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Harris favored as Biden edges closer to VP pick

I believe Harris is out of it,and that's why Willie Brown was pumping Harris not to accept...

Maybe we'll know tommorow?

Warren is holding a fundraiser for Biden on Tuesday alongside Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) and Jennifer Newsom, the filmmaker who is married to California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The Massachusetts senator who speaks to Biden frequently has also played a behind-the-scenes role in helping Biden craft parts of his recent economic proposals.

"She has ideas. She's heavy on policy," one ally said. "She would be a perfect partner in the White House.

"But right now it's up to Joe," the ally added. "Only he knows what he wants."

Biden VP race is highly fluid days before expected pick

Once he locks in a name? We will know what going to happen...Anything other than WARREN or HARRIS? Would shock me!..Nostradamus is very real..Just look at all my dated Quatrains thread..The Presidents are in the Quatrains,and while Biden is still a Mystery if he will be President? WARREN and HARRIS jump right off the page.

I believe that last Friday he was all set to name HARRIS this week,but he had a fund raiser with WARREN that day,and after that he decided to wait another week,and if he does choose WARREN? that would mean he changed his mind twice during this...If the future says WARREN/HARRIS or even both as President one day? That means anything can make that happen..

Just one Note...Nostradamus does not list Vice Presidents unless they become President,so if Biden chooses anybody other than WARREN or HARRIS? Nostradamus is not wrong...I'll be the one who was wrong...TRUMP was the only one listed in 2016,and it was easy,but I wasn't even close to picking his VP, 2020 is looking like 1960 with 3 or more Presidents in the mix Nixon,JFK,LBJ,but Nixon was born in January,and not in the book,and JFK's personal Quatrain did not list the threat.In 2020? Nostradamus is telling us to pay attention!

Next year MACRON will be re-elected,and that's 100%,because that sets off a world wide event in a few years which  may involve one of these women WARREN,HARRIS,but even if they are not involved?..whatever they do in the next few years will create or cause that event along with MACRON,and i expect other events will happen leading up to it.

Biden's delay in announcing running mate intensifies jockeying between potential picks

If he swaps back and forth between WARREN and HARRIS?...You are really watching how the hand of fate works,and remember Amy Klobuchar was knocked out because of George Floyd,so what has to happen will happen!

Joe Biden May Delay VP Running Mate Decision For Another Week

Come on dude!..This is probably true,because i was sure the name would leak over the weekend,but nothing!..He really hasn't decided yet!

‘Do not hold grudges’ & ‘great respect’: Biden's handwritten notes on Senator Kamala Harris fuel speculation on VP pick

This seems more like he called her,or was gonna call her telling her she wasn't chosen...Warren or Harris no matter,because the chosen one will be President!

Joe Biden To Announce Running Mate Next Week

Time to put up or shut up,the only issue is if he goes black or white...If it's black it could be 1 of 3 women,but likely Harris,but if his choice is white? it's only one female...Warren!

Harris seen as Biden VP favorite as clock ticks

I've seen people say Harris based on race only,and Harris seems to be listed by Nostradamus 8-20,but I still think if he chose not based on race? that it would be Warren who brings with her the progressive crown Hillary tossed in the trash,and if Warren is not chosen?..Then i was wrong about her being in the book unless Harris makes her VP.

The important thing is? based on Nostradamus? i highlighted two women when i started this thread..Warren and Harris,and i really believed Warren would win the nomination and almost forgot about Harris until Warren dropped out...There's no doubt in my mind that it will be Warren or Harris as VP,and then become President(maybe even swear in Jan 2021 as President)

My gut says it will be Warren as VP for lots of reasons,first i believe they are both listed by Nostradamus,and if they both become President one day? I feel Warren would have to be first because of age,and Biden was about to choose Amy Klobuchar until George Floyd hit..Talk about fate!...Look at it this way? Biden is not really doing the choosing!..It's the hand of fate!

Elizabeth Warren’s new role: Key Joe Biden policy adviser;topic=527.90;last_msg=3251

"They talk every 10 days or so, according to aides to both politicians who spoke on condition of anonymity to freely describe their relationship. Those forums have provided opportunities for Warren to make a case on top policy issues to Biden, who ran a more centrist primary campaign."

We are days away from what Nostradamus may have saw 420 years ago!

1920 VP and soon after to be President Calvin Calvin Coolidge Massachusetts with his Indian issues

2020 (Probable VP) Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts with her Indian issues

American presidential politics have always been predictable by looking back to the past,but you have to know history to see it....Elizabeth Warren(Her first husbands name) has two big tells....First is WARREN Harding who won the Presidency in 1920,and the second is she sits in JFK's senate seat,and she was the first person to win that seat in other than a fill in or special election since JFK,and lets not forget the WARREN commission!

The past says it's going to be Warren....Let's see what happens!


How Warren is shaping Biden's policies

Nostradamus is dated..I've post over 50 un-real dated quatrains,I've always thought it would be Warren first,and then Harris,In Fact? i would not be shocked if it was a Warren/Harris ticket before the end of 2020....We are not living in boring times,that's for sure!

Prediction Corner / Interesting Phrophacy
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:40:56 AM »
This fits with what Nostradamus is saying about the Presidents,and the coming election..Still think Warren is the choice,but Kamala Harris fits better..

More than 100 liberal activists urge Joe Biden to pick Elizabeth Warren as VP in letter

Jane Fonda, whose recent activism includes a slew of arrests at climate protests, signed the letter, obtained by The Washington Post, along with progressive health care activist Ady Barkan, Pulse nightclub shooting survivor and gun violence activist Brandon Wolf and a wide range of left-leaning scholars and public figures. It was sent to the campaign on Friday, the Post reported.

The Massachusetts senator "has proven herself most prepared to be President if the occasion arises and deeply expert on the overlapping emergencies now plaguing America – Covid-19, Economic Insecurity, Racial Injustice and Climate Change," the letter said.

Oh Shit! Jane Fonda never quits,got to give her that!

This Isn’t the Way to Push Warren as Biden’s VP
She’d be a great pick. But given that her top rivals are mostly black women, the letter that pushed for her should have tried harder to represent her support among voters of color.

We are just days away from finding out if Nostradamus may have listed Warren in the book,and although i was wrong about her winning the Nomination? That's not what Nostradamus does,he list only Presidents,world leaders,religious and military leaders,so if that's her? she will be President!...What i think the next three presidential tickets will be..

Biden/Warren  Warren/Harris  Harris/Emanuel

Forgive me if I'm wrong about the last two, there's no way to know,but it should be close,but if Harris is VP?  Biden/Harris   Harris/Emanuel   I think this may be a more logical reading on Nostradamus,but i really believe it will be Warren first!

Biden running mate search zeroes in on group that includes at least four Black women — and Elizabeth Warren

It's kinda like a which one of those don't belong quiz...Pretty much Warren is getting it,He's just turning over every stone..Has to make it look good!

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