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Quatrains / X-74
« on: March 13, 2007, 04:53:27 PM »
This Quatrain was the first that ever caught my eye. And the book I read it from must have been mis-translated. Becasue what I read was quite different. But I also read somewhere that Nostradamus said people would misinterpt his Quatrains, so I am left in the middle so to speak.
Heres what I originally read and becasue it was awhile ago and I dont have the book I have to use memory and the 3rd line I dont really remember but it went something like this.
In the Year of the Great 8 revolved
During the games of the Hexatomb
"I forget"
The dead shall rise

When I first read this I Immediatly thought of the 2008 Olympics in China and the Spirit Army of the First Emperor of China.

But the Quatrain on here is very different, it says.

The year of the great seventh number accomplished
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter
Not far from the great millennial age
When the buried will go out from their tombs

The First line though still leads me to believe he is talking about 2008, to me, "the year of the great seventh number accomplished" means after 2007 as in its has already been done or happened.

The Second line is what throws my Prediction, or my Interpretation of His Prediction off balance. But many things can happen that can turn the 2008 Olypmics is what a Newcasters would call "Games Of Slaughter", many things. Or maybe becasue the Olympics were started and inspried during a War this is how he refered to what We call the Olypmics.

The Third Line can mean 7 years after the 2001 year, or using the Mayan Calander, very close to the End of thier Millennial Age.

The Fourth Line IMO is talking about the Spirit Army of the First Emporer of China.

Usuing Prophecy from the Mayans, Chinese, and Nostradamus in this Quatrain. I think they were all trying to tell us 4 years before the End, the Dead shall rise.

Of course this is all up to interpratation, and the Dead might mean a Clone of a Dead thing, like cloning a dead Chicken or some such stuff.

Quatrains / VIII - 20 My thoughts
« on: March 12, 2007, 12:59:44 AM »
Disclaimer, I am at best a minor amatuer and these are just my opinions, I dont know how others interpt these or if they have so I could be wrong.

I read this and think about the 2000 elections.
The Quatrain
The false message about the rigged election to run through the city stopping the broken pact; voices bought, chapel stained with blood, the empire contracted to another one

The first part
"The false message about the rigged election to run through the city stopping the broken pact"
First off I dont even know that it was a rigged election, no proof but what if...  When the News announsed Florida for Bush and hence the White House, I am sure the city he talks about is Washington DC. Again I have no clue what the Broken Pact was/is/or if it exists, But if you look closely at how Politics were run prior to the Announcment of Florida to Bush to the politics since, I think its safe to say Something has changed.

The Second Part - Which I will break down in 3 part
"voices bought," "chapel stained with blood," "the empire contracted to another one"
"Voices bought" If you believe the Elections was rigged then some pact that was broken (which in this case was a good thing) which has now stopped, heres how I interpt this part. Voices Bought, Money is used to make sure Voices are heard and the amount of TV, Internet, Radio, and many forms of communication is Exploding, espeically when compared to prior to 2000. And the Voices are paid to argue one side or the other. Voices Bought.
"Chapel stained with blood" I think this is just a metaphor, as in the Churchs Name has been stain in Blood since 2000, Blamed for much, Used by others, and a cancer within" IMO Never has some much Blood been put on the Church by the people.
"The empire contracted to another one" I think Empire is America. This is again if you believe that Certain Americans and others not American are trying to build a New World Order and most these people believe the Bushs are the leaders. Even if you dont believe this, no one can argue that Americas Policy (or the Empires Policy) in World matters have Dramatically Shifted. The one major flaw is if You dont believe there is a New World Order then what Empire would America be contracted to...

Feel free to rip this up but its what my first thoughts were when I read that Quatrain.

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