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General Discussion / Re: Poll: Who is Mabus?
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:07:47 PM »

Unfortunately, last I heard here in Baghdad, Raymond Mabus still believed himself to be very much alive. However, if you want to know who Mabus is, simply write the name as MabuS, and, hold it up to a mirror, it reads SudaM, which is the actual arabic pronunciation for Saddam (the 'u' is a glotal stop that most English speakers hear and interpret as a second 'd' preceded by a or u. The 'u' is wrong as well, because, in fact, the name is correctly written as, "S'dam").

And, if you go to Michael Yon's Online Magazine website you will find ample photographic proof that the Terrorists in this war did in fact cause great slaughter of both Humans and Animals (Donkeys, Sheep, Dogs, Cats, People, they left nothing alive in some villages, even carrying the Heads of Children away as War Trophies).

It has been a long time since I retranslated the Mabus Quatrain, but, I discovered that it's really easy to find out who Mabus is: simply write down the name as, MabuS, then hold it up to a Mirror, and, it reads SudaM, the arabic pronunciation for Sadam Hussein (the 'u' is pronounced as a glotal stop, causing most English writers to 'hear' and believe it has two 'D's). And, the rest of the quatrain is easily recognized as concerning the war in Iraq, where terrorists killed everything, Human and Animal, in a frenzy of bloodlust (I'm in Iraq).

Mabus is a mirror image of Sudam, and, he was soon dead.

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