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General Discussion / Re: CHYREN
« on: February 21, 2016, 01:02:29 PM »

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: December 05, 2010, 04:10:08 AM »
Just one word about the translation, because I see, that the translation is bad.

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
People will travel safely through the sky, land and seas :
then wars will start up again

The original text is:

Les fleaux passés diminue le monde,
Long temps la paix terres inhabitées:
Seur marchera par ciel, terre, mer, & onde:
Puis de nouveau les guerres suscitées.

The lyon-edition, that may be regarded as the best one, has one difference. Instead of "fleaux" (=plague, scourge) there is written "fleurs" (=flowers). But more important is the word "inhabitées", which means, that nobody is living there. So "uninhabited" should be the right translation.

Unfortunally there are a lot of bad translations. Sometimes I saw translations, that have nearly nothing to do with the original text.

The year 1999 and September month,
from the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will awaken the great king of the Angolmois.
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

I translate this to mean:

Some year that is close to the actual time of September 11,
From the sky will come debt and terror.
He will wake up the president of America.
Who gets lucky in his war with Iraq that happens to take place during the Mars close pass.

Here the translation is also not very good; maybe no final translation can be given at all. And what you do here is "stretching and kneading" the text until it matches. Of course it is allowed to do so. In my opinion that should not be done.

There is an easy answer. From the Epistle to Henry II:

...of the regions, countries and most of the towns and cities of all Europe, including Africa and part of Asia, where most of all these coming events are to transpire.

So neither both Americas nor Australia and Oceania are in the primary scope of Nostradamus. Some events outside the mentioned area may be included, but in general I would not expect to find an event outside this area, that has (nearly) no influence in France. So also the eruption of the volcano krakatau in 1883 was very likely not mentioned by Nostradamus.

There is such a thing as a "Nostradamus Bias". (absorb his bias and you see his view)

Oh, yes. You are absolutely right.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: November 28, 2010, 03:08:49 AM »
In my opinion this comparison in not very far away from the explanation given by Nostradamus; obviously there are differences at all, and some other problems still remain unsolved. But the assumtion, that we human beings are only and solely a biological machine, makes a valid prediction in the future impossible. Nevertheless I know, that this assumption is popular.

This was the primary obstacle that I was hoping to address.

As "modern humans" who are trained as rational beings all the vague occult knowledge of Nostradamus can seem like absolute garbage. 
My goal was to present (using Quantum Physical truths) a framework of the world and how our biology and electrical consciousness might interact so that Mediums are not just fools or scoundrels.

Yes, I see that. However, in my opinion this will not work. But we will very likely not solve the differences.

What you say about WWIII sounds good. I had a simmilar opinion about 25 years ago. But nothing happend there; I was completely wrong. And unfortunally that is the destiny of all(?) people, who are interpreting Nostradamus. We will see what will happen, and I wish you success with the interpretation (only the interpretation, I will not live in a war zone).

I cannot find a connection between Chiren and your quotation of the Letter to Henry. Assuming, that your quotation means WWIII, do you have an additional hint, that Chiren is involved here?

One note: for X.80 you gave a wrong text or wrong number.

To be practising "the dark arts" puts Nostradamus outside the church as well as his jokes about the Virgin!

"Occult" is not necessarily "dark art". Nostradamus was not thrown out of the church. And I also see no jokes about the virgin.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: November 06, 2010, 08:06:50 AM »
What evidence is there that Nostradamus was a Jew?

None. Why do you ask? In opposite, he is quoting the Bible Mt 7.6:
As the true Saviour said, "Give not that which is holy unto dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and rend you."

and Mt 11.25:
Thou hast hidden these things from the wise and the prudent, that is, from the powerful and from kings, and hast revealed them to the small and the weak.

and surely some more. And there are much more hints that he was a christian.

General Discussion / Re: The "Standard Picture"
« on: October 31, 2010, 02:33:19 AM »
As it is, I don't agree with your oppinion. If I would agree, then I might not answer at all. However, I see some major problems using your picture.

Just a word to 2012. I assume, nothing really important will happen that year or at 21.12. Also I don't understand the trouble around that date. If a calendar "ends", then a great millenium party should take place, isn't it? I assume, all the 2012 stuff is fear for nothing.

Of course, Nostradamus predicts what will come in the future. In his prefaces he says that very clearly. So there is a general problem how this can happen or be true. No human being has sense organ for looking in the future. Nostradamus gives an answer for that, especially in the first prefaces, although we may not really understand the answer in the end. Three things are needed:
occult knowledge, puissance/talent/ability and goodly/divine power/ability.

So you reject his statement what is necessary to get the information. On the other hand you (may) believe to the information itself.

The next problem I see is about the "coherenced electrons" experiment. If we - as human beings - are able to realize the quantum state of an electron, then we are "inside" or a part of the experiment. Then the information is useless, because we don't know anything about the other electron. If we are "outside" the experiment, then we may have information about an electron far away instantaneous. But in both cases it does not solve the problem, even if we were both inside and outside of the experiment. Additionally I think it is impossible for me to realize the quantum state of an electron in my brain and additionally transform this information into a "vision". If this would be possible, then we are a part of the experiment, but not outside. However, no information about the future can be retrieved by this kind of perception at all.

I will give a comparison, that shows my opinion about this item, at least indirectly. Let's assume, we human beings are like musical instruments, e.g. a piano. This piano is a very complex piano, and it has also a microphone. So it can "speak" and "listen" and react on that, what it hears. And it plays until it is very old or damaged and cannot be repaired any more.

Then one piano (=Nostradamus) says/sounds, that he knows what will be played in the future. Of course, this is a very surprising and dramatic sound. A special kind of ultrasound cannot solve the problem. A pure piano will never be able to know what will be played in the future.

The problem can be solved by assuming, that additionally to the piano there exists a pianist. In this comparison the pianist is the soul (or use a different word if you like, the comparison is little weak at all). The pianist can only just play the music of his present music sheet. If he wants to know about the future sound, then the help of the composer (=god) is needed. So by asking - or getting the information from - the composer there is no general problem any longer.

In my opinion this comparison in not very far away from the explanation given by Nostradamus; obviously there are differences at all, and some other problems still remain unsolved. But the assumtion, that we human beings are only and solely a biological machine, makes a valid prediction in the future impossible. Nevertheless I know, that this assumption is popular.

Best regards

General Discussion / A new religion
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:31:35 AM »
Regarding I.50 and especially X.71 the thursday will be the holy day of the week. Currently I don't know any religion, where the thursday is used. The best explanation for me is, that the thursday will be the "holy" day of a new religion that comes in the future.

Also in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation two animals are mentioned (from the earth and from the sea). Of course, the Relevation can be interpreted very well as timeless, but there is no reason to interprete it only timeless. While the animal from the sea (later on: false prophet) can be seen as islam, the second animal from the earth (symbol of the animal; number 666) may also be a religion, that does not yet exist.

I am pretty sure, that 6.66 directly belongs to the new religion. The first line of VI.66 is "During the foundation of the new secte". Although "secte" in general may also mean a (little) political party, it can also mean a religion. However, also the connection of VI.66 to III.65 (both with "grand Romain" = ?Nero? Nero was also associated with 666 in former times) does not really help for further investigation, although it is a horrible prediction.

With a new religion a new calculation of times may come up, too. During the french revolution (let's call it an "atheistic religion") this was also done; year 1792 = year 1. Maybe this calculation of times will be re-used, or a complete new calculation of times will come up with the new religion. Because the new religion will be overtaken, a lot of years that are mentioned may be the real years (e.g. VI.2: years 580 and 703).

III.95 says, that the islamic law will be "replaced" by another more seductive law, and that the Ukrainian (Dnjepr) will fall to this law at first. But for this I am not sure about my translation and interpretation. On the o
ther hand after 73 years of communism there are a lot of atheists. And maybe the new religion is not far away fr
om atheism. The symbol of the animal may mean, that mankind will be seen as animal-like only. If the biology of
human beings is understood completely (and an animal can be manipulated in a way, that it can speak as said in III.44 and in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation), then there is no open question any more for the members of the new religion.

A new and very successful religion will be a most important event. It may be related to (or the same as) the great flood, that is mentioned several times. And while hadrie (= Hitler) is mentioned 5 times in the centuries, the name "chiren/chyren" is mentioned 6 times. Two times (VI.27 and VIII.54) "chiren selin" is mentioned. And "selin" can be found 8 times. Are other names mentioned more often? But unfortunally the picture is not really clear
 for me.

Prediction Corner / Re: nosty you up for another prediction
« on: April 02, 2010, 12:04:34 AM »
The translation for the quoted part of the prefix is not good. The parts in bold are missing:

.., d'vne anaragonique reuolutio:& from this moment que ceci i'escriptz before 177 years, 3 months and 11 days have passed, by pestilence, long famine, wars and, most of all, by floods, the world entre cy & ce terme prefix, auant & apres par plusieurs foys, will be so diminished, with so few remaining, that no one will be found willing to work the fields, which will remain wild for as long a period as they had been tilled...

prophesee, I agree, that the Napoleanic episodes is meant (at least).

The floods are the several floods of non-christian ideology like nationalims, communism and atheism. So no one is working on the fields of god any more.

More important is, that this will be repeated in the 7th millenium as written below that section.

"Only JFK would qualify as a king, his son's death however was just a domestic incident."

What you say is not wrong, but it looks like an US-American point of view. The "monarchy" point of view is different.

I told a german friend about my interpretation. He said, that the interpretation of line (2), means JFK Junior is written as king and not prince, is understandable and OK.
But he did not really agree to the interpretation of line (3), means the Kennedy Claw is re-inspired and the French/EU people don't know who the "real" king is.

Is the acceptance of my interpretation - especially line (2) and (3) - dependent on the inhabitant of the county?

Here is a summary of the idea, that John F. Kennedy is meant in X.72. I will use some overstated words because that may explain best what I mean.

(1) L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,

As exactly as possible in the middle of July 1999, the 16th
(remember, that July has 31 days)

(2) Du ciel viendra un grand roy d'effrayeur:
From the sky a great king comes; it's horrible (and broken) and the people are talking about this
John F. Kennedy Jr., means the great king, died at the date given in line (1) by crashing with his plane, means coming from the sky.

Unfortunally the US-Americans don't know anything about monarchy. CNN called him "Americas Prince", Newsweek called him "our Prince Charming". "Good night sweet Prince" was also one of the messages, that were brought to his house. The great king mentioned in line (3) is his father, the real king of the USA from 1961-1963. He died 1963. And when a king dies, then the prince will be the new king. So John F. Kennedy Jr. is a king, but not a prince. Nostradamus, a fan of monarchy, corrected that embarassing error instantly. Maybe he was a little bit angry; every schoolboy should know about the relationship between a prince and a king.

(3) Resuciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,

In a simmilar kind/spirit as the great king of (the USA and) France/EU, means it's horrible (and broken) and the people are talking about this
John F. Kennedy, the father and President, also died "from the sky" by a projectile from a gun, by assassination. The Kennedy Curse is re-inspired with line (2) by John F. Kennedy Jr..

Unfortunally the France/EU people don't know anything about the things that happen in their capital cities. Of course, in reality the president of the USA is the real king in France/EU. Nostradamus corrected that silly error instantly. Maybe he was a little bit angry; every schoolboy should have heard: "What the Ami says, that will be done [at all, that goes without saying]."

(4) Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

After the Korean war and before the Vietnam war President Kennedy rules. This was a good time for the USA.

I think, that sounds not bad.

I like that kind of interpretation more and more.

There may be another interpretation of line 3. But let's start with line 2:
The prince, which father died before, crashed and died by coming from the sky, means in a plane. His father also died by something coming from the sky, means a projectile from a gun. Maybe line 3 can be interpreted in this way.

July has 31 days. As exactly as possible John F. Kennedy Jr. died in the middle of July, at the 16th of July. A lot of people knew X.72, and about 10 years ago these people were waiting for the great king or something else like this. But they found nothing. Maybe they were irritated by the word "Angolmois". Scrolling the numbers in a way that matches best of other things is interesting at all. But I think, taking the exactly date matches better.

The influence of the President of the USA is not a secret. Some people think and say: "What the Ami says, that will be done [at all, that goes without saying]." And it is more or less usual, that the most powerful state (USA) uses the power. That is not irritating at all.

Maybe Nostradamus smiled when writing down X.72. He may have thought: "When I give an exactly date, then I can only reference in the past and say something, that every child knows." As said at the beginning: I like that kind of interpretation more and more.

There are some things in my posting I am not sure about. Someone may check them; these sentences are marked with (*) in this text.

The most important news in July 1999 might be the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. on 16th July. He, his wife and her sister died in his crashing plane Piper Saratoga. CNN called him "Americas Prince", Newsweek called him "our Prince Charming"(*). "Good night sweet Prince" was also one of the messages, that were brought to his house(*). Nostradamus was a fan of monarchy.

His father was the "king" of the USA. When a king dies, then the prince will be the (new) king.

At there is pointed out, that "deffraieur" may have a meaning like "fractum"/breaking(*).

And "défrayer" also means something like "making other people speak of so."(*). Sorry for that bad description; my english is not very good.
Nostradamus is playing with words.

The last sentence "Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur" does not look very important. Regarding the history this is more or less usual.

Let's read and interprete the lines from bottom to top (means from line 4 to 1). John F. Kennedy was the President of the USA from 1961 - 1963. This was a good time for the USA, wasn't it? Before and after that there was the korean and the vietnam war; the direct military intervention of the USA startet 1964 in the golf of Tongking (line 4). His son (suscite: to inspire sth. in so. or: to inspire so. with sth.(*)) with the same name was not able to "reinspire" the politics of his father, means become the new king (line 3), because he died in his plane (line 2) in July 1999 (line 1).

However, "Angolmois" does not sound like USA. Even something like "my england/moi anglais" looks like a bad explanation. So this is the mayor problem, that cannot be solved in that way. The great king of the USA is not the great king of France.

But are we sure about this? Is the great king of of the USA really not the great king of France or is there a great influence? What will be done in Strassbourg, if the President of the USA wants them to do something?

Maybe Nostradamus wants to give us a message. It may be a political message or a hint to the french/EU people and government about the "real" king.

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