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General Discussion / I believe I may have discovered who Mabus is !
« on: February 06, 2008, 04:25:37 PM »
       Mabus will either be the anti-christ or the precursor for him. Mabus will come to power following the true leaders assassination, and will unite all. Therefore it is my belief that to many people are trying to use acronyms, parts of 2 different names, ect. to come up with Mabus. When in fact Nostradamus was so close in naming the second anti-christ as "Hister" missing Hitler by only 2 letters why couldn't he actually have gotten the name correct this time. Currently the campaign for Barack Hussein Obama for president has brought out all kinds of support on a broad base.  Indeed ever former southern Governors have hit the ground campaigning for Obama in the south, including one intriguing campaigner who I only know because he came near where I live in Alabama, whom has also been rumored to have been asked by Obama, if nominated, to become his Vice-president. This man is the former Gov. of Mississippi, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia under Clinton, and Current member of RAND aka the Center for Middle East Peace and business. This man carries alot of clout has dealings in many foreign affairs and even lived in Riyahd for 6 years and his name in none other than  Raymond "Ray" Edwin Mabus. If you can come up with any more or maybe something I missed on this man let us know more.

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