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Can anybody make the connection to the following events that have happen lately???? Don't be afraid to speak your mind... There has to be someone out there with a opinion or be able to explain all of this.... Here goes first the earthquakes are happening because of the movement of the north & southern poles caused by the melting of ice shields.... They have increase in melting, that also explains to the degree of the record temps that Florida & the rest of the southern America has experienced in the past two weeks.... The moisture is coming from the northern & southern poles..... I predict that there will record flooding this year also...  As the earthquakes keep happen it will cause more people to be homeless especially in southern California....  Just follow the path of earthquakes in the last six months...  The Big quake is just about 200 hundred miles away or about 100 miles North of San Diego... Just make my words....  As for the oil prices there is going to be more increase in the price of oil in the next quarter or by the end of the month.. It maybe caused by our friends Iran....  as I have said before they are the trigger that will set the civil world out of control.... When society is out of control it is easier to control it with force....  You may say to yourself how does this effect me..  I will explain, let's just say that Iran where to hit Saudi Arabia with a nuke at one of their oil storage facities or more.... If a terrorist attack where to happen from Yemen where to happen...It send your heating cost through the roof....  We depend on Saudi Arabia oil for transporting of food & other supplies across this so-called  great nation that once was the greatest in the World.... But we have given every great idea away or outsource the work out of this country so that some bank or business man can get richer.....  The true answer to the fall of America is our greed for money... it will truely kill us......  I just ask friend or foe to consider what I am saying.. You don't have to agreed, that is your godly free will...  Just remember in the end that it was your free will to decide what to believe & what not to believe.....  Be open-minded as you are Michel Nostradamus, just be ahead of the situation instead of after the situation....  that's to late then.... Thank you for your time......

Offtopic / Happy Birthday Nostradamus
« on: December 14, 2009, 08:27:42 PM »
Happy Birthday Michel Nostradamus
December 14, 1503 - July 1, 1566

Thank you for all the interesting thoughts of the mind of what, where & how come of these things to which we do not quite understand until after the fact....

Prediction Corner / The end of times when any date besides 12\21\12
« on: December 09, 2009, 07:29:35 AM »
Does anybody have or found a different date to the end times??????  Jan 1, 2010 maybe, maybe not!  Obama is all talk no action..   The money is going to run out.. the debt collector is going to come & forclose on America.. Cut up all our lines of credit.. At the rate that this country has fall since Jan...It might not make it to Jan 20, 2010.   does anybody have any ideas of how the true end will start.. Please feel free to let me know...  Space Aliens from Mars, Great Earthquakes that kills millions or the Greatest Battle of  God vs Evil.... 

Current Events / Iran the trigger of the end????? Obama +antichrist
« on: December 05, 2009, 07:35:20 AM »
I believe that Iran will set the world in a tailspin that will start the end of the world as we know it... Iran relationships with Russia & Venz. Makes me curious about this situation..  What would be the effect to a nuclear strike from Iran to Saudi Arabia.... The number one supplies of oil to the world... It also would put the USA in a junt for oil.. Raising the price of gas higher over night... Leaving Israel open for attack from Iran....  Saudi Arabia could come under attack from terrorist or Somilia Pirates stop shippment of oil.. to other countries...  If Russia & Iran where to attack the USA...  Our farmers would be farming food for Russia's People... With Iran being in a major control of the worlds oil... It may seem funny but that is what people told be about Sept 11, that the United States was to strong to attack us... Well It happen.... So don't say never...  With Obama running things he is running this country into the ground.. We own China alot of money.... hey the Roman Empire fell.. Why not USA empire..   I'm looking for Nostradamus quatrain that might fill in the blanks or let us know when it may happen..

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