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General Discussion / MABUS Revealed!!!
« on: December 30, 2011, 08:18:51 PM »
Mabus was Usama Bin Laden.

"Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred hands [powers], thirst, famine, when the comet will pass."

Usama was killed this year.  (Mabus will soon die)
Then will come disaster,  When the COMET will pass! ( Comet ELINEN passed recently). thought about this for some time and have always known that Usama Bin Laden was the character "Mabus".  I was just waiting and watching for the sign of when he was killed.  This was the sign that disaster on a scale that none of us could imagine and will be all affected by is close approaching.  This disaster will be a war that is going to last a long time and will be a religious one. 

Iran is threatening to close off the straights of Hormuz and can cause serious turbulance.  The price of oil will become too expensive and will cause many countries to destabalise and begin world war 3.  Disaster will be inevitible.  Many will die from this war and also from disease, no food and no water.  The whole middle east and persia are close to boiling point.  North Korea has a new leader that may not be fully received by the military rulers and may eventually destabalize.  This and the oil crisis will drag China into the confrontation.  Kingdom will oppose Kingdom and Nation will oppose Nation. 

Nostradamus mentions in another quatrain of a "games of slaughter".  I wonder will this all coincide with the 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer.  If so, then this war of slaughter is going to begin very soon.  I hope im wrong.

May Yahweh(God) forgive us our sins and grant us grace and strength in the days to come.  Jesus said "i am the way the truth and the life and no one goes to the Father except through Me".  He is the doorway into the new Arc.  The Arc of the covenant.  Believe in him before its too late.  Enter the Arc!!!

I pray that im wrong and that 2012 will begin a new age of peace and harmony on earth where everyone can express and worship freely without causing anyone any harm.  But in all honesty, do you see that happening??? NOT!!!


General Discussion / ILUMINATI Who is!!!
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:41:00 PM »
Can anyone give me an opinion as to who the ILUMINATI are and their purpose?

I have my own view and have researced them, but just as a discussion, i am interested to know your views.

General Discussion / Is MABUS USAMa Bin laden????
« on: December 09, 2008, 05:45:50 PM »
Usama Bin Laden has acquired the label as the one who orchastrated the operation of 9/11.  The event of TERROR that has changed the world as we knew it.  Could he be the Mabus character that Nostradamus foresaw.   Think about this Usama Bin Laden (Mabus).  In his full name he also has the name MOHAMMAD within.  And additionaly, his family came from the HELIX of ARABIA(YEMEN) the place that Nostradamus predicted would be the location from where the Next One comes from....

King of TERROR.(Usama)
From the Skies.(Airplanes on 9/11)
King of the Mongolians.(United States military power like Ghengis Khans Mongolian empire)
Mars will reign at will.(WAR will reign)

My friends, if this is true then we are not far from the Next World War.  If you have a different view about Mabus please add.  Note that Nostradamus makes clear that Mabus is an individual not a continent or country.

Prediction Corner / An explosive Prediction!!
« on: December 04, 2008, 04:54:35 AM »
"The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
Not far from the great millennial age,
When the buried will go out from their tombs."

I mentioned in some of my other responses that we are a year ahead in our calander.  Technically were in the year 2007 as opposed to 2008.  So it could be that the year of the great seventh number accomplished is 2007, Technically!!!  and didn't the Chinese just have their olympics(the games).  And isnt that when Russia and Georgia had the conflict???(Games of Slaughter).  It is supposed to be an agreement between all goverments that during the Olympic games, there will be peace.  Well there definitely wasn't peace during the Beijing games.  Not far from the great Millennial age(year 2000 A.D.)  According to the biblical timeline, 4000yrs B.C. + 2000yrs A.D. = 6000yrs.  Meaning we are entering into the great Millennial Age(the 7th thousand).  When the buried will go out from their tombs.  Also spoken about in the Bible.  When the lord returns, the dead in Christ will rise from their graves(tombs) first to meet Him and then followed by the living in Christ to join them.  This is the new Ark of the Covenent upon which we must enter and the door being Jesus Christ.  Like Noah's Ark.  People will be eating and drinking and getting married and then suddenly!!!!unexpectedly for most, the flood will come, but this time not by water but by Fire.

It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter.  What will appear?   Is it referring to Gog and Magog.  The ruler from out of Russia. PUTIN, MEDVEDEV, Maybe??? Watch out we could be very near the hour!!

Think about it.  The Nato alliance wants to put in place a missile shield and Russia will respond with deployment of its Nuclear weapons stationed on the borders of Europe.  Ukraine currently leases out its Naval port to the Russian Navy, and it expires in a few years time.  Russias alliances with Iran, Syria Venezuala etc..  Too many causes for concern and too many opportunities for an inevitable conflict!!!!

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