die, or if we are "Mediums" we seem to be able to go to a mental state where
time does not exist.  The "truth" seems to be that everyone could be a Nostradamus and
be able to see through time.  In practice this is not true, but in theory it should be.

In heaven we are all like Nostradamus...

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: February 12, 2011, 07:37:54 AM »
How Long?

Egypt is now free of Mubarak, but with no democratic structures in place
to support a true democratic process.  The country is ripe for aggressive
terrorist tactics to assume control in spite of the hopes of the public.  What
is stopping this for now is the Egyptian military.  In order for an organization
like the Muslim Brotherhood to assume power they would need to get into
politics first.  A takeover needs to be an "inside job".

In Nazi Germany the Nazi party existed as a minority party for some time.
In fact it took years from when the party began before circumstances became
possible that through the aging of the existing legitimate leader of Germany
the Nazi party could gain an opening.  Hindenburg might in some ways be
compared to Mubarak as they both represented the aging past of their own
countries prior to radicalization. Trying to predict the exact process that a
radical government assumes control in Egypt is beyond my abilities.

This is an example of a recent terror bombing in Iraq:

At least 28 people have been killed and more than 20 others wounded in an suicide
attack on Shia Muslim pilgrims near the Iraqi city of Samarra, according to police sources.

Women and children were reportedly among the victims of Saturday's bombing.

The attack, which targeted pilgrims on travelling on a bus, was the second suicide
bombing this week near Samarra, a Sunni-majority city, about 100km north of Baghdad.

"The suicide bomber quickly ran into the bus when it stopped at a checkpoint
several kilometres outside Samarra, and detonated his vest inside the vehicle,"
the AFP news agency quoted an unnamed police official as saying.

...this might or might not be the future of Egypt.

We will see.

(all we know is that the domino's are tumbling and somehow the middle east eventually unifies
for WWIII as a Caliphate...  that loses the war)

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: February 10, 2011, 06:55:20 AM »
The Future of the Caliphate

Nostradamus clearly suggests that the middle east radicalizes and attempts
to spread control into Europe through terrorism.  However, the radical muslims
fail to win the war.

From the Letter to Henry:

"...the three secretly united in the search for death, treacherously laying
traps for one another. This renewed Triumvirate will last for seven years, and
the renown of this sect will extend around the world."

Quatrain - Century II, 43

During the appearance of the bearded star.
The three great princes will be made enemies:
Struck from the sky, peace earth quaking,
Po, Tiber overflowing, serpent placed upon the shore.

Let me explain:

We will soon (next few years) see the radical muslims unify around a new Caliphate
in the middle east.  There will be three major "sects" in the Triumvirate which probably
are Iran, Egypt and Turkey.  

When a comet strikes the earth (there is one possible in 2036) this is seen as the END
of the unified period of the Caliphate.  After the Comet strike the radical muslims begin
to betray each other by pursuing their own agendas.  

By this point the leader Chiren (Chyren) of the Western forces is already on the advance
and this marks the end of the hopes for the muslims.

Some time later the muslims lose and Chiren is declared the sole victor.

(just in case people are unclear about the overall pattern Nostradamus presents)

The serpent is Islam.

Quatrain - Century VI, 43

The great Chyren will be the Chief of the World,
after "Plus oultre" loved, feared and dreaded.
His fame and praise go beyond the heavens
and he will be greatly satisfied with the sole title of victor.

The radical muslims lose.

Nostradamus is actually "optimistic" about the Western future once the war ends.

(peace does return and things become better again)

But if the Comet doesn't come until 2036 you have to ask yourself:

"Will I live to see the light at the end of the tunnel?"

...many of us will be too old to see the new light.

(25 hard years from now)

If what your saying is 1/2 true i would think you would be running not sitting in your nice house typing on the internet.

I think this person is now experiencing the "other dimensions" that exist in reality.  Science teaches that there are strange ways going on at the level of the electron (quantum physics) and our minds bathe in that strangeness all day long.  Consciousness is actually the quantum effects of electrons passing back and forth between neurons, etc...  The universe is more complex than it appears on the surface.

This person will either "move forward" in knowledge and become accepting of themselves as a possible "medium" (with all the flaws associated with that) or they will "move backward" and accept the chemical solution of modern medicine.

He's schizophrenic. (obviously)

The only difference between schizophrenia and being a medium is mastery.

Based on modern medicine Nostradamus was "schizophrenic" because he saw things that were not physically in front of him.  The entire Nostradamus vision is a "schizophrenic" vision of the future.

So the guy is like a "rookie medium", untrained, flailing around, but you never know, with luck he will "win" in the end and become a master.

He is highly susceptable to suicide as a way to "evade" what he thinks is a material threat.  There is no "real threat" for him, but it's the psychic strain that he is having trouble handling.

So it's:

Suicide (or Murder...   Jared Loughner was an example of that)
Medication of those three.


If this person can get his mind "tamed" then he can begin to really understand Nostradamus.  I've been aware of Nostradamus for a decade now and it's surprising how as you study more and more you realize that he's literally set up a picture of events that is extremely plausible.  20 years ago if you suggested that a Muslim Caliphate would explode in the middle east and that attacks would be directed to places like Europe you would have been laughed at.  But now those are all becoming true and this tells us that schizophrenic people who master their occult skills can be of great value.

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: February 07, 2011, 10:10:56 AM »
A "Warm and Fuzzy" Muslim Brotherhood?

Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is finding it's way into the political
landscape in Egypt.

Even Obama when asked about the issue (superbowl interview) seemed
willing to compromise and let the Muslim Brotherhood in on things.

The Muslim Brotherhood has time on it's side...  all they need to do is
wait until the right moment to assume control and they might mutate
several times before they get there.

The core message of the Muslim Brotherhood hasn't changed since
the days of the Nazi's, so all they are doing is making their image
softer to make it easier to "sell".

The core product hasn't changed and won't ever change...

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: February 03, 2011, 06:27:18 AM »
Mubarak Strikes Back

The violence that happened yesterday was caused by Mubarak.

The goal is to create so much chaos that when the Egyptian
public sees it on tv and over the internet that they react in
fear and accept a brutal crackdown.

This is all staged...  but it could work.

However, in the long run it only enhances the chances for the
Muslim Brotherhood to take over down the road because they
would all of a sudden look like the REASONABLE choice.

It's all about perspective...

Chiren Cannot Use Nuclear Weapons

There is a problem.

Assuming that Europe is overwhelmed by radical Muslims who already
live there, one wonders how that the populations of Europe would be
able to fight them.

Do you put all Muslims in jail?

If you try to do that it would be impossible as there are millions of
Muslims in Europe and there aren't enough prisons to put them all

Can you nuke the Muslims?

No, because they might be a neighbor.  As with all forms of terrorism
you have a hard time recognizing who is a "friend" and who is an
"enemy". you can imagine how Chiren needs to walk a careful path in
WWIII in order to deal with a significant problem.  The increased
use of more lethal weapons by the radicals will make the situation
very difficult.  Weapons are likely smuggled into Europe which are
actually made in other places in the middle east that have become
totally radicalized. (some years from now)

Nuclear weapons become useless to stop your own people.

General Discussion / Re: Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: February 01, 2011, 02:22:30 PM »
Democracy for Now

Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is going to have to wait for another chance.

Mubarak just announced that Egypt will peacefully hold elections and that
he will not attempt to run.

For now it's looking like the near term future is looking a lot better.

Violent revolution and military suppression is off the table for now.


Nostradamus still says that democracy will fail and that radical Muslims
eventually will sweep through the middle east, but it will happen later
rather than sooner.

General Discussion / Nazi Roots of the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: January 31, 2011, 05:57:17 AM »

The Muslim Brotherhood has gotten a lot of attention recently.  They are an organization that first came into existence back in the Nazi Era in Germany, so it's a very old organization.

As a part German myself and a frequent observer of things like Oktoberfest I strongly oppose the negative experience of the Nazi Era.  Socialism in the form of National Socialism means that the government takes full control of your life and tells you what to do.  It's not a good thing.

Islamic Socialism that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to create is not all that different than the Nazi experience.  The Muslim Brotherhood uses the same terror tactics that the Nazi's perfected.

So in Egypt we are "hoping" for a democratic movement to emerge, but deep down we kind of know that the terror tactics that are to come from the Muslim Brotherhood are going to take over. (it might be even easier than that and they simply win through an election) With the lack of a coherent democratic institution in Egypt it's hard to see an outcome much different than that of Weimar Germany.


In Nostradamus we expect the "evil" side to be the radical Muslims.  We've seen the likes of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and it's easy to see that they represent the same type of mindset as all "big government" centralized power when it goes to the extreme.  These radical organizations start off proclaiming that they are going to make things better, but it's a road to hell that will not only make life miserable for the people inside it, but also for those outside it.

The Muslims are expected to radicalize and spread terror and destruction to Europe.  It only comes with the arrival of Chiren the leader of Western forces for things to begin to go the other way.

Al Qaeda actually has it's roots in the Muslim Brotherhood... so this is a very old tradition that they are trying to grow.

Nostradamus says that the radicals have a lot more winning before they start losing.


The idea of this thread is to track the developments of the Muslim Brotherhood as they progressively take over Egypt over the coming time period.  It might take years or only months, but based on Nostradamus we expect them to succeed in gaining power.

I know...  it sucks...  but you can't deny the truth.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: January 30, 2011, 08:33:11 PM »
The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,
The rule of the Church will succumb by sea:
Towards Persia very nearly a million men,
The true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.
~ Nostradamus Century V, Quatrain 25

Iran (Persia) is already radicalized. (long ago)

Egypt seems to be well on their way to radicalization.

Byzantium is Turkey.  Turkey will also fall to Muslim radicals at
some point.

Saudi Arabia will fall eventually, but I don't know in which order
the countries fall.

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